Scorpio Rooster Man

Due to his ability to work, the ability to see the goal and the most diverse ways of achieving it, he can literally roll mountains. The Scorpio-Rooster man very responsibly approaches any question and unlike other guys can find the fastest, most convenient and best solutions. But for this he needs an ideal order and at least some motivation. Otherwise, he simply will not be interested in achieving these goals and doing anything.

These men are always focused on trifles. They are pedantic, love order and try to bring everyone under a certain line of behavior. They appreciate beauty, use it for practical purposes. These men like to impress other people. For this they can use their clothes, unusual accessories. They like to be in the spotlight, so they do everything to win this position.

They are fighters for justice. Scorpio-Rooster man are always surrounded by followers and friends. They are unreservedly trusted, because they are able to convince. In their life, ups and downs are frequent, which, for all the time, may not worry them at all. For them, the main moral satisfaction, and not the receipt of material values. They want to get at once two goals — to have fun in full and achieve excellent results in a serious sphere.

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Scorpio Rooster Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

Despite his bright and at first sight restless character, he does not seek adventure in love and any special impressions. He likes stability, reliability and complete trust. Therefore, even being at the resort, he is unlikely to start new novels that nobody will need. This is a very responsible and sometimes even conservative guy who will easily reject all incoming proposals.

Winning his heart will not be such a simple matter. He has his own ideas about love, as well as a pre-created image of a beloved girl, under which it would be desirable to approach. He does not like being cunning in love, dodging and pursuing certain goals. He himself approaches personal relationships very seriously and in the choice of a partner is rarely guided by any selfish motives.

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Scorpio-Man, born in the Rooster year, in the Bed

Intimate relationships for him are among the most important in his life. He can perfectly speak the language of the body and does it very skillfully and beautifully. This is a very passionate, bright and energetic guy who is not used to restrain his feelings and emotions. By nature, he is given a special charm and sensuality, which literally drives women mad, or at least does not leave them indifferent.

Despite the fact that in all other spheres of life he is accustomed to leading, here he gives his partner the opportunity to lead the process and become their initiator. True, from time to time he will guide her in the right direction and talk about her needs and needs. However, he does not forget about the wishes of his mistress, trying to satisfy them. It is fairly liberal that it refers to a new experiment and to various experiments.

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Scorpio Rooster Man in Family and Marriage

If you do not take into account such difficulties in his character, then it turns out just an ideal husband. He is skilfully managing the budget, he will never throw money into the wind and make silly purchases. It is impossible not to note his special loyalty, and the devotion that he demonstrates in relation to his family. It can also become a solid and reliable support, and in all spheres of life: financial and emotional.

He has a far uneasy character, so getting along with him will not be an easy task. He likes to command, does not forgive weaknesses and does not want to give in at least anything. Therefore, he needs an attentive and indulgent partner who could gently convince him of anything. Most importantly, do not show your weakness, because he can not tolerate such people who do not know how to make their own decisions.

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Rooster Scorpio Man — Career and Finance

These men are gifted by nature with numerous talents. They can get a lot of chances to achieve their goals. Usually, for career advancement, they choose a serious sphere in which they can achieve a good position. Often social connections help them achieve results. Financial well-being for them is the basis for a good life, so they are eager for this by all means.

No matter how their life has developed, they should not abandon their native men. Love and devotion will not be an addiction, which they so fear. On the contrary, only close men can fully understand them. In the first place in their lives should be spiritual values. People should develop a loyal attitude to people, be emotionally developed. Otherwise, their line of behavior is considered correct, as it allows you to get all the benefits of life.

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