Cancer Tiger Man

The Cancer-Tiger man is a rather unstable character, which on the one hand seeks active action and brilliance in public. On the other hand, it’s passivity, shyness and the desire to stay in the shadows. In addition, he is full of excitement and fears of the unknown, so it is so difficult for him to adapt, to find the woman of his dreams. Change of moods usually entails a change of life guides.

These are monolithic individuals who give others a sense of security, strength and tranquility. Physically they are extremely hardy, can carry out huge amounts of work without affecting their health. At the same time they are sufficiently vulnerable and delicate, but these qualities are rather rare. They can become eminent personalities if they just want it. They just need to learn to appreciate themselves and their feelings.

Calm seasoned and knowledgeable, what they need from life, these individuals can become a support for many men. They are fair, which can lead them to constant conflict situations. A sufficiently captious character pushes away many men from them. They love all the joys of life, but this issue is rationally and objectively applied, which makes them stand out among the representatives of this sign.

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Cancer Tiger Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

The instability of his character, first of all, is manifested in love. He is ready to seek his second half and is afraid of change. This makes his search quite lengthy, he can not quickly orient himself in the fans and often makes the wrong choice. His fears and suspiciousness give birth to exactly such feelings when he completely depends on his woman, despite the hardness of his character.

He can be gambling in love, as his goal is to win a partner and even entice a woman from acquaintances. However, this does not prevent him from showing tenderness and concern for his beloved. He is often carried away, but is aimed at a stable relationship that can result in marriage. It is important for him to find a girl who would be a homebody and a master of all trades, as he tried to do everything to create a home comfort.

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Cancer-Man, born in the Tiger year, in the Bed

He is quite passionate and affectionate, so he always seeks a bright relationship with a woman. She must be gentle and a leader, since he is, first of all, a man, but willing to obey. He can go to much for the sake of pleasure, but you can not offer him experiments rudely, because he is deeply delicate person. He will not listen to a woman who is rude to him, does not take into account his desires and pleasures.

He’s pretty simple, delicate and smart. Therefore, most often in an intimate life, strives for simple postures, the action must take place without frills. In this case, a man must demonstrate a passion. However, he likes long caresses, he needs training, which will be carried out in a beautiful design. The design should be even luxurious, so that he really liked it.

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Cancer Tiger Man in Family and Marriage

Cancer Tiger always builds an even relationship in the family. He is emotionally unstable, but can hide his condition. With children, he can build a trusting relationship that will be full of friendship and love. With his wife, a great relationship is connected even after many years of marriage. However, he rarely quarrels with him, even if it does not suit him at some point. In addition, he is an excellent farmer and brings up children.

Marriage for him is quite a serious step, so he chooses a girl for a long time. At the same time, he pays attention not only to her qualities, but her family. It is important for him to get approval from them, and not just from his second half. The fact is that he is too delicate and peaceful, that is why relations in the family are important for her, first of all. He usually marries once.

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Tiger Cancer Man — Career and Finance

These men are born to make money. They do this easily, receiving a considerable income. The financial side of life is not important to them, but they understand that they are given material benefits, so they will support it at a certain level. As for career, here they can abandon it altogether by organizing their own business. The desire to be independent, many ideas — are embodied in the creation of the company.

You can not always show excessive custody of close people. This can set them against them, so it’s worth learning to respect your personal space. All their actions are worth analyzing, critically approaching their solution. In this case, excessive self-criticism can lead to the opposite effect, so it is worth looking for the golden mean. Remember, life is not as complicated as it seems at first glance.

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