Pisces Tiger Man

The Pisces-Tiger man seems at first sight rather simple and unpretentious. However, this is not so, he always has something in reserve, which can seriously surprise. At the same time, it’s quite easy to build relationships with him if you understand this essence of it. He is outwardly calm and seemingly unruffled, but at the same time his inner life is boiling. He can analyze the relationship, calculate the features of future projects and much more.

These men especially value the opinion of others about themselves. For this they are ready to hone their manners, to pick up special things for the wardrobe. They wait only for flattering reviews about themselves and usually achieve this, as they strive for it with all their might. They are sometimes too focused on creating a favorable impression, which leads to the fact that they are doing an unusual act that causes bewilderment.

They are kind, brave and clever men. These are pragmatists and theorists who can calculate events at once for several moves forward. As a result, they get everything they want. Good luck and strong will help them in this. Such an excellent combination of qualities creates a good destiny. Of the negative qualities of character, one can single out ambition, since this quality prevents them from manifesting their sincere feelings.

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Pisces Tiger Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

In love, he is very fickle and always flirts and does it with several partners. At the same time, his flirtation is such that he never lets the woman understand whether she likes him or not. As a result, women can be deterred by such behavior. In fact, he likes one of them, and he is ready to do anything to win it. His methods may be unusual, shocking, but he necessarily achieves his.

His excitement and desire to be close to the chosen one pass when the partner completely surrenders. Then he feels boredom, and even disappointment. He can love a girl, but her passive behavior can greatly irritate him. He needs to feel the excitement and the game, which he skillfully builds. The girl just has to play along to him to get a lot of impressions and stay next to this unusual guy for as long as the game does not get bored.

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Pisces-Man, born in the Tiger year, in the Bed

The intimate life for him is also full of excitement. He can do anything to seduce a woman. In doing so, he can use tricks, dishonest methods. In this case, he can quickly get all the pleasure that he aspires to. It should be noted that after receiving the prize, he quickly cools to a woman. To prevent this, his woman needs not to disclose her cards to the end.

He is not interested in bright sensations, since his inner world is much richer than all bodily pleasures. In addition, the intimate side of life for him may not be too important. Much more interesting is the process of seduction and when the girl surrenders, by this time he has already enjoyed the game. Therefore, from the bed, he does not expect something unusual and can be content with standard closeness.

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Pisces Tiger Man in Family and Marriage

His character can change significantly with the appearance of children. Now his mood and desires completely depend on them. At the same time, he can achieve the set goals in their education. As a result, his family is happy, and the relationship is even. In the same period, relations with his wife and relatives are improving. That’s why he is recommended to have children to improve himself, to become happy.

He rarely can create a good full-fledged union. The fact is that his emotional instability leads to the fact that the relationship with the girl becomes a torment for both. Especially if the spouse simply does not want to understand it. If she understands him and his desire to retire in his places, will control his mood, then everything will be just fine. But otherwise they can not be stable, like a couple.

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Tiger Pisces Man — Career and Finance

These men can make a good career if they correct some character traits. In particular, this ability to weigh words, actions of other people. They also need to become less trusting in order not to get into unpleasant situations. The financial side of life plays an important role for them, and they make every effort to achieve prosperity. As a rule, they achieve their goals.

These men should trust their hearts more than they do with reason. If they follow their intuition, much in life will develop favorably for them. Refusal to want to pose in front of the public will also bring them more benefits. They also need to think more about their actions, in order to subsequently get better results. With these recommendations, they can become prosperous and prosperous people.

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