Capricorn Ox

For the ambitious Capricorn-Ox, the greatest joy in life and the occasion for pride is a successful career. Others criticize him for his selfishness and spiritual callousness, but for this person there is nothing more important than a high social position. Virtually from his birth he dreams of fame and recognition, he is ready for any sacrifice for this. This is the most stubborn and serious of all Oxen and Capricorns combined. His whole life is planned, every step is carefully thought out. No one has the right to interfere in the affairs of the Ox-Capricorn, especially giving instructions. This person is so confident in himself that he will not listen to critical remarks. Strong will, purposefulness, firmness are the main features of his character.

Capricorn Ox Traits

The strong character of this man not only admires, but even frightens a little. For the Capricorn-Ox there are no barriers, he is able to overcome any difficulties. If you set a goal, then it will achieve its goal, and it will do it easily and gracefully. For all its hardness, high performance, does not strive for labor exploits. Quite able to come to your dream the shortest way possible. Focused on the result, is smart and perceptive, so it finds available solutions to the problem. It seems that he is deprived of any fears and experiences, so confident in himself. If the Ox-Capricorn is busy with business, is not distracted by external stimuli, completely immersed in his work.

People of this combination of signs cause respect for their obsession, infinite loyalty to their favorite business. True, determination and the iron will are not always good. After all, Capricorns-Oxen, in pursuit of their ideals, forget about friends and relatives. It is not in their rules to be interested in the affairs of a close environment, they are completely focused on themselves. They are big egoists and extraordinary personalities. Oxen-Capricorns were born to overcome obstacles, to inspire their example with bold experiments. These people, obsessed with their work, show the world an example of perseverance and purposefulness. They need like-minded people, they are glad for people who are able to share their beliefs, and with the rest they support polite communication.

Among the virtues of the Capricorn-Oxen, one can attribute the principles, honesty. Do not be cunning, intrigue, even for the sake of a good cause. Always express their intentions directly. Even if this brings troubles, greatly complicates life, but such is the nature of these people — honor and dignity above all else. Ox-Capricorn is a born leader, capable of capturing his ideas. The truth is a bit dryish in communication and stingy at emotions. But intelligent, has advanced logical thinking, is able to find a way out of any confusing situation. It is easy to talk to him, if only to follow all his instructions and work honestly. It’s quite a nice person to talk to, but do not expect flattery and compliments from him.

Capricorn Ox Compatibility (Love & Family)

For this person, spiritual qualities are much more important than external beauty. Perhaps, he will not be able to pass by a spectacular handsome man or beauty, but natural discretion will necessarily take up. Every Capricorn-Ox, regardless of gender, is looking for a like-minded person, not a passionate partner. It is important for him to have a person close to him, fully sharing his views on life. It will not be nice to take care of, crumble in flowery compliments, but will always be gentle and caring.

If a partner can win his trust, Ox-Capricorn will fully open his heart. It is difficult to find a more loyal person who can be honest with his loved ones. He is a good family man, a strong business executive, and ably conducts domestic affairs. His loved ones will not need anything, they will not have to solve problems: the Capricorn-Ox will do everything himself. He never complains, does not seek sympathy, but he is waiting for the words of love. After all, this is a fairly vulnerable person, susceptible to mental pain.

Capricorn Ox Business (Career & Goals)

This is an excellent worker, ready for anything for his favorite business. Not afraid of difficulties, quickly and easily takes the most responsible decisions. Capricorn-Ox thinks so rationally that he practically does not make mistakes. He can be entrusted with any business, he will certainly cope, and will do more than necessary. This responsible employee does not need to be controlled, he is for himself a ruthless critic and a ruthless judge. His main talent is devotion to his work.

Purposeful Capricorn-Ox is subject to all areas of activity, for him there are no difficulties and obstacles. In the creative profession, Oxen-Capricorns demonstrate not only their artistic and acting talent, but also pragmatism. As leaders, they behave with restraint, carefully control what is happening around them. However, the obligatory will find a way to express their attitude to the employees albeit in a mean, but praise. Oxen-Capricorns — an ornament of any labor collective.

Capricorn Ox Man

A laconic Capricorn-Ox man prefers to act, not to reason. A straightforward, determined person is aimed at a successful career. From an early age, he is building ambitious plans, not just fantasizing, but developing an action strategy. Ready to endure adversity and deprivation, but never turn off the intended path. He may be a little dry in communication, but he only says what he thinks. Most often he does not speak at all, but acts decisively. He works a lot, does not experience any financial difficulties. A reliable Capricorn-Ox is a man worthy of admiration, he is the best husband, unless, of course, a woman dreams about romantic love. Over time, it can unfold as a gentle, sensitive nature.

Capricorn Ox Woman

The Capricorn woman, born in the year of the Ox, was created for public life. She adores her work, all her thoughts are focused on her favorite thing. She persistently achieves a high position, and works tirelessly. Charming person like men, but they are frightened by her determined attitude, almost immediately declares her intention to get married. The family inspires a sense of confidence in the woman of this combination of signs, support of relatives helps in conquering more and more new peaks. It does not seek to settle at home, the sphere of its interests goes far beyond the home. Too straightforward and stubborn to hide her intentions, so her chosen one knows what he is going to marry a single-minded woman.

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