Scorpio Ox

Self-confident, self-confident Scorpion-Oxen act boldly and decisively. Do not need advice, do not ask for help and do not tolerate someone else’s interference in their affairs. The persistence and activity of the Scorpions in combination with the fearlessness of the Oxen gives people unprecedented power and extraordinary power. The patronage of these signs is a reliable defense against any troubles. Destiny favors Scorpion-Oxen: they do not have to face serious problems on their way of life. They have a strong intuition, so they happily avoid all troubles. Perhaps these are not the most polite people, they may well be rude, but noble and just. Strong and domineering character does not exclude kindness and responsiveness.

Scorpio Ox Traits

For Scorpio-Ox there is no greater joy than to see the results of his work. He hates idleness, spends whole days on end in business and cares. Hard-working, assertive, has a strong will, so it easily embodies all his ideas. Surrounding people can doubt any number of times, consider his proposals as fantastic inventions. However, he will not retreat: it is the most representative of all the single-minded Scorpions and most energetic — all of the Oxen. People of this combination of signs are able to carry out any madness, and will make it as easy as if they did not make any effort. Therefore, among the Scorpio-Oxen practically no losers, whiners and wimps, and the winners — as much as necessary.

The powerful energy of the Scorpion-Oxen is looking for an outlet, so these people are indefatigable in achieving their goals. They are great enthusiasts, always happy to take up a new business. They strive to get a maximum of emotions from life, like to travel, prefer extreme sports. True, not so active in communication, not particularly frank with strangers. Natural care keeps the Scorpion-Oxen from rash actions. But with close friends behave liberated. Quite able to support a fun company, do not shy away from entertainment. They are able to behave in society, have a great sense of humor. At the same time they will be able to put the fugitive in place, they will not be afraid to repel the hooligans.

Stubborn Scorpion-Oxen are ready to defend their opinion until the last. Capable of cruelty for the sake of a good cause. These are vindictive and vindictive, but just people. They will not prosecute the innocent, but they will not let the traitor down. Ambitious, ambitious, not too proud, so it’s difficult to manage with them. But they are faithful and very responsible people, they can be completely relied upon. If the Ox-Scorpio made a decision or gave the floor, it is bound to keep its promise, even if it sacrifices everything that it has. True, in his endeavors he is not completely unselfish, he literally melts with praise. He likes to show off, often exaggerating his services. To win his heart is very easy, if you know the main secret — flattery.

Scorpio Ox Compatibility (Love & Family)

If the Scorpio-Ox made his choice, there is no turning back. This man is distinguished by an iron grip and strong will, so in the struggle he has no equal. In a love relationship behaves like a conqueror, not a timid admirer. He will spare neither time nor energy, but will achieve reciprocity. All Scorpios-Oxen, regardless of gender, temperamental, sensual, but no less obstinate. Even a strong feeling will not make them submit to the will of a partner. But they will never betray or let you down.

For the family, Scorpio-Ox will do everything in his power and even more. The truth in return will require a lot from his second half, and from children. This is a true dictator: he does not tolerate objections, he expects complete submission. For him, the house is a safe haven, but not a permanent place of residence. He likes to travel, needs new impressions, otherwise he starts to get bored and moped. Family life with the Ox-Scorpio is a fascinating attraction, but not for the faint-hearted people.

Scorpio Ox Business (Career & Goals)

These people can choose any profession — success is guaranteed. They are aggressive, active, courageous, resolute, and clever and perceptive. A similar set of qualities characterizes the Scorpion-Oxen as unique people endowed with diverse talents. Men of this combination of signs can become famous politicians or make a career military. They are quite capable of working as a lawyer, manager, although in this case they will have to adapt to the interests of other people.

Scorpio women born in the year of the Ox can become successful business ladies. Do not pass before difficulties, are quite capable to find common language with partners. Before their charm and beauty it is impossible to resist, and women’s attractiveness is the best weapon for fighting against competitors. Scorpios-Oxen are subtle natures with a wonderful taste, so they often choose creative professions. At any job they work with full force, they are real professionals of their business.

Scorpio Ox Man

A cold-blooded Scorpio-Ox man gives the impression of a confident, slightly self-contained person. Clearly defines the vital tasks and ways to achieve them. He does not consider it necessary to conduct superfluous conversations, does not go into details, differs stubbornness. It is better not to give him advice, the more you should not try to impose your opinion. Do not listen to even close people, not to mention strangers. Strong man is able to defend the interests of the family, his wife and children do not need anything. Material problems do not overshadow his life, but there are some difficulties in communicating with people. Principal Scorpio-Ox man, devoid of flexibility, not inclined to compromise, trusts only a narrow circle of close people, for them he is a loyal friend.

Scorpio Ox Woman

An attractive, sexy Scorpio-Ox woman turns the head of men, but to win her heart is very difficult. The freedom-loving person does not consider it necessary to concede to the partner even in domestic matters, strives for leadership in the relationship. Will not be happy in the environment of close people, if not be able to take place in a career. The talented Scorpio-Ox woman knows how to create a cozy home environment, loves children, but wants to serve not only the family, but also society. She likes to be in sight, to benefit people. Has all the necessary qualities for this: purposefulness, perseverance, mind, diligence. But she lacks the flexibility, plasticity, is too straightforward and stubborn, so it seems unrelenting and arrogant person.

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