Libra Ox

Wise Libra-Oxen take only well-considered, well-considered decisions. It is not in their rules to rush by themselves and rush the others, prefer to act slowly, but for sure. The strength of the Ox gives Libra confidence, does not allow to yield to doubts and experiences. In turn, Libra softens the Ox’s obstinacy, his desire to dominate and control everyone around. It is impossible to imagine Libra-Oxen annoyed, not giving an account of their actions. Always calm, friendly and extremely polite. Careful, very few people are trusted, but this is not an excuse to demonstrate their disdainful attitude. Therefore, with each interlocutor behave like the best friend, try to please.

Libra Ox Traits

Sociable Libra-Oxen — the soul of any company, easily find a common language with a variety of people. Softness, courtesy, kindness are the main features of their character. Oxen-Libra are so polite that they can not refuse a request, even if they sounded demanding. Few can boast of such an attitude towards others. Often they are not very respectable people. Although the firmness of the Ox has a positive influence on them: sooner or later self-esteem prevails. Therefore, do not abuse the good attitude of these people, they are quite capable of rebuffing. Possess endurance, think quite soberly, enjoy authority among friends and colleagues.

They are reliable and executive people, if they give the floor, they will definitely hold back. True, the Oxen-Libra are not at all inclined to take on unnecessary obligations. If it were not for the natural responsiveness, they would not bother to help themselves with their relatives. They do not like physical work, but they gladly indulge in dreams and reflections. Despite their friendliness, they are rather closed people. Few people from close associates know them well enough. Libra-Oxen are sweet creatures, harmless creatures, but rather stubborn and self-righteous. Although they do not directly seek out the relationship, they will come up with a way to protect themselves. In any case, they find the shortest way to solve the problem, they do not like to overcome difficulties and difficulties.

Libra-Oxen will not be frank, but listening is their favorite occupation. They can talk for hours, but only with interesting people. Perfectly understand that politeness and goodwill is the sure way to collect as much information as possible. These are good tactics and even a little manipulators, that’s why they always know how to use the received information. Any of the Libra-Oxen, regardless of gender, strives to achieve perfection and harmony. It can not be happy if conflicts are raging around, there is no confidence in the future. Libra-Ox for normal life does not need so much: peace, tranquility. Although he does not mind to have fun, he loves noisy feasts. He eagerly responds to every opportunity to have fun.

Libra Ox Compatibility (Love & Family)

These honest, open people do not like to pretend, but they will not tell the whole truth to their partner. They prefer to diplomatically bypass obstacles, will do everything possible to smooth out acute angles in the relationship. Let them not reciprocate, but they will not sharply repel the man in love. Libra-Oxen feel best in the company of long-time acquaintances, do not differ in frivolity. They need time to find out the person, only after that there can be talk about marriage.

The family life of the Libra-Ox flows quite calmly, without serious scandals. Try to do everything possible to settle conflicts. The Ox-Libra never brings trouble to his second half. This is a person who is deeply devoted to the family, does not see the point of adultery. He devotes much time to raising children, is in trust with them. Getting him out of himself is very difficult, almost impossible. Therefore, there are no problems in his family.

Libra Ox Business (Career & Goals)

Libra-Ox is a multi-faceted personality with a wealth of talents. There is no such work with which this man could not cope. His merits include: diligence, sharp mind, restraint. In any case, he manifests himself as a responsible and principled employee. He prefers mental activity, is too proud to spend his energy on low-paid work. He will not rest until he attains the highest position, he will not take place as a professional.

For ambitious Libra-Oxen prestige of work is of great importance. Due to their excellent interpersonal skills, they quickly find a common language with colleagues. They are excellent leaders who can work with people. They will not be able to work fully in an atmosphere of hostility and hatred. Any area of activity is suitable for Ox-Libra: legal, financial, analytical. Patient, executive, resourceful, therefore, are considered the best and indispensable employees.

Libra Ox Man

A calm Libra-Ox man causes trust, he can always be relied upon. Has the ability to give valuable advice, sharp mind, endurance, flexibility, practicality — qualities that allow making informed decisions. Excellent job with the work related to finance, analytical activities. It would seem that people of these professions behave rather reserved, not slopes to communicate. But the man of Libra, born in the year of the Ox, is quite an interesting, erudite man. The charming interlocutor easily finds a common language with women, but chooses a companion of life for a long time. With pleasure, he starts novels with bright beauties. He strives for home comfort, likes to eat deliciously, and therefore gives preference to calm, economic women.

Libra Ox Woman

Charming Libra-Ox woman is surrounded by numerous relatives and friends. People are attracted by its softness, benevolent attitude. She knows how to defuse the tense situation, jokes a lot. Communication with her gives a feeling of warmth and comfort. At the same time, a smart enough, practical person, showing wisdom in solving the most difficult life issues. Ambitious, energetic Libra-Ox woman, aimed at success, but, unfortunately, prone to someone else’s influence. Usually shows interest only in those cases that she likes. In a romantic relationship waiting for a fan of beautiful courtship, endless compliments and generous gifts. Romantic person too idealizes his chosen one, often experiencing frustration.

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