Pisces Rooster Man

Pisces-Rooster man — a benevolent and creative nature. He has excellent talents, which he must necessarily use in his life. It is impossible not to mention his exceptional sociability. He really tries to help his friends and acquaintances, but in most cases this is a little self-serving. In addition, he used to communicate only on his own terms so that it was convenient for him.

These men are different in that they are always aimed at discovering something new and unusual. They will never engage in routine matters, preferring everything new and unknown. And this leads to the fact that it is difficult for them to achieve stability. By maturity, they can achieve stability, only through the ability to do several things at once. In general, they come to a prosperous existence, despite the difficulties.

They are kind, funny and easy-going men. They can offer an extraordinary solution to the problem. And this decision usually becomes meaningful. They are secretive and have a strong character. With all their strengths, they can be unsuccessful if they do not use all their strength and energy to achieve their goals. They should move step by step, do not leave the race.

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Pisces Rooster Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

Bright, attractive and charming, he is constantly surrounded by numerous girls. They give him signs of attention, but he rarely pays attention to them. All his thoughts are occupied with searching for true, sincere love and a complete ideal, which he does not see in the surrounding people. He wants someone to take care of him, to love, appreciate, and give increased attention to all his whims and desires.

And in return, he rarely can give the same thing, preferring only to take. Perhaps, that’s why it’s hard for him to find a soul mate and establish a positive relationship with her. One can not fail to note his clearly manifested vulnerability, as a result of which he can be very offended and sulking, if anything goes against his will. But if he gets everything he wants, he can become an attentive and affectionate partner.

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Pisces-Man, born in the Rooster year, in the Bed

He is prone to narcissism, and he likes to be admired and told how delightful he is. However, do not do this for mercenary motives, as he instantly catches insincerity and falsehood. Intimate relationships become for him the main arena, where he can tell about his feelings. He is accustomed to living in his sensual world, he is doing very well, and he can communicate skillfully in body language.

In bed, he rarely claims the main roles, despite his wayward nature. Here he tries to trust his partner. He can often look rather shy and shy, even if outwardly he seems confident and experienced. This is an external mask that quickly flies when it comes to intimate relationships. He needs a loving and considerate partner who can save him from complexes.

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Pisces Rooster Man in Family and Marriage

For the sake of the family, he can abandon his career and devote himself only to the home. I must say that he really lovingly can deal with his departure and transformation. He likes to prepare for the arrival of guests, serving the table in the right way and decorating the room. All this he gets is just fine, and guests will be happy to come to his home, because besides all he can feel a warm and sincere reception.

He is married as a kind and generous partner. He will lovingly take care of his wife and children, giving them their love and surrounding them with warmth. But in return he demands the same and sometimes his demands can be quite overstated. So, from his household, he requires the same love and attention. It’s worth giving it all to him, because otherwise he can be depressed for a long time.

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Rooster Pisces Man — Career and Finance

Litigation and the ability to perform routine work allow them to achieve stunning results. They do not regard career as the only occupation, so they simultaneously try to use their abilities in other spheres. They tend to look for unusual ways to get results. And usually these men achieve maximum well-being. Financial stability is not an achievement for them, but a norm.

These men are recommended to find the middle between the inner external "I". Splitting for them is unacceptable, since their exactingness can not allow such a state of affairs. It is important for them to feel loved, but for this it is necessary to spend their spiritual strength. In this sense, do not be stingy. Before making any decision, it is worthwhile to analyze and consider all possible ways of solving the problem.

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