Sagittarius Snake Man

The Sagittarius-Snake man gives the impression of a bright and optimistic man. It is open to those around you and it seems that you can easily get in touch with him. However, he is on his mind, he will never start dating, if it is not useful. Also, he will not engage in any business, if it does not bring him some benefit. Relations he ties up after careful calculations, and then pays attention to feelings.

These are unordinary personalities who subtly feel the beauty of the surrounding world. They also know how to appreciate other people, their talents. They are leaders by nature, who can achieve all the goals. The price they pay for their achievements may be the highest, but they can not understand it. They will always prove their self-sufficiency to the environment in order to become higher for them. Such an erroneous understanding of relationships accompanies their whole life.

By nature, they are stubborn and despotic men, who at the very beginning of relationships seem to be subtle and romantic natures. They are creatively gifted, but this does not prevent them from showing authoritarian character traits. They are prejudiced against other people, which can seriously hurt people close to them. Because of the contradictory and complex nature of these men are often outcasts, because society loves homogeneity, rather than bright bursts of emotion.

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Sagittarius Snake Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

He chooses a partner for a long time and tries it on different situations, and then makes a definite conclusion. It should be noted that he is unstable and can quickly change a woman, if it is profitable for him. At the same time, he has a rather high level of requirements for his woman. In an alliance, it always strives to achieve leadership, to become the main and first instance for solving any problems. And this creates misunderstanding.

Having certain requirements to the girl, he does not spread them to himself. He is absolutely not strict towards himself, he tries to avoid any obligations and requirements of the partner. He is easy to communicate, but all this is foolish and his essence is solved by the girls after a few dates. As a result, he often finds himself alone, not trying to learn a certain lesson from what happened, continues to behave in the same spirit.

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Sagittarius-Man, born in the Snake year, in the Bed

Intimate life for him is akin to travel, in which the service is carried out at a high level. It is important for him that in everything there is a gloss and beauty, then he will be just happy. At the same time, the appearance of his woman is also important to him, which he will choose with special attention. He is unstable, so he can give up relations if something does not suit him. Most often he tries to enjoy without giving.

He is looking for anything unusual, so for him, the gloss and beauty of the relationship may be important. He prefers to watch the action from the side, so in his bedroom there may be mirrors. In addition, he does not like rudeness, everything must be delicate and unusual, then he can repeat the experience. He’s focused on his feelings and pleasures, so he rarely pays attention to the feelings and desires of the partner.

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Sagittarius Snake Man in Family and Marriage

He does not seek a marriage relationship. It is important for him to observe his own interests and complete freedom. He is smart enough to understand that there will be no complete freedom in marriage. That’s why he remains alone for a long time, and then quickly get married. It should be noted that it is not difficult for him to marry, because he understands perfectly what he needs from a partner and quickly makes a choice, not paying attention to the opinion of a woman.

It should be noted that he is so attractive that rarely girls do not want to marry him, so the basic word is always behind him. With his wife, he takes the position of the boss, who is demanding and cruel. Children are not very important for him, so he can give them up for raising grandmothers and aunts, and he will do his own business. With relatives keeps the distance.

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Snake Sagittarius Man — Career and Finance

They will easily make a career if they choose a profession related to the creative sphere. They have a rich imagination, the ability to see the beauty, which allows them to move quickly and well. The financial side of life can not deal with them, or become for them a real fetish. They like beautiful clothes, delicious food, ready to do anything to get it all. That is why they are often indiscriminate in the methods of achieving their goals.

These men are constantly engaged in self-development. Well-developed intuition is able to help them in the correct construction of communication. Only inner work will make life easier and more pleasant. It is necessary to analyze your attitude towards other people and change it so that they can accept them. It must be remembered that friends are simply necessary so that in difficult life situations they become real helpers.

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