Leo Tiger Man

The Leo-Tiger man is a very strong and noble guy who can cope with many difficulties in life. He loves his independence to the impossibility and is not ready to sacrifice it for the sake of anything, even for his family. He also knows his own worth and sets many goals in life. Due to his qualities and special skills, he can quite reach them, only by making small efforts to this.

These men do not think themselves on the sidelines. They always and in everything should be the first to feel in their place. In all they try to emphasize their authority, which is noticeable to everyone around them. These men find it difficult to abandon this obsession, which leads to serious difficulties in relationships and communication. It is not worth paying a heavy price for winning, as this negatively affects their morale.

By nature, they are soft and good-natured, but at the same time they know what they need, men. They have a very developed intuition, which they actively use. They can succumb to someone else’s influence, because they are not always confident in their abilities. It is important for them to have a support that will spur them to further action, forget about uncertainty. They have no diplomatic skills, so they can not build relationships with others.

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Leo Tiger Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

Around him there are always a lot of girls, but not with each of them he will strive to build personal relationships. To his beloved, he puts forward rather high demands. It is sometimes impossible to perform many of them. He has his own ideal, which he tries to find in real life. This approach significantly complicates the choice of a partner, so it is not always possible to successfully build a personal life.

But if he finds the love of his life, then in relations he acts as an affectionate, gentle and honest partner. For the sake of his beloved, he is ready for many sacrifices, but on condition that she gives him the necessary signs of attention, adoration and love. He is jealous enough and is not used to restrain his emotions. Therefore, he can often experience emotional explosions, which can complicate the relationship with the partner.

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Leo-Man, born in the Tiger year, in the Bed

He is extremely sensual and seeks to gain experience in this area of relationships from an early age. He finds it difficult to resist the temptations. With each new partner he gets maximum experience, and then easily parted. However, falling in love, he no longer thinks about this side of the relationship. The intimate sphere for him becomes a constituent of relationships in which he takes inspiration, understanding and love of a woman.

He often seeks leadership in intimate relationships. Therefore, he chooses postures and ways of achieving pleasure in an unusual way. He does not value the pleasure of a partner, so often in this area, and there are disagreements. He can not understand what exactly he needs, when the partner decides to completely change their relationship. He just needs to learn how to negotiate with her, so that there will not be quarrels and misunderstandings.

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Leo Tiger Man in Family and Marriage

An early marriage is always successful for him. He becomes an excellent husband, understands his wife from a half-word, brings up good children. And with age, his requests increase significantly, he seeks to become a leader in relations, no matter what. If something does not suit him, he just leaves. And this approach often leads to the fact that he remains alone. That is why an early marriage can become a good chance for happiness.

Marriage for him has specific requests. He is looking for the perfect companion, if he does not like the girl, he easily changes it to another. That is why it is difficult for him to decide on long-term relationships, such as marriage. The fact is that every new girl in his life should bring him better and more than the previous one, although in reality everything is the opposite. That’s why he should marry at an early age.

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Tiger Leo Man — Career and Finance

They will make a career, if only they choose the right sphere of activity. However, their inability to pretend, to properly establish connections often leads to the opposite effect, even with the right choice of profession. To achieve the heights, they should develop diplomatic and communicative qualities. The financial side of life will not be stable, as they do not know how to plan the budget. Even with large earnings will experience financial difficulties.

These men are recommended to choose honest and faithful friends for communication, who can help in difficult situations. One must learn to accept help, do something for others unselfishly. Foreign interests should be respected, as they may be identical to their interests. You can not put victory above all, because even the desired victory can lead to disappointment. Rationality in everything should become their main ally.

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