Sagittarius Ox

Cheerful, open Oxen-Sagittarius make the most favorable impression. People like their kindness, willingness to listen and help others. They behave tactfully, rarely go beyond decency. Serious Ox balances the mischief of Sagittarius, so this union gives birth to people who are not prone to rash acts. Always calm and reasonable, their unabashed confidence inspires respect and trust. Sagittarius-Ox — a man who can give the right advice, listen and comfort. He is quite cheerful and carefree, does not shy away from noisy companies, but he closely communicates only with a limited circle of people. Easily goes on a compromise, does not like quarrels and scandals, although it will be able to stand up for himself.

Sagittarius Ox Traits

This person consists of some virtues, the most important of which can be considered inner peace. Sagittarius-Ox is resistant to stress, it is difficult to confuse. He is pretty reasonable and cautious, so he rarely gets into dubious situations. Ox-Sagittarius is lucky in business, picky in dating. With him it’s easy and simple, he knows how to have people around him, he gives unlimited confidence. In the most stressful situation, it acts gently and tactfully. You can apply to him with any request, try to help at least with advice. He is a kind and charming man, extremely honest and sincere in relation to close people. He does not consider it necessary to lie even out of good motives, he always openly expresses his opinion.

You can not expect a stormy reaction from the Ox-Sagittarius, he is not able to flow with emotions. He is able to control himself, so he is always calm and unperturbed. Consistent in their actions, judicious, impartial in assessments. It is difficult to deceive, mislead. Although it is quite easy to get mad. Like all Oxen, quick-tempered and stubborn, but throughout life trying to get rid of these qualities. Even if Sagittarius-Ox tries not to show his confusion, sometimes he needs help and support. True, under no circumstances will he ask for a favor, he is afraid to admit his weakness even to himself. But always happy with any kind word, waiting for the approval of their actions.

Ox-Sagittarius is a reliable person, most of all appreciates friendship in life. There is no need to ask him for a favor, for he himself is the first to offer assistance. Although truly devoted only to close people, and with the rest just plain polite. It is not so easy to win his love, because he is quite careful in communication. One thing is a pleasant pastime, the other is a close friendship. But with friends Ox-Sagittarius is extremely frank, trusts them with all its secrets. Ready for them for any sacrifice, is very afflicted when faced with betrayal. He hardly forgives traitors, he does not like ambivalent situations. To the extent of exacting, fair, therefore, and enjoys the respect of others. In case of trouble, he seeks solace in his work.

Sagittarius Ox Compatibility (Love & Family)

In his personal life the Ox-Sagittarius is a devoted partner. For him, there is no greater happiness than being near your loved one. Seriously refers to choosing his half, making new acquaintances with the expectation of a long-term relationship. Falling in love, demonstrates all of its virtues, but does it tactfully. Acts slowly and correctly, Sagittarius-Ox — not a supporter of extreme entertainment. Unusual actions from him can not wait, but tenderness and care will be in excess.

The influence of the Ox softens the duality and activity of Sagittarius, so for him the main value is the family. Not looking for love adventures, completely focused on his half. Sagittarius-Ox tries to provide the family with everything necessary. He works a lot, but he is not inclined to waste his time. Reasonable thrift is an undoubted advantage of Ox-Sagittarius. This approach is bearing fruit: the family is wealthy. He loves his relatives, spoils them, but observes the measure in everything.

Sagittarius Ox Business (Career & Goals)

Whichever profession the Ox-Sagittarius chooses, it will work with full force. Has all the data to become a first-class specialist: the mind, responsibility, prudence, pragmatism. Quietly refers to professional failures, knows how to hold a blow. Troubles at work for Sagittarius-Ox — a challenge, a reason to work even with great diligence. Although there may be doubts, let rarely, but give way to despondency. However, he boldly goes forward, this is a real fighter.

Diplomatic abilities allow Sagittarius-Ox to maintain good relations with their superiors and subordinates. Respects responsible employees, treats them with reverence. To work under his command is a pleasure, this person rarely criticizes and makes comments. True, he does not give a slope to the slopes, most of all does not like irresponsible, frivolous people. It is quite capable of falling into a rage with all the ensuing consequences.

Sagittarius Ox Man

Reliable Sagittarius man, born in the year of the Ox, is able to support in difficult times even an unfamiliar person. Open to communication, but tries not to share personal experiences. He prefers to look strong, confident under any circumstances. Such restraint leads to even rare but emotional outbursts of discontent. Usually a calm Sagittarius Ox man can suddenly be rude, abruptly interrupt the conversation and demand to leave him alone. Infinitely devoted to the family, devotes much time to children, tries to fulfill all their whims. An industrious, purposeful representative of this combination of signs easily achieves a high social status, rather confidently feels himself in the leader’s chair.

Sagittarius Ox Woman

A pleasant Sagittarius-Ox woman knows how to be friends, tries to surround the close people with attention and care. She likes to chat on a variety of topics, but never reveals other people’s secrets. She has a strong will, purposefulness, so she easily solves the most difficult questions. It is for support, a positive attitude and people turn to it. Self-sufficient Sagittarius woman, born in the year of the Ox, will not associate life with a frivolous man, prefer solitude, devote all her time to favorite work. But without the care of close people can not be happy until the end. She needs a strong partner, who will yield in minor details. Freedom-loving nature will not tolerate a gross, disrespectful attitude towards one’s personality.

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