Virgo Snake Man

The Virgo-Snake man always looks great, he is impeccable in everything to scrupulousness. He is strict and categorical about other people and himself, so he seldom pays attention to the opinions of others. In addition, he has an excellent intuition that allows him to get what he wants. However, his intuition is based on mental conclusions and logic. Such a position allows him to easily find a beloved and be happy.

These men are always determined to implement their plans in life by any means. They are perceptive and intelligent, but they can be hampered by their own character for the realization of their endeavors. They should pay more attention to self-development, because otherwise they will not be able to achieve positive results in their entire life. This will especially affect family relations and financial well-being.

The nature of these men is quite contradictory. On the one hand, they are strong in every sense, and on the other they can show their weaknesses, for example, lack of will, the desire to go with the flow. But their strength still goes up when they try to achieve all the best in life. This especially affects career growth. Outwardly they are soft and accessible, but behind this appearance lies the iron character, which helps them to solve the most difficult life problems.

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Virgo Snake Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

He is an excellent partner who will never deceive, will always help achieve goals. The fact is that his life guides are always correlated with practical use. That’s why it’s so cozy and secure with it. He always controls his feelings, so he never breaks up on others. However, he himself is nervous, since such control requires a lot of mental strength, attention and self-control.

He is always correct with his beloved, rarely gets off the ordinary rhythm. He tries to be adequate in all matters, so he is often compared to a robot, but this opinion is incorrect, since he is quite attentive, courageous and sensual. It simply hides all these qualities behind a mask of impeccability. He is always loyal to the chosen one, so he does not understand the reason when the relationship exhausts itself.

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Virgo-Man, born in the Snake year, in the Bed

He always strives for correctness, following the rules, so intimate relationships for him are a natural part of any relationship. In addition, he requires the partner to understand himself for the beginning, and then proceeds to this part of the relationship. He seldom decides on a bed without love, since this, in his opinion, is wrong. That’s why it’s difficult to agree with him, but he just follows the rules.

He loves all the most ordinary and uncomplicated. She can avoid complicated poses and unusual caresses. His partner is unlikely to incline him to an unusual act that does not fit his understanding. Quality is important to him. And by quality he understands pleasure, and waits for pleasure not only himself, but also prepares his partner. It is important for him that in these moments everything is clean, tidy and does not cause him any inconvenience.

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Virgo Snake Man in Family and Marriage

He agrees to a marriage only if his partner corresponds to his ideas about the ideal. He will be happy, as he chooses a woman carefully. In addition, he can dictate his conditions, and his partner can only obey, as he says, in fact, the right things. With relatives, he makes good connections, because he understands that this should be so. Around him, as a result, only harmony.

He is too categorical and has a certain opinion about marriage in order to listen to the opinion of his wife. In addition, he always considers himself right. Such a categorical attitude towards the union can create some problems. With children, he can establish good relations, if he is not too categorical and strict. He should remember that children also need caresses, as well as three meals a day.

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Snake Virgo Man — Career and Finance

These men are very reliable, so they are valued by employees and superiors. They should insist more on their merits, but do it delicately so that career ascension is not so difficult. Financial well-being comes to them to old age, since up to this age they are usually more focused on giving. It can be family and children, as well as close acquaintances. Such a situation does not have a positive effect on their worldview, but otherwise they do not know how to live.

They should forget about self-sacrifice. It is better to spend this time on yourself, think over your behavior and other aspects of life. Also, they should take note that the independence of their children is a blessing, not a desire to turn away from them. Do not think about public opinion, because it is too deceptive. Learning to express your feelings and desires is the main task of your whole life, this will help them feel happy.

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