Capricorn Tiger Man

The Capricorn-Tiger man is a pleasant and charming conversationalist. He is friendly and therefore there are always a lot of people around him. He has excellent innate abilities, so he achieves his goals without spending a lot of time and energy on it. He easily builds a career, moves on it and even can simultaneously build his personal life. The only thing that he needs for this is to concentrate on his goals.

Such Capricorns are dualistic natures, who often do not understand themselves what they need in every period of their life. At a young age, they dream of great achievements, but it is during this period that they face many difficulties. They should save their energy for the next stage of life, because at this stage they will be able to get much more with certain efforts and applying their talents.

They differ sharp mind and observation. They like to criticize other people, but at the same time carefully hide their personal lives. That they allowed another person to penetrate into their world, you need to earn the highest degree of confidence. Otherwise, they will remain a closed book. At the same time, they strive to fulfill everything perfectly, which is impossible in some situations.

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Capricorn Tiger Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

He is constantly in search of true love, where he can feel really loved, valuable and beautiful. Despite this, he can not constantly be under someone’s pressure. He needs freedom when he can independently make decisions and manage his life. Therefore, with a partner who constantly insists on his own and tries to manipulate them, he will soon part.

In love, he is distinguished by restraint of the senses. He was not used to exposing them not only to public view, but also to show them to his close person. In the case of unrequited love, he firmly forbids his feelings, and the surrounding people will not notice anything. But inside he will experience very strongly and deeply. I must say that in the choice of a partner, he is seldom guided by calculated motives.

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Capricorn-Man, born in the Tiger year, in the Bed

He does not try to concentrate only on his needs and needs, paying the necessary attention to his mistress. However, if he receives less than anything, he will be gently but surely guided and told her about it. Sometimes he can show serious conservatism. This can be expressed in the rejection of any new experience that his mistress offers him. Decide on him, he can only with a reliable and trustworthy woman.

As noted above, he does not like to flaunt his emotions and feelings. Therefore, he must learn to speak the language of the body. To help him do this can only be a caring and considerate partner who will perceive his restraint as a normal phenomenon and the main feature of his character. In bed, he does not try to take a leading position, relying only on the experience and knowledge of his partner.

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Capricorn Tiger Man in Family and Marriage

When marrying, he prefers to think things over and calculate. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. In marriage, despite his hard and wayward character, he tries to seek compromises and avoid unnecessary quarrels. He does it because he is patient and loyal. However, such a long time can not last, especially if his wife does not appreciate all his efforts and sacrifices for the sake of the family.

As a rule, he often concentrates on his career. Only in rare cases will he be able to sacrifice it for his family. He tries to combine them in his life, which does not always work. This leads to a different kind of misunderstanding and difficulties, so sooner or later a choice will arise. A truly loving partner can help here, with whom he can find a compromise.

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Tiger Capricorn Man — Career and Finance

Pragmatists by nature they give preference to practice, therefore their career ascent will be successful if they find the sphere where the theory plays a secondary role. They tend to delve into each case, but this will be possible only with their passionate interest. They are not indifferent to money, as for them this means for obtaining maximum privileges in life is luxury, respect.

They are encouraged to learn to control their words, emotions, desires. Excessive activity may not like other people. It is worth listening to wise people, as this will enable them to understand deeper the inner processes of life. Give yourself the opportunity to make mistakes, as this is only the key to a new stage of development. In their life there must always be time for self-development, as this often allows them to properly manage their energy.

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