Gemini Snake Man

The Gemini-Snake man possesses observation, the ability to make quick decisions, to draw the right conclusions. He is wise and dynamic. He is energetic and can react quickly and clearly to all external manifestations. In relationships, these qualities help him to choose the right partner and make a happy marriage. In addition, he has the opportunity and will never waste time on a futile relationship.

They have a special creative approach to any life situation. They can discover new facets of familiar things, which makes them genius. They are waiting for others to recognize and seriously offended at all and life for not recognizing their qualities. Despite their stamina and willpower, these men create an erroneous impression of their person. However, close to people, the veil quickly falls from the eyes.

Persistence, endurance, strong willpower are the main character traits of these men. At the same time they are also resolute, which allows them to achieve excellent life positions. Negative character traits — quick temper, sharpness — have a bad effect on relationships with close people and friends. These men often remain alone because of such contradictions. In order not to be in such a situation, they need to cope with their character.

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Gemini Snake Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

In love, he is very calculating and businesslike. Such a man immediately assesses the partner, tries on her role as wife and future mother. If all the parameters coincide, and he does not see any significant deficiencies in the woman, he will certainly try to build relationships with her. The goal of this relationship will be marriage. With all his activities, he is quite gentle and caring, so he can always attract the right girl. As a result, he rarely experiences undivided feelings.

He always seeks to create a family, so his love always has a touch of family relations. It’s cozy with him, he will not make conflicts, will not become too intrusive. At the same time, he is emotional and sensitive, maybe even make some sacrifices. But you can not offend him, because he can always stand up for himself. He can also be quite reasonable when it comes to his family.

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Gemini-Man, born in the Snake year, in the Bed

The intimate sphere for him is very important and quite interesting. He always tries to learn something new, to become wiser, if possible. If he likes a partner, he will try to satisfy her in every possible way. It is this approach he uses for the intimate sphere of relations. In general, it should be noted that he does not realize another scenario when he does not like these relations or does not like his partner.

If everything turns out that intimate life attracts him, he will show the most vivid feelings, passion and sensuality. Usually he is not emotional, but always tries to achieve good results in bed. As a rule, he does it. He always chooses the easy ways, does not strive for refinement, but not against them. That’s why you can easily negotiate with him.

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Gemini Snake Man in Family and Marriage

He easily marries, but it only seems so at first glance. In fact, he does the preparatory work long before the offer of the hand and heart. The fact is that he must calculate and understand how this or that girl approaches him. He will evaluate her behavior in different situations, and only then will she lead to what she will do. But all this is an inner work that is not visible to a woman, and which she does not even suspect.

In the family, he shows best diplomatic qualities: he is always sweet and friendly. Long before the wedding can build a great relationship with his wife’s relatives. In his house, he tries to create a special microclimate, where friendship and understanding always reign. With children, he is especially attentive, always taking care of them, will help with advice and deed.

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Snake Gemini Man — Career and Finance

These men will necessarily make a career, because for them elevation is always an essential aspect of life. At the same time, they can sacrifice principles in order to achieve their goals, to commit an unpleasant act. Money management is theirs. They skillfully distribute the budget, they can get a better position. And again, to achieve financial prosperity, they can do anything.

These men should forget about their own benefits, since often disinterested acts can greatly facilitate life. Recognition by other people is not so valuable, this postulate is rather important for them. It is necessary to learn to rest and enjoy life simply so that life becomes brighter and more pleasant. Simple pleasures and complete exclusion of criticism will allow these people to achieve better results in life than dictate and aggression.

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