Gemini Ox

Gemini gives serious, thorough Oxen ease, spontaneity. The people of this combination of signs are full of strength and energy, they will gladly know the world. Gemini-Oxen are great inventors and dreamers, but they are quite capable of solving pressing problems. They differ in physical endurance, for them there are no impossible tasks and insurmountable obstacles. The most difficult trials and bitter disappointments are not capable of breaking their will. Oxen-Gemini do not focus on unnecessary little things, they perceive any changes positively. They firmly believe in their happy destiny, have a rich imagination. They are always cheerful, they have surprising ease in communication, that’s why there are a lot of people around them.

Gemini Ox Traits

Honesty and loyalty of the Gemini-Oxen can not be doubted. Frivolity, gaiety is more a state of mind than the true essence of people of this combination of signs. Favorably stand out among the rest of Gemini by their zeal and diligence. They are extremely responsible people, ready to work tirelessly. The people around can count on their support: they will certainly help, even to the detriment of their own interests. Gemini-Ox — a man of deep respect, responsible and truthful. He will not dodge and lie, but will directly declare his claims. I am absolutely sure of my correctness, but I try not to overstep the bounds of decency. He behaves politely, trying to avoid awkward moments.

Ox-Gemini — the soul of any company, has the talent to attract everyone’s attention. He has a sharp mind, likes entertainment, he always has a couple of ideas on how to have fun. Curious, active, and well-mannered. Respectfully respects the opinions of others, even if it does not share. It is not surprising that he is the most popular person among friends and colleagues. However, Gemini-Ox is not such a simple and naive person as it may seem. Many seek to be friends with him, but not everyone can earn his trust. He prefers to communicate with a limited circle of acquaintances, only he trusts all his secrets and secrets. And for the rest he is a jovial fellow and a joker.

For Gemini Oxen every new day is an occasion for joy. Do not see the point of loading yourself with unnecessary emotions, do not feel the need to carefully analyze the information. They just act as their conscience dictates. Do not pass by someone else’s misfortune, they will always find words of consolation. They are satisfied with what they have, they do not aspire to unattainable ideals. Ox-Gemini can not be called ambitious people, they are ready to submit to a stronger and more authoritative person. Do not feel any problems about this. Thought quite soberly, although they allow themselves some pranks. They are characterized by mobility and activity even in old age. They like to travel, quickly get used to new conditions.

Gemini Ox Compatibility (Love & Family)

There are always a lot of people around the Gemini-Oxen. Open to communication, do not hesitate to take the first step, so they do not face loneliness. At the same time, rather demanding people. For the gaiety and cheerfulness of the Gemini-Oxen, it is difficult to discern suspiciousness and resentment. Sometimes they are so unsure of themselves that they become suspicious and jealous. They like attention, they need to feel unique and unrepeatable. But generously give love in return.

Family life with Gemini-Oxen can not be called boring. Always find a way to surprise your soul mate and children. Do not read tedious notations, adore holidays and fun. They manage everywhere and everywhere: successfully combine work and household chores. Perfectly control their emotions, try not to get irritated over trifles. They value a good attitude of close people, do not want to upset them. At the same time they are not able to cope with their desires, they often start novels on the side.

Gemini Ox Business (Career & Goals)

Hardworking, stubborn Gemini-Oxen are fine workers. Do not pursue prestige or high salary, just fulfill their official duties. Do not build ambitious plans, do not seek to occupy the chair of the head. Although, if desired, they can reach huge heights in their careers. They have an acute mind, they are not afraid to experiment and try new methods of work. However, too much love life, to spend their nerves and precious time on building an impeccable career.

Gemini-Oxen can be in demand specialists in any field of activity. Do not be afraid of hard-work, easily adapt to the most difficult conditions. Brilliantly behave in public, have the gift of persuasion. They are creatively gifted people, endowed with a rich imagination. From them talented actors, writers, artists can turn out. Although they are suitable for a number of other professions: economist, lawyer, engineer, teacher. These people will not get lost in any team, they are always in sight and hearing.

Gemini Ox Man

A unique combination of the signs Gemini and Ox gives its representatives undoubted merits: love of life, sociability, diligence. Gemini-Ox man does not seek wealth, for him, more important is inner peace, not material prosperity. Deprived of ambition, first of all he thinks what benefit society can bring. Strong man is not afraid of physical labors, while it has a craving for creativity. In achieving his goals, he shows perseverance and determination. But in his personal life he shows virility and impermanence, is in eternal search. It’s easy to change partners, likes to spend time with new friends. Will be happy in marriage with an energetic, cheerful woman who will not control him.

Gemini Ox Woman

An active, cheerful Gemini-Ox woman is full of various ideas how to cheer yourself and your inner circle. Men like to spend time in the company of a charming coquette. In the end, she does not make any special demands on the chosen one, it is quite simple to comply with her, the main thing is a positive attitude. In love relationships, she keeps her faithfulness exactly until she is interested. If the partner prefers to stay at home, constantly demonstrates a bad mood, she will leave it very quickly. It’s easy to make new acquaintances, so she does not face lonely old age. Unlike the other representatives of the air sign, a woman born in the year of the Ox is more restrained in expressing her feelings, responsibly approaches to work.

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