Taurus Tiger Man

Taurus-Tiger man is a very unordinary personality, which combines the opposite qualities. He is both balanced and quick-tempered, with great patience and a good sense of humor. All these qualities are well-balanced, and in the end an interesting personality is obtained, with which it is pleasant to communicate. Therefore, there are always a lot of people around him, with each of whom he builds a good relationship.

They always face many problems. Whatever their behavior, mood, they are always in the center of the conflict. Even with a fairly even character, they will experience difficulties that can affect their entire life. Sometimes they themselves provoke such a state, expressing their necessarily opposite opinion. And this opinion they submit with a share of humor and irony.

They have a violent character, which prevents them from establishing contacts with other people. They practically do not know how to communicate, but when it is necessary to settle not their problem, they demonstrate the bright talents of a judge and a peacemaker. Their moods often change, therefore associates can not always understand them. They are aimed at spiritual development, which puts them far above other people.

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Taurus Tiger Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

Despite his vivid appearance and character, he is wary of new women and relationships. He prefers that they develop slowly and smoothly. Therefore, he is unlikely to agree to a short-lived novel, which is not going to turn into a big and beautiful love. Often, he puts love on the main place in his life, so the choice of a partner is very carefully.

In love, he manifests himself as an impulsive and emotional partner, who will often suit his beloved scene of jealousy. He is attentive, and he will be interested in everything that happens with his partner. He demands the same from her, as he needs constant attention. His lover can safely rely on him in any matter, as he can help find a way out of the problem situation.

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Taurus-Man, born in the Tiger year, in the Bed

Passion, emotionality and high sensitivity are his main characteristics in intimate relationships. They are of great importance to him, because through them he can express his feelings and emotions. Despite the fact that in all respects he seeks to take the leading position, in the intimate sphere he completely relies on his partner, who must lead the whole process.

He always tries to stick to the standards, so it will be difficult for him to decide on various experiments. To his mistress, he always shows great interest and attention. At the same time he is inclined to forget about his desires, so it is so important for him to find a person who would not concentrate only on his desires. Also, he is wounded, so any caustic remark can for a long time plunge him into depression.

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Taurus Tiger Man in Family and Marriage

He will become a real storehouse of wisdom for his wife. He knows how to calmly assess the situation and find the best way out of it. In view of this, not only his wife, but also other family members try to consult him. He also manages family affairs well, devoting a lot of time, love and care to them. He likes to receive guests, where he shows exceptional hospitality and hospitality.

He has a fairly easy character, so getting along with him under one roof will not be a difficult affair. But from time to time it can become unbearably stubborn and during this period it will be impossible to convince him. A good way out of the situation will be a sense of humor. Also, a loving father is obtained from him, who will pay much attention to his children, devoting all his free time to them.

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Tiger Taurus Man — Career and Finance

Career eminence for them is not interesting. If they can find their calling, they will necessarily become famous, shocking and magnetically attracting other people. Otherwise, they will realize their desires by searching for numerous hobbies. The financial side of life can interest them in order to get an opportunity to realize hobbies. Otherwise, the material is not too important for them.

These men are encouraged to appreciate loved ones, as only they can give them more than all hobbies. Before making a decision, it is recommended to weigh the pros and cons that the decision is not spontaneous. It is worth strengthening the will power, so that you can realize your plans, despite all the difficulties. Most life will have to devote to spiritual development, because otherwise life will become even more difficult.

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