Taurus Snake Man

Wise and elegant Taurus-Snake man immediately attracts attention. He is a very nice guy, but it will not be so easy to get along with him. He is wary of new people, so he often does not let them come to him. But for the sake of old and trusted friends, he is ready for great sacrifices. Despite the external coldness, inside it is a very soft and affectionate guy who, in addition, is very hesitant.

These men are aimed at learning other people. They are interested in how they develop, their inner world. They carefully think through these aspects, and their opinions never change with time. They are perceptive, have knowledge of psychology, so they rarely succumb to deception. They also know how to properly build a harmonious relationship so that they feel comfortable. And they are usually appreciated by their surroundings.

These men are peaceful, therefore it is never possible to reach confrontation with them. They are harmonious and perceptive, so they can see the inner aspirations of other people. They have intuition, so they never make mistakes. They always have a great environment, thanks to the fact that they are able to help not only with advice and deed. These men can be relied on, but they are authoritarian enough.

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Taurus Snake Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

In personal relationships, he is very attentive and caring. He is interested in literally everything that happens with his partner. He also often becomes a good adviser, to which his beloved will often turn, because he can soberly and emotionally assess any situation. He has a well-developed sensitivity, through which he can easily guess the mood of a partner and adjust to it.

Despite the fact that outwardly it can seem cold, unapproachable and indifferent, inside lies a very tender and loving nature. He is very affectionate, kind and at the same time he does not put up excessive demands on his partner. Often, he can arrange scenes, but this will rarely happen, because he has a tendency to weigh and assess the situation initially, and only then to take concrete measures.

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Taurus-Man, born in the Snake year, in the Bed

He is a passionate and sensitive lover. In addition, this sphere occupies a very important place in his life. But due to his indecisiveness, as well as caution, the transition to this stage of relations may take a bit longer. Therefore, his beloved needs to be patient. An important role can be rendered by the surrounding atmosphere, which will allow him to relax and tune in to intimate relationships.

In bed, he does not try to take a leading position, completely trusting his partner. He subtly reacts to various gestures, so it is so important to adhere to sharp and pointed remarks. Otherwise, you are waiting for an explosion of anger, or a prolonged depression. One can not fail to note his eerie conservatism, which manifests itself in the rejection of new experience, as well as various experiments. In this case, only time can help.

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Taurus Snake Man in Family and Marriage

From it you get a good boss. He likes to devote his time to home affairs, which turns out very well for him. He has a talent for design, so that his house can become very cozy. He also likes to receive guests who will have the opportunity to try his delicious dishes and other goodies. With his wife, he develops a trusting relationship, where everyone gives reasonable freedom to each other.

This is a very affectionate and attentive husband who can always help with the solution of any problems and questions. True happiness for him comes with the appearance of children, whom he brings up with love and care. For the sake of his family, he is ready to part with his work and habitual way of life. The only drawback is the excessive pleasures of his partner, which leads to the fact that he forgets about his own comfort.

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Snake Taurus Man — Career and Finance

The career plans of these men are not always appreciated by themselves. They may want to achieve much, but at the same time they try to weigh everything with the mind, forgetting about their intuition. And this can lead to fatal mistakes. In general, they achieve everything they have conceived. The financial side of the issue for them is an important aspect of life. Pragmatism allows them to achieve prosperity. In addition, they appreciate luxury items and their amenities, which also moves them to achieve a good position.

These men should learn tactfulness, this will help them in building relationships with other people, and also to achieve their career plans. These men should communicate more, so as not to be alone, because such prerequisites are possible. In the family, they need to relax more, as this will help them feel happy. Work is also on self-esteem, as this can change their lives.

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