Gemini Monkey

Vigorous, impulsive Gemini-Monkeys are characterized by a restless character, like risk and excitement. It is impossible to foresee their mood, let alone understand the motives of actions. Signs of Gemini and Monkey complement and reinforce each other’s qualities. They are easy to communicate, cheerful and active beyond measure. It is difficult for these enthusiastic natures to concentrate on anything definite: they take everything at once. According to the combined horoscope Gemini-Monkeys — witty, cheerful people with a rich imagination. Eloquent, communicative, will be able to talk anyone, even the most self-contained person. The presence of these cheerful people in the company is a guarantee of a good rest. Although sometimes their irrepressible cheerfulness tires and irritates.

Gemini Monkey Traits

Benevolent Gemini-Monkeys are so fond of communication that they can talk all day without stopping. The people around can not resist the charms of these cheerful people: they instantly fall under their charm. Monkeys-Gemini — universal favorites, generously share their optimism, they are able to comfort and give the right advice in a difficult moment. Although they can not offer anything more meaningful than words of support. Gusty, inconstant, unable to deal with one thing for a long time. They strive to get from life a maximum of emotions and impressions. They like to travel, they are ready for any adventures. Monkey-Gemini often bring their relatives close, they may disappear for an indefinite time, but they always have a weighty excuse: circumstances have developed that way.

The main feature of the Gemini-Monkey sign is a rare cheerfulness. People of this combination know how to find positive moments in any situation. Always in a good mood, radiate happiness and optimism. They firmly believe in themselves: they are only set for victory and success. True, sometimes their arrogance leads to miscalculations. Too addicted to dreams, do not pay attention to important trifles. However, they come out of difficult situations with honor, they know how to turn a failure into a joke. Themselves receive immense pleasure from everything that is happening and do not let others get depressed. In company with the Gemini-Monkeys, time flies by imperceptibly: they can create the appropriate atmosphere. These great originals and inventors are at the forefront of all sorts of antics.

Monkey-Gemini is so uninhibited and internally free, that hardly obeys the general rules. He lives in accordance with his own ideas about the world. Always acts as he sees fit at a given time. He is not afraid of change, he welcomes every opportunity to change his life. He believes in the best, does not focus on failures. For him there is no reason justifying passivity and inaction. This mobile, active person is ready for any experiments, capable of insane acts. Gemini-Monkeys are too in a hurry to live, to spend time on rest and long reflections on the meaning of being. He does not always understand his own desires, he is subject to the play of passions, so he often goes against logic.

Gemini Monkey Compatibility (Love & Family)

Bright, charismatic men and women Gemini-Monkeys are a huge success for people of the opposite sex. They are able to lend themselves favorably, attract attention not only with provocative outfits, but with flattering speeches. They have an outstanding artistic talent, quickly find an approach to a partner, carry him to the world of sensual passions. According to the combined horoscope Gemini-Monkey — temperamental, passionate nature. So sexually attractive, that you can not resist them.

Family life with Gemini-Monkeys — an explosion of emotions, fireworks of passions. These emotional, active people do not know how to be bored and do not give sadness to others. Having entered into marriage, the Monkey-Gemini does not change its habits: always in search of adventures. Likes to organize family holidays, but does not want to do household chores. He falls into despair at the thought that he is responsible for the whole family. He tries to perform his duties honestly, but he can not resist temptations: he is capable of treason.

Gemini Monkey Business (Career & Goals)

Monkeys-Gemini are characterized by irrepressible energy: they are in a hurry to act, are not inclined to meditation. Choose a profession in accordance with their own hobbies. They are impulsive, emotional, and therefore are unlikely to cope with monotonous work. Gemini-Monkeys are suitable activities related to communication: a guide, a psychologist, a manager, a journalist. Here they will be able to realize their talents and make useful acquaintances. Ambitious, they dream of glory: they will not miss the chance to loudly declare themselves to the whole world.

A quick mind, a rich imagination, dexterity, determination are qualities that allow Gemini-Monkeys to manifest themselves in any field of activity. However, they are best suited to creative professions. Are able to realize any ideas, for example, to create a brilliant work of art. But only if close to the Gemini-Monkeys will be loyal people: partners, assistants, advisers. They need guidance, are too impulsive and restless to finish the job.

Gemini Monkey Man

An energetic Gemini-Monkey man without unnecessary meditations takes several cases at the same time. Curious, smart, while a little frivolous, often wasting time. But it gives the impression of a successful man, capable of rolling mountains. He knows how to deal with women, he sings endless compliments. However, you should not blindly trust him, the mood and desires of the Gemini-Monkey are constantly changing. There is no guarantee that he will keep the word. A frivolous man likes entertainment, but the need to work hard wears him. It is not boring with him, but stability does not have to wait. Will be happy with his wife, ready to tolerate his impermanence and endless quirks.

Gemini Monkey Woman

Charming Gemini-Monkeys women are a success with men, always surrounded by fans. Flirtatious and cheerful giggles are not at all stupid, windy people. They have an excellent actor’s talent and sharp mind, but diligence and diligence do not differ. Gemini-Monkeys is a woman with a rich imagination, it is easier for her to come up with an excuse than to perform her work conscientiously. Although the beloved is given with all the passion, adores being in the public eye, prefers the profession associated with communication. In marriage, does not differ in loyalty, without hesitation, rush into a new relationship, if carried away by a fan. Will be happy with a strong man, able to restrain her feelings and emotions.

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