Libra Monkey

Cheerful, eloquent Monkey-Libra can not without communication: ready for anything to attract attention. They are good storytellers, pleasant interlocutors and just funny people, in company with whom time flies by unnoticed. The Union of Weights and Monkeys is a harmonious combination of two signs, enhancing the positive qualities of each other. Balanced Libra retains inherent prudence, while charming and easy to communicate. A clever, cunning monkey takes on seriousness and gives the impression of a reasonable person. In general, Libra-Monkeys are friendly people, who have soft, gentle manners. They differ in an easy, changeable temper: they laugh gaily and talk without interruption.

Libra Monkey Traits

Others like this bright, positive-minded person. He leads an active lifestyle, always in the thick of things. He can not sit still: he is afraid of missing something interesting. His life is filled with all kinds of events and adventures, he must be aware of all that is happening. According to the combined horoscope of Monkey-Libra — curious people with a wide outlook. They are greedy for new impressions, they are venturesome, they are not afraid to take risks. They have so much energy and enthusiasm that they can easily cope with the most difficult tasks. Do not lose optimism, think only of good, firmly believe in their success. Libra-Monkeys in any event can find positive moments, calmly relate to failure, rarely make mistakes in their assessments.

The Union of Libra and the Monkey gives its representatives a contradictory character. People of this combination have an analytical mind, easily calculate the consequences of their actions. Libra-Monkeys give the impression of mature, rational people who make only informed decisions. However, they can not resist temptations, easily distracted and switch their attention from one case to another. These restless, gambling people are prone to unjustified risk. Monkeys-Libra do not consider it their duty to justify the expectations of others. They act in accordance with their own desires, perhaps, therefore, they are so benevolent and peaceful. Libra-Monkeys do not know how to be angry and offended — these are extremely lovely, charming people.

Talkative Libra-Monkeys love to communicate, with ecstasy chat on a variety of topics. These clever, informative people are an inexhaustible source of information for others. They like to read, they have a wide outlook. Are able to teach a lot, generously share their knowledge. However, although rare, but they do spontaneous actions, they do not have patience. Monkeys-Libra do not hesitate to manipulate the feelings of others if they see an opportunity to improve their lives. They have inner freedom, although they try to please everyone, but do not forget about their own interests. True, they perfectly combine business with pleasure: they themselves succeed and actively help others. These people can always be relied on, they are characterized by sincere generosity and kindness.

Libra Monkey Compatibility (Love & Family)

The saturated personal life of Libra-Monkeys does not give rest to those around: there are a lot of rumors and gossip around their novels. These sensual, temperamental people are completely devoted to relationships, but are too fickle in their preferences. Do not tolerate boredom and idleness: always in search of new experiences. They need a cheerful, active companion, capable of sharing their passion for adventure. The secret of love compatibility with Libra-Monkey — cheerfulness, ease of communication. These people will not meet with boring and taciturn who do not know how to enjoy life.

Having married, Monkey-Libra decisively takes up the mind: trying to match the image of the ideal family man. He is gentle and caring towards his partner, he does not even think about romances on the side. Completely focuses on the interests of loved ones, seeks to create comfortable living conditions for them. His assistance and support can be expected at any time of the day: Libra-Monkey is always guarded by the family. He is looking for understanding and support of a partner who is faithful to the depth of his soul. She strives for long-term relationships, does not consider the possibility of divorce.

Libra Monkey Business (Career & Goals)

This easy-to-communicate, sociable person is always ready for compromises. Any question can be discussed with him: he is open to dialogue. Libra-Monkey easily finds a common language with colleagues, he does not have to fiercely defend his point of view. Most often he chooses his prestigious professions: he strives for material prosperity. He is not devoid of ambition, he expects to take a leading position. And quickly achieves its goal: attentive to others, inventive, hardworking.

Thanks to the developed logical thinking, insight and brilliant oratorical gift, Libra-Monkey is in demand in the professions connected with communication. It can take place in the following fields of activity: pedagogy, psychology, jurisprudence. Has good artistic data, easily plays any role, knows how not to take to heart the troubles associated with work. Libra-Monkeys are so gifted personalities that they are able to become both popular actors and successful businessmen.

Libra Monkey Man

Among the Libra-Monkeys men you can meet many talented people, they are distinguished by an inquisitive mind, an irrepressible desire for knowledge. They have a broad outlook and original thinking. Energetic, active men are literally obsessed with their own ideas, with ardor and excitement, prove their rightness. At the same time, Libra-Monkeys are friendly, polite, it is interesting to talk with them on different topics and it is almost impossible to quarrel. In a romantic relationship, the man of this combination of signs is unpredictable. A woman can sincerely believe that he is devoted to her until the end of his days. However, at any time he can be carried away by another woman and disappear from the life of the former beloved forever, and will not feel a single pity.

Libra Monkey Woman

Lovely coquette Libra-Monkeys can seem superficial, completely focused on their appearance. But this is not so, they are clever, purposeful people. They can chat freely, jumping from one thought to another, although at this time their head is busy with serious things. Libra-Monkeys are responsible women, hardworking, and therefore invariably succeed, no matter what serious goal they face. In a love relationship can be different, it all depends on how much their partner is dear. With a worthy man, able to forgive small female weaknesses, can live a lifetime without serious quarrels and scandals. They like to feel loved and desired, but comments and criticism are inadmissible, even in the most tactful manner.

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