Libra Tiger Man

The Libra-Tiger man is very attractive and likes to solve all problems peacefully and rarely goes to conflicts, even if his rights are violated. All this creates a special aura around him, and this attracts many people to him. He loves to communicate and always wants to communicate, so he needs hikes for various events. He is not frivolous, but easy, so it’s very easy to find a common language with him. The main hobby is art.

These men are extremely emotional. All life situations they measure solely by emotions, and not by reason. Therefore, they are distinguished by simplicity and directness of views. They treat people kindly and attentively, which makes them attractive to all men. They have a healthy sense of humor, which is also popular with other people. The ability to negotiate with any person makes them excellent employees in any field.

By nature, they are strong and determined men. They do not show weakness in front of other people. Excellent organizers, they can achieve many goals. Emotionality does not prevent them from analyzing the actions of other people, so they often understand how to build communication. Spontaneity and ease are qualities for disguising their true actions. They build a certain line of behavior, which they constantly adhere to.

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Libra Tiger Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

He loves when women worship him, try to give him a lot of fun. Pleasures can mean all kinds of parties and events. He chooses extremely effective women, as it allows him to gain attention in society. In addition, he always strives for brightness and pathos, which has nothing to do with love and the whole field of feelings.

He is very artistic, effective, so often in love performs another role. He can amaze with pathetics, sharpness of feelings and unusual heat of passions. But in fact for beautiful words and gestures is not enough. Emptiness is the main manifestation of his feelings. It should be noted that he loves exclusively the outer part of life, forgetting about the inner content, which may repel the girls.

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Libra-Man, born in the Tiger year, in the Bed

He always strives for beauty, so he can demand from the partner the appropriate entourage for minutes of intimacy. He will like beautiful underwear, fine drinks, entourage, perfume. It should be noted that many of his desires are quite stereotyped, so guessing them will not be difficult. At the same time, he will be very happy if the partner tries to make him so nice. In the rest, he will trust her.

An intimate life for him can mean a lot, but he often plays into feelings. He himself can remain indifferent, but at the same time show that he is burning with passion. To understand what is really hidden in his soul is difficult. He himself does not understand this, so he often becomes a slave, especially in bed. It is for this quality that girls can especially love him, as he responds with pleasure to all desires of the partner.

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Libra Tiger Man in Family and Marriage

If the wife is solely engaged in work, then there will be no difficulties if she earns enough money. He is not against children, so he often has 2-3 offspring. At the same time, he can become a good father who will fully support his children and help them with his advice. Sometimes his advice works. It should be noted that most often he marries, rather than remains alone.

Marriage for him is attractive in the event that his partner is ready to fully meet all his needs. He will be happy to receive gifts, travel and just enjoy life. In this case, even the spouse will not become a burden to him. He is too busy with himself, so he often has a bad relationship with relatives. With his wife can connect a common hobby, so friction with her does not arise.

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Tiger Libra Man — Career and Finance

These men easily make a career. They do not need to exert much effort to achieve good results. At the same time, they always understand in what area they should be realized. This is most likely a science, since they have sufficient abilities to achieve good results in this field. They conduct financial affairs carefully, avoiding mistakes. This gives them the opportunity for a stable existence, and sometimes obtaining a high welfare.

These men need to grow up to be able to take on responsibilities, become more responsible in general. In some situations, you should not be straightforward, it’s better to remember your sense of humor. By adopting these recommendations, they will be able to build trust with their close people. You do not have to succumb to chaos, as many people do not like it and you can stay alone.

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