Sagittarius Rooster Man

Sagittarius-Rooster man loves to be in the center of attention and can use for this a variety of methods. He likes to argue on any issue, defend his opinion, show his special knowledge and so on. But in any case, it reaches attention only in fair and worthy ways, which causes a special disposition on the part of others. He likes their sincerity, friendliness and independence.

These men are always able to find a way out of a difficult situation. To do this, it is enough for them to show their wit. Engaged in a certain deed, they completely immerse themselves in it, refusing to know other aspects of human life. They can lead at once several spheres of life equally well. This is a public, personal and business sphere, where they necessarily achieve good results.

These men are of a dual character. On the one hand, they have ambitions, on the other, they are completely unsure of their abilities. These are active natures, which can achieve results even in the most difficult situations. They tend to dive into the heart of the problem, so they always have the right and useful information. Responsiveness is an important trait of character. They can come to the aid of any person who is in trouble.

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Sagittarius Rooster Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

He can not be constantly with only one woman. He needs variety, new impressions, people, trips and so on. An exception can be made by a partner who will also crave for changes and strive to learn something new and unique. Then they together can go to explore the world. But to find such a woman is not always an easy matter, therefore personal relationships with him are not always successful.

The problem may be that usually every girl tries to drive him into a cage. Independence is the main feature of this guy who will try his best to defend his freedom. Often for protection, he can use caustic and caustic remarks, which will not be at all to the liking of his lover. He needs an understanding, attentive partner who can accept him as he really is.

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Sagittarius-Man, born in the Rooster year, in the Bed

In bed, he likes to show off. He likes the admiring looks of his mistress, as well as her affectionate and flattering words, even if they are too biased. But with this one should not overdo it, as he delicately feels the falsity. Often he becomes the initiator of such relationships, and no woman can stand before him. I like him and the new experience, as well as experiments, which will allow him to expand his knowledge.

He does not mind making love in an unexpected place, where he can feel the adrenaline rush and a certain risk. He also likes to occupy leading positions, guiding the whole process and adjusting it to his needs. At the same time, he often forgets about his partner, who also has his needs and unrealized desires. To do this, just hint to him about this, after which he will change his behavior a little.

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Sagittarius Rooster Man in Family and Marriage

If in personal relationships he is inclined to show windiness and surface, then all this changes when he marries. Here he is already a responsible person, who will be engaged in all household affairs. No, he does not experience this wild delight, but simply tries to cope with all duties. But he will not mind if his wife takes on some part of them.

This is really a true and reliable partner, even if from the outside everything looks different. Despite this, not every girl can get along with him. He loves to command, guiding and insisting on his opinion. In addition, he can not live without communication and society, so will often meet with his friends. His wife must learn to give him freedom, otherwise he will leave her.

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Rooster Sagittarius Man — Career and Finance

Career for them can become dizzying if they begin to achieve the goal in the team with a loved one. In this case, they feel support and try to get better and better results from the case. The financial side of life is very important for them. They know how to earn and spend money. As a result, their purchase is so beneficial that they earn a lot of money by simple luck.

These men are encouraged to constantly analyze their actions and the consequences of actions. As a result, they will be able to make correct decisions afterwards. Long and a lot will have to learn patience, as this will be the key to their well-being. When communicating, you can not express all emotions, as this will negatively affect the quality and quantity of the environment. They need to be softer, more control their words.

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