Aquarius Monkey

The union of the eccentric Aquarius and the dexterous Monkey is a harmonious combination, giving people exorbitant curiosity, a passion for everything uncharted. People of this combination of signs are charming, resourceful, have a good sense of humor. Fussy, greedy to impress, open to communication. It’s easy to make new acquaintances, subtly feel the mood of others. According to the combined horoscope Aquarius-Monkey - a bright, creatively gifted personality. Famous for its inexhaustible fiction and fantasy, has a developed imagination. In the company with this person time flies by unnoticed: can not sit still, much on antics. Life Aquarius-Monkey - a series of amazing, breathtaking events.

Aquarius Monkey Traits

People are drawn to Aquarius-Monkey, they see in him an interesting, unordinary personality. This man gives the impression of a lucky man and a darling of fate. In his life there is a place for bright events, unforgettable adventures, but not boredom and despondency. An energetic, brave Aquarius-Monkey has everything in its own way, it is impossible to influence his decisions. Holds independently, absolutely confident in himself, while in need of care and attention. With all the sociability and talkativeness, Aquarius-Monkey is not in a hurry to open his heart to everyone he meets. He trusts only a limited circle of people, and communicates with the rest. He can not be denied tact and good manners: Monkey Aquarius — a pleasant person in all respects.

Aquarius-Monkey does not like monotony, badly tolerates loneliness. Needs communication, actively participates in the lives of others. It is characterized by irrepressible energy, shows fiction and imagination — always in the thick of events. He strives to realize all his creative potential, constantly fountains with ideas, offers original solutions to problems. The people around are sometimes unable to understand: he is having fun or really trying to help. Many refer to him as a frivolous person — a joker and a hilarious person. The main feature of the Aquarius-Monkey sign is unpredictability. Despite his mischievous nature, he knows how to be rational and pragmatic, differs diligence and responsibility.

These active, inquisitive people are wise enough and shrewd not to fall into unfavorable terms. Uncertainty determines the correct style of behavior, relevant in a given situation. Aquarius monkeys are quite capable of being separated from people for a while, if this is necessary. Nature has endowed them with strong intuition, they not only calculate the consequences of their actions, but rather anticipate the further development of events. They are not at all thoughtless burners of life: they know how to have fun and work. Due to its eccentricity, developed intelligence and rich imagination, Aquarius-Monkeys achieve huge heights in their careers. Usually do not experience material problems, they live if not in luxury, but in comfortable conditions.

Aquarius Monkey Compatibility (Love & Family)

Emotional, passionate Aquarius-Monkey is not able to restrain his feelings: he is inclined to numerous love relationships. He has an irrepressible sexual appetite, is not indifferent to the opposite sex. On a love horoscope, Aquarius-Monkey is a frivolous, independent person. He does not hurry to marry, enjoys free relationships. Can not resist temptations, craves crazy passion, so seeks to diversify their sex lives.

Relative to close people Aquarius-Monkey is caring and attentive. However, this does not mean that he is ready to sacrifice his own interests for the sake of the family. Having married, still devotes much time to his hobby and disappears at work. Aquarius-Monkey is unable to cope with his nature: no day without the thrill and new impressions. His enthusiasm for his favorite work deserves the highest praise — this is a real professional in his field, the more well-paid. Everything earned goes to the house, strives to create comfortable living conditions for close people.

Aquarius Monkey Business (Career & Goals)

For the curious Aquarius-Monkey there is no greater happiness than learning the new. Ready to learn throughout life, is inclined to research. Contact, mobile, smart, knows how to make the right decisions. Do not waste time on extra thinking, acts quickly and decisively. Rather, it intuitively determines the right direction, than carefully calculates all its steps. Union of peace-loving Aquarius and cunning Monkey gives him resourcefulness: quickly and effectively solves all problems.

Creatively gifted Aquarius-Monkey easily embodies his fantasies in reality. He likes to draw, is inclined to literary work, he perfectly speaks the art of oratory. In general, it possesses all the data characteristic of a person prone to public activity. Strives to realize all of his talents, restless and energetic, he is more suitable for working with a free schedule. And this is not only a creative profession, but also commercial activity. After all, this is a multifaceted personality that can be held in any field.

Aquarius Monkey Man

Thin psychologist, clever, informative man — all this mysterious and attractive Aquarius-Monkey. Women are attracted by his courteous manners, an excellent sense of humor. This industrious, responsible man, thinks pragmatically, shows a commendable ingenuity in his affairs. At the same time he has a wonderful imagination, an irrepressible charm. He is capable of insane acts, sometimes he behaves like a mischievous boy. In a romantic relationship, he is reckless, he enjoys breaking rules and regulations. Aquarius-Monkey is a shrewd man, he can easily find an approach to the most impregnable beauty. It’s nice to deal with him if you do not pay attention to the many amorous adventures.

Aquarius Monkey Woman

Mysterious, inscrutable women Aquarius-Monkeys seem to men an unattainable dream. These are spectacular beauties created for love. At the same time strong-willed, purposeful women are building ambitious plans for life. They are not attracted to the role of an exemplary housewife, rather they like the career of an actress, singer or writer. They have a rich imagination, perfectly express their thoughts, communicate easily and at ease. Are not inclined to hysterics, in any situation behave adequately. Men will have to try hard to attract the attention of these amazing women. Aquarius-Monkeys will find their happiness with a partner who will not strictly control their life, will give freedom of choice.

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