Leo Ox

Proud Leo-Ox seek to achieve universal love, dream of glory and fame. Behave with great dignity, under no circumstances will they cheat and deceive people. Persistence, endurance of the Ox reward them with strength and endurance. In turn, the nobility of Leo does not allow to roll down to baseness and deceit. Have high moral principles, with great sympathy for others. They are benevolent, cheerful and charming people. At the same time Oxen-Lions are proud and ambitious natures, who persistently defend their opinion. They will find a way to insist on their own, but they will do it tactfully so as not to cause pain. They perfectly combine gentle courtesy and a rare self-confidence.

Leo Ox Traits

These strong, self-confident people go through life easily, without encountering serious obstacles. Union with the Ox makes the Lions more patient and balanced, so they calmly follow the intended goals, without being distracted by unnecessary experiences. They differ in a benevolent character, try to maintain good relations with all. They reasonably believe that unnecessary scandals can interfere with the cause. After all, for them the most important thing in life is a successful career. They possess all the data that contribute to success: strong will, diligence, purposefulness. Lions-Oxen are ambitious people who want to receive from life everything that is possible. They will never accept the lack of money, uncomfortable living conditions.

Ox-Leo can not be overlooked, he is always in sight, occupies a sufficiently high position. He will not spare himself, he will work hard, but he will certainly achieve everything he has planned. This ambitious person can not live in the shadow of more successful friends, will find a way to get out on top. The merits of Leo-Ox can be attributed not only purposefulness, but also adherence to principles. He is very scrupulous in matters of morality, always acting conscientiously. He despises people who are capable of baseness and treachery. Too noble to tolerate injustice. Therefore, all his acquisitions are well-deserved, obtained by persistent and honest work. It is high performance that is the main reason for his success.

Quiet, friendly Lion-Oxen, however, are very stubborn. It is impossible to convince them of anything, they always stick to their opinions. And they try to impose their point of view on everyone else, but not in an ultimatum form. They act gently and delicately, among the other Lions are the most benevolent and positive people. Avoid quarrels and scandals, although not in a position to recognize someone else’s truth. Too categorical and self-willed to tolerate a number of competitors. Therefore, they try to surround themselves with complaisant, quiet people, ready to recognize their authority. Nobility of Leo-Oxen knows no boundaries, in response to devotion they are ready to give love and care. They are very generous and loyal people.

Leo Ox Compatibility (Love & Family)

The demanding taste of Leo-Ox is difficult to please. Quite selectively refer to the choice of partner. Pay attention to the beautiful people who can profitably emphasize their dignity. Differ high sexual potential, so before marriage is quite frivolous. Often have several parallel relationships. True, they do not betray their love, they behave sincerely. Try to surround with the warmth and care of each of their partners.

Oxen-Lions are very attentive and friendly towards their close people. Having made their choice, they remain faithful to him for the rest of his life. They are wonderful family men, but from the very beginning of their life together they try to establish their own order. Only the Leo-Ox has the right to vote, it is his decision that is the only true one. Good-willed attitude in one minute can be replaced by anger, if they dared to protest or disobey. Requires a respectful attitude and submission.

Leo Ox Business (Career & Goals)

People of this combination of signs are great fans of their work. Quite able to forget about the rest, if you are passionate about your favorite thing. Close people can take offense at them as much as they like, but Lions-Oxen will never sacrifice their work for the sake of the family’s interests. Confident and absolutely confident, so do not be afraid to make decisions. Oxen-Lions are innate leaders, from them good leaders are obtained. Easily take responsibility for themselves. Although they are stubborn, they know how to work with people.

From the very childhood Leo-Ox plans his future, he is not afraid to dream and set bold goals. He is ambitious, responsible, loves to work, so his success can not be doubted. He knows how to like people, he tries to find a common language with them. Hardly goes on a compromise, but smart enough and patient, so as not to bring the matter to a complete break. Therefore, with the colleagues at the Ox-Leo quite good relations. He can deal with any business, but the position of the head is most suitable.

Leo Ox Man

Proud, self-confident man Leo-Ox is only aimed at success. Strives for a high social status, recognition and fame. So stubbornly achieves what he has conceived, that he does not pay attention to the opinions of others. He does not consider it necessary to compromise, he easily decides for everyone. The ambitious, bright man is full of strength and enthusiasm, he works hard. Usually he does not experience material difficulties, he is rather generous to his relatives, although in truth he demands respect and complete submission. Very seriously suited to the choice of a companion of life. A man of this combination of signs can not attract a quiet, calm woman, his imagination is excited by passionate, fatal beauties. Ox-Leo in love is ready to shower her with gifts, arrange romantic surprises for her.

Leo Ox Woman

The active Leo-Ox woman excels in all spheres of life. Her energy is enough for a lot of things, friends, relatives, husband, children — all are treated with her attention. Bright, beautiful woman looks impressive, always neatly brushed and dressed elegantly. She carefully follows not only her appearance, but also the cleanliness of the house, she is an impeccable mistress. At work, she is appreciated for her diligence, diligence, and ability to solve complex issues promptly. In love relationships, she shows herself as a passionate nature, any man will be happy to have such a wife. But too demanding, imperious person does not want to obey and yield even in small things. Leo-Ox woman always acts on the basis of her own interests, rarely agrees with the opinion of the spouse.

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