Scorpio Tiger Man

The Scorpio-Tiger man is a very active person who does not like to sit in one place. He likes to be constantly in motion, learn something new and explore it. Therefore, his interests can lie in a wide range of areas of knowledge. He likes to surround himself and a lot of people, demonstrating his uniqueness. However, in doing so, he respects the distance with them, rarely letting anyone into his inner world.

They have a dual nature. What fate they choose for themselves — depends only on them. They can become both successful people, and completely ruin their lives. By their nature, these are adventurers who, unwilling themselves, will not get involved in various difficulties. Therefore, throughout life they will have to make choices, which will play a decisive role.

They have a complex and contradictory character, which they can not figure out for themselves. And this creates them great difficulties in life. On the one hand, they are nice and nice men, who in the next minute can explode and say a lot of trouble. Fortunately, such attacks of anger quickly pass, after which they will feel guilty and may even ask for forgiveness.

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Scorpio Tiger Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

To love, he has a dual attitude, which he sometimes can not figure out. So, he likes to make new novels, communicate with new people and get some experience. But at the same time he needs a stable, stable relationship, when he can feel necessary for his beloved. Fortunately, with age, the thirst for adventure passes, and he is already looking for other relationships.

He is really ready for much. Despite his independent and strong character, he can easily adapt to his beloved, trying to keep the peace in the relationship. But for this, it must fully correspond to its ideal. He does not like weak people who do not set goals for themselves, but prefer to go with the flow. Therefore, he is in search of the same strong girl, which is himself.

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Scorpio-Man, born in the Tiger year, in the Bed

Emotionality is main feature of Scorpio-Tiger man. Intimate relationships become for him an area where he can tell about his special feelings and express them with the help of the body language. I must say that this is very good for him. He can easily and quickly excite a woman only in one known way. His looseness, sexuality and self-confidence literally makes women mad.

In turn, he is looking for a confident girl who could manage the whole process. Then he will readily follow her, despite all his love for leadership. He likes new emotions, as well as an ever-expanding experience that can give him full satisfaction. Therefore, with an overly conservative and constrained girl, he can not get pleasure and pleasure from the bed.

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Scorpio Tiger Man in Family and Marriage

Marrying, he can find harmony in his life. He likes to be the master, to plan the family budget and make the necessary purchases. He can create an ideal order in the house and perform everything at the highest level. But for this there is one condition — he needs to be a full-fledged master. To tolerate someone else’s interference, he can not and on the household plane, he may have serious differences and quarrels.

If he is passionate about his career or any hobby, he tries to pay less attention to domestic problems. With his wife, he builds an even and stable relationship and, if necessary, can even cede in any matter. He does this in order not to destroy the created relationships, which will mean a lot to him. From it also turns out an excellent father, lovingly raising his children.

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Tiger Scorpio Man — Career and Finance

By nature, they are given a lot of vital energy and strength. By directing it in the right direction, they can successfully excel in any specialty and occupation. However, it can be difficult for them to work in a team and under someone else’s command, carrying out constant assignments and assignments. They are given easier leadership positions, as they can quickly gather men and send them to the right side.

With them, you can always find a compromise, if you just want it. Yes, they sometimes have inexplicable stubbornness, confidence and reluctance to listen to others. Taking all this, you can press on their other feelings, before which they will not stand. This is vanity, the love of flattery, sincerity and honesty. Speaking of all the unsatisfactory moments and laying them on the shelves, you can find a common way out of the situation.

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