Taurus Rooster Man

Taurus-Rooster man differ in a confident and independent character, which allows him to always achieve the set goals. He is elegant, noble, sublime and proudly performs his work. All these qualities sometimes make him too cynical and arrogant. He is very fond of communicating with other people, without which he can not live one day. But at the same time it is difficult for him to make concessions and any compromises.

These men are extremely lucky. Thanks to luck, they rarely make mistakes, rarely find themselves in difficult situations. They have genius abilities that allow them to achieve excellent results in life. However, impulsiveness of character often prevents them from establishing communication with other people. These men need to calculate all the situations so as not to feel disappointed.

By nature, they are wrestlers. Equality and justice are the object of their struggle. They like to take risks to not achieve results, but simply to experience this exciting feeling. Independence of character often puts them on the position of men who realize their ideas alone. Choosing a thing, they appreciate its functionality and beauty. They are perceptive, so they can avoid many mistakes.

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Taurus Rooster Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

When choosing a partner, he puts forward rather high requirements. He is active, active and constantly in motion. Therefore, he will not be approached by passive personalities, with whom he will simply not be interested. It should be noted that due to its bright character and extraordinary charisma, there are always many fans around it. Despite this, in love, he welcomes stability, reliability and loyalty.

It is very important for him to find a girl with whom he could feel comfortable and comfortable. He also welcomes various romantic gestures, as well as reading specially written poems for him. All these qualities, he is fully ready to give his beloved, who can not doubt his loyalty. He will pay much attention to it, but will demand the same in return.

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Taurus-Man, born in the Rooster year, in the Bed

As in all areas of his life, he prefers to lead in intimate relationships. Here he behaves as an active partner, who often takes upon himself the whole initiative and pushes his mistress to a new relationship. It will be extremely easy to excite him, because he is very emotional and sensual. But unlike other leaders, he does not forget about the partner, trying to give pleasure not only to himself, but also to her.

It should be noted that he is rather conservative. So, to make love, he prefers in a comfortable room and preferably in his, and not in the elevator or in the back seat of the car. And it is almost impossible to change his views. The same goes for various experiments. The thing is that he is accustomed to using the paths known to him and to any changes he needs to get used to and gradually.

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Taurus Rooster Man in Family and Marriage

This is a skillful owner, whose house will always delight with its cleanliness, and the dishes with its unique taste. The only thing that must be remembered him and his wife — he can not stay long alone in four walls. He needs somewhere to splash his energy — this can help hobbies and other interesting activities. From it turns out and the beautiful father who with pleasure will be busy with the kids and everywhere to accompany them.

The family means a lot to him. For her sake, he is ready even to give up his brilliant career and to do only household chores. From it turns out a kind, attentive, but at the same time demanding spouse. In view of the fact that he takes very seriously any relationship, he will decide to marry only if his lover can show his full reliability and stability in relations and feelings.

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Rooster Taurus Man — Career and Finance

Possessing good abilities and efficiency, they can choose any profession. Even choosing the wrong profession for themselves, they can achieve good results. Their career plans are grandiose — their final goal is management positions. That is why they will strive for this especially actively. They value well-being, luxury and comfort, which pushes them into the mainstream of material prosperity.

They should enjoy life more, be more open and calm. It is not necessary to look for a dirty trick in situations and communication, everything can be quite open and honest. Equilibrium for them is an important quality. Aspiring to material, it is necessary to put a lath below, than it would be desirable. Work should be in joy, as well as for obtaining certain values. Just work for work can not. With relatives, Taurus-Rooster man need to be softer and more gentle.

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