Taurus Monkey

The union of a solid Taurus and a cunning monkey is a combination of strength and agility. People of this combination of signs are distinguished by their sociability and inexhaustible optimism. They love noisy companies, they have a good sense of humor. At the same time resourceful, enterprising, hardworking: always in business. According to the combined horoscope Taurus-Monkey — a strong, reliable man, firmly standing on his feet. He is able and likes to work, he is distinguished by a responsible approach to business. Although sometimes fulfilling his duties through the sleeves: affects the influence of the frenzied Monkey. However, in any circumstances, maintains its positive attitude. The surrounding people celebrate his spiritual sensitivity and kindness: you can always rely on the Taurus-Monkey.

Taurus Monkey Traits

Cheerful, active Taurus-Monkey is a light temper. He does not like to sit alone, he wants to communicate. With great pleasure and without regret spending money on entertainment. However, he does not like vanity, tries to spend time with advantage. Even thinking about his leisure in the most careful way. Usually Taurus-Monkey has fun in a comfortable environment. This circumspect person attaches great importance to his environment. He tries to limit his communication with dishonest people. Although it is quite capable of maintaining superficial, non-binding relations with them. He does not like to quarrel and swear: tact and politeness first of all. Therefore, he has a reputation as a good-natured, sociable person.

Smart, assertive Monkey-Taurus can achieve their goals. They act decisively, quickly grasp the essence of the matter, do not distract themselves to unnecessary details. In this case, the surrounding impression: Taurus-Monkeys — lucky and daughters of fortune. So they are easy to communicate: they never complain, do not try to call for sympathy. People like their optimism, cheerfulness and steadfastness. The main feature of the Taurus-Monkey sign is equanimity. It is impossible to make a man out of himself this combination: he is always calm and full of self-esteem. Do not get lost in difficult situations, full of ideas how you can improve your life. Extremely independent in judgments, does not like to listen to the advice of others.

Calm, tactful and always polite Taurus-Monkey like people. Sincerely rejoices every new acquaintance, likes to spend time in the company of friends. However, few people share their secrets: his personal life is not subject to discussion. He is discreet, clever and penetrating, although he gives the impression of a good-natured, sociable person. According to the combined horoscope, the Monkey-Taurus is a leader, but still needs guidance. Under the influence of a wise mentor can become even more successful. Although this self-respecting person does not recognize his weaknesses, but still sometimes he is rude, unrestrained and irresponsible. Therefore, he misses advantageous opportunities, which greatly upsets him and deprives him of self-confidence.

Taurus Monkey Compatibility (Love & Family)

In their personal lives Monkey-Taurus are patient, caring and attentive to their partner. These people like to talk about love, they are serious about marriage. They are capable of unpredictable actions, they are able to stand out from the general crowd of admirers. However, for the most part, they are distinguished by their softness and delicacy: they tend gently and reverently. The secret of loving compatibility with the Taurus-Monkey is complete trust and respect. Even a strong feeling will not keep him from parting with a self-interested and hypocritical person.

Taurus-Monkey is an exemplary family man: the house and close people always come first. And this is not a harsh parent and a demanding partner, but a hilarious and entertainer. He is the initiator of all family entertainment. Feels its responsibility not only for material prosperity, but also for the peace of mind of loved ones. Good gets along with the children, showering gifts to his mate. Is able to be different: demanding and flexible, eccentric and serious. All his actions are aimed at the benefit of the family.

Taurus Monkey Business (Career & Goals)

For every Taurus, work is an important part of life, and for the cunning and crafty Monkey, it’s a way to show your talents. The person of this combination not only responsibly fulfills his duties, but also gets great pleasure from work. Perfectly gets along with all colleagues, enjoys trust and respect from his superiors. Thanks to his quick thinking, sharp mind and natural dexterity, Taurus-Monkey easily copes with the tasks set. In addition, it is just full of various ideas how to improve the workflow.

Taurus-Monkey can do everything: lead a large team, work in submission, manage his business. However, it needs competent guidance. The path is rare, but brings your colleagues down: it quickly loses interest in the work and does not bring the case to the end. It does not tolerate monotony and monotony, therefore it is quite successful in creative professions. Can become an actor, musician or designer, for him the main thing: comfortable conditions, not limiting the free flight of fantasy. Taurus-Monkey fits literary activity, here he can express all his emotions and feelings.

Taurus Monkey Man

Decisive, purposeful man Taurus-Monkey is not used to pass before difficulties. This is an excellent organizer, can find an approach to any person, and acts gently and tactfully. At work, he is appreciated for his benevolence and rare diligence. Taurus-Monkey is a cheerful and sociable man, likes to spend time in noisy companies. He can be called a favorite of women, a charming and interesting interlocutor inspires confidence from the first minutes of conversation. In addition, it’s a gallant and considerate gentleman. The truth is not very trying to prove the seriousness of their feelings by real deeds. In the hands of a skilled, experienced woman will eventually become the ideal husband. Loves children, gives them a lot of time, despite the tight work schedule.

Taurus Monkey Woman

The Taurus Monkey woman is not so simple and sweet as it seems at first glance. A charming lady, who can turn her head around by the mere movement of her eyelashes, is actually very smart and calculating. She perfectly understands what goals she sets herself, it is important for her to live in comfort and prosperity. It differs assiduity and diligence, it is able to solve the most difficult problems. But do not give up the help of a man, or rather, skillfully push the fan to the right decision. In a love relationship Taurus-Monkey is a faithful woman, trying to surround her with love and care for her only one. The truth is stubborn, touchy, needs care and attention. She is very attached to her children, she takes part in their games and amusements with pleasure.

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