Aquarius Ox

Aquarians born in the year of the Ox are characterized by a positive attitude towards life. The communication is simple and friendly, sincerely want to please. A lot and with great pleasure travel, they always have a couple of interesting stories in stock. People are drawn to Aquarius-Oxen, it’s nice to deal with them. They are great lovers of dreaming, chatting on different topics. Loyal, soft, tactful, have a rich imagination and developed imagination. They go through life easily, not paying attention to troubles and difficulties. Oxen-Aquarians are hovering in the clouds, they like to live in a world of dreamlike dreams, but the reality is quite unpleasant. However, they have a strong character, and therefore they with honor hold all the tests.

Aquarius Ox Traits

Any Aquarius-Ox more than once in his life faces an important choice: to do ordinary things or indulge in fruitless dreams. After all, the soul tends to skyrocket, and the conscience does not allow to forget about the pressing problems. In addition, people of this combination of signs are distinguished by a responsible approach to life. They can have fun, make dubious acquaintances, smell and get involved in incredible adventures. However, they fully report their actions, never forget about important matters. In the Oxen-Aquarius surprisingly, two opposing qualities are combined: frivolity and responsibility. Do not load the head with unnecessary problems and doubts, but they do not go with the flow, completely relying on fate.

Strong Ox-Aquarius is not afraid of life’s difficulties, does not worry too much because of troubles. He is intelligent and judicious, therefore he knows how to solve any problem. At the same time he is creatively gifted, performs his work easily and with great enthusiasm. In addition, he knows how to influence people around him, they willingly listen to his words and carry out all missions. Aquarius-Ox lives life as if it does not face difficulties. Rather, does not focus on them. Not everyone can understand him, often people just admire him, and some even fear. This is an extraordinary person, does not always fit into generally accepted standards, and does not try to do it. He lives in his dimension, and it’s not so bad.

The influence of the Ox smoothes the eccentricity of Aquarius, so the combination of these signs gives rise to practical people, sensitive to any changes in life. It can not be said that Aquarius-Oxen love everything unusual, they want to turn their lives into chaos, but they can not be called boring. They are educated people who can behave in society. The surrounding likes their softness, goodwill, they are very caring friends. Oxen-Aquarians like to have fun, often arrange surprises for loved ones. At the same time they never forget about the case, they work with great efficiency. They are extremely disciplined and hardworking people. For the sake of the common good, they can turn mountains, go to any conflict and necessarily insist on their own.

Aquarius Ox Compatibility (Love & Family)

In choosing a life partner, Aquarius-Ox is quite original: does not need a stable, serious relationship, and looks for a partner in the source of inspiration. Does not see the sense in communication, if it does not give pleasure. Prefers to let short, but bright love relationships. It needs emotional recharge, is looking for a partner that can evoke a strong feeling in it. Aquarius-Ox — a real romantic, who knows how to beautifully look after. He thirsts and seeks love, hard for loneliness.

Family life for the Ox-Aquarius is a merry event. He does not strive for constancy, he likes diversity in everything, including in marriage. Let not every day, but quite often arranges holidays. You can not consider him an irresponsible person, quite reasonably approaches to budget management. He is attentive to his half and children, tries to adapt to their interests. His family is provided with everything necessary, a special item of expenditure: entertainment and travel. Here he does not know the measure.

Aquarius Ox Business (Career & Goals)

Purposeful, hard-working Aquarius-Ox — favorite of the whole team. Not only works on conscience, but also has time to entertain his colleagues with funny stories. A working day flies by in an instant, if there is a Ox-Aquarius nearby. Particularly captivating is his sincere interest in the matter. He can be entrusted with any assignment, he will do everything right. Benevolent and open to suggestions, he always tries to support and help, so his colleagues love him so much.

Aquarius-Ox is capable of decisive actions when it comes to work. After all, he is aimed at a successful career. Strives to take the post of leader, will never give up the promotion. With him it is easy to solve business issues, he is loved by both subordinates and superior supervisors. Ox-Aquarius is best suited to creative professions, but it will be quite confident in the role of financier or builder. His numerous talents can be applied in any field of activity.

Aquarius Ox Man

Active, energetic man Aquarius-Ox is a subtle psychologist who can find a common language with a wide variety of people. A talented person is constantly looking for new ways of self-expression. He is attracted by activities that provide ample opportunities for experiments: a writer, scriptwriter, director. He is able to reach enormous heights in the creative profession. Purposeful and persevering, like all representatives of the sign of the Ox, at the same time, an original person is quite typical, like a typical Aquarius. To him are women, trust their secrets and secrets. He is able to intrigue, attract attention to himself by romantic actions. But the partner should inspire him, otherwise he will quickly get bored and go in search of another lover.

Aquarius Ox Woman

Unordinary, cheerful woman Aquarius-Ox likes to be in the spotlight. For her, the public opinion is important, and tries to excel not by defiant behavior, but by worthy deeds. The active nature seeks to take place in the profession, but its energy is enough for personal interests, as much as possible tries to help relatives in solving problems. In a love relationship, she longs to get the full range of emotions and feelings, but also expects serious behavior from the partner. Aquarius-Ox woman, aimed at a strong marriage, her family life is carefully planned for many decades to come. She is cautious about changes, but she can not without passion, so a partner should constantly arrange for her romantic dates.

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