Virgo Rooster Man

Untypical and talented, the Virgo-Rooster man is almost always in the center of attention of others. Due to his abilities, he can well succeed in virtually any field. He clearly plans each step, pays attention to minor details and analyzes the results. Thanks to this approach, he always achieves the goals set for himself and realizes all his dreams.

These men have a strong intuition, which helps them to make the right decisions, do all the things, build relationships. They are talented, and they can choose the sphere of activity that will help them to realize to the full. They are romantic and passive, but at the same time they perfectly understand what they need from life. Choosing the right way, they can make their life enjoyable and prosperous.

By nature, they are dreamers. They all the time fluctuate between romantic and real. However, many dreams they still manage to realize, thanks to a strong will, determination and diligence. When the result is achieved, they begin to evaluate their qualities and successes, often overestimate them and again sink into the world of dreams. This is their main mistake since the high score for them is a big stop in development.

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Virgo Rooster Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

In love, he is very selective. He is in search of a real princess, which will fit all his requirements and parameters. At the same time, he is not going to go down to earth, and, preferring to live in his dreams. He also likes to take care of beautifully — these are restaurants, flowers, the sea of attention and undisguised admiration. Then he will be able to win your heart and rely on relationships.

His choice of a partner, he primarily produces by its appearance. Therefore, if you want to impress him, then you need to try, paying attention to your appearance. He strives to establish reliable and stable ties, but this is not always possible with him. The main reason for this is his excessive temper, when he can say a lot of unpleasant things. And each of his words falls clearly on purpose.

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Virgo-Man, born in the Rooster year, in the Bed

Intimate relationships for him become a real arena, where he can get so much admiration, care and love. Therefore, most of all he likes long and exciting caresses than the following process. Unlike other guys, he does not have a lot of emotionality, so count on a stormy passion is not worth it. But he is very sensitive and can get real pleasure from intimacy.

Unlike other men, he likes the main roles, but can give the palm of the championship and his partner. Then he completely trusts her and tries to follow all her instructions. Regarding new experience and experiments, he is quite democratic in his views. However, he will be able to make up his mind only with a reliable and stable partner, who is 100 percent trusted.

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Virgo Rooster Man in Family and Marriage

When he starts a family, he hardly plans to part with all his hobbies and career. This becomes a real dilemma for him, since he can not do two things at the same time. A good master comes from him, who knows how to decorate a house, how to create in it an ideal purity and order. On the other hand, for this he may not have enough time, but in most cases he chooses a family.

Live with him will be a bit complicated. He likes that his word always remains the last and at the same time will not tolerate any changes. To do this, it will be necessary to give really valid arguments in order to convince him of anything. It is impossible not to mention the sharp language, which always falls in the set goals. But if the wife treats him with due respect and understanding, then all these difficulties can be easily avoided.

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Rooster Virgo Man — Career and Finance

Career plans for them are realized with incredible speed. The main thing is that they can choose the path once and irrevocably. After that, they move to the goal. If the goal is achieved, they are ready for new achievements. The financial side of life, too, does not cause them problems. They achieve stability with minimal effort. And once they reach a stable position, they do not stop, but move forward.

These men are recommended to find the middle ground between reality and dreams. Do not completely abandon dreams, because they give them an unforgettable experience that they can embody in real life. You do not need to alter what is already there, just change your character and only for the better. It is important to love yourself, then other men will be drawn to them, good events will come to life.

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