Virgo Tiger Man

The Virgo-Tiger man is quite an unusual person, which always causes admiration among the surrounding people. He was used to achieving his goals, carefully developing a plan of follow-up. So, step by step, he slowly but surely moves to his dream, and nothing will stop him on this path. Although, such a brake can be a love that can take an important place in his life.

Strong will, self-confidence and incredible stubbornness help these people reach great heights in any sphere of life. But often this does not become their main goal, so they can not move from one place for a long time and be content with what they have. It is more important for them to communicate with friends and new people, from which they will be able to learn from experience and learn something new.

A firm and confident character begins to form in the Tiger-Virgo about the age of 28. That’s when they get to their feet and start to reach their goals. However, throughout their entire lives they remain naive and good-natured people, whose decisions are often spontaneous and not considered. They are also prone to philosophy, occasionally seceding from society to reflect on their lives.

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Virgo Tiger Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

Bright, active and attractive, he is never left without attention of women. They seek to create relations with him, but he himself hinders their development. The main reason for this is his love of analysis and calculations. He can think long over the act of his beloved woman and find in him any hidden motives, which in fact is far from the case. With various suspicions, he can harass himself for quite some time.

His choice of a partner, he rarely produces on the basis of any self-interested plans. This is a very sincere and decent person who is in search of true love. Here he manifests himself as a caring and considerate partner. However, he is very emotional, so from time to time he may have explosions of mood. He also has a penchant for criticism, which he can direct to his lover.

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Virgo-Man, born in the Tiger year, in the Bed

Emotionality and impetuosity are his characteristic features in intimate relationships. He likes physical union with his partner when he can feel really loved and can say the same thing to his beloved woman in body language. Despite all this, he prefers to stand firmly on the ground and does not fly to unknown expanses of his imagination, as other guys often do.

In bed, he completely relies on his partner, but from time to time he can also initiate such relationships. He democratically refers to a new experience and can decide on various experiments. Of course, here there is one condition - he must be completely confident in his partner, her reliability and decency. Thanks to his analytical abilities, he can quickly recognize a person.

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Virgo Tiger Man in Family and Marriage

As a rule, he is getting married at a more mature age. To his family and home duties, he takes very seriously and responsibly. His wife, having come home, will never remain hungry. His whole house will be sparkling clean and tidy, and he prefers to solve any domestic issues on his own. It is advisable that she does not interfere with this, since she can not tolerate a mistress’s wife in one house.

With his wife, he tries to maintain an even relationship. In general, it is not so difficult to get along under one roof with him. Its only drawback is the love of criticism, which can not be taken out by every woman. Fortunately, he knows how to include his sense of humor in time, which helps him to defuse the situation well. From it turns out a beautiful father who will educate his children in infinite love and care.

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Tiger Virgo Man — Career and Finance

Of them, good employees are obtained who will successfully cope with their duties. However, their dislike of obeying orders from their superiors, a stormy temper and incontinence can lead to dismissal. Therefore, during their career, they will often change their employer. But if the work is to their liking, they are ready to show excellent performance, intelligence and even become a generator of ideas.

Partners often become for them a good stimulator — they start moving forward, try to earn more. Therefore, you can stealthily guide them and help with advice. But outwardly, the leader in the relationship is that they should remain, that will amuse their pride. It is important to take into account their need for periodic seclusion, when they can calmly rest and rethink everything.

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