Taurus Ox

The influence of Taurus strengthens the qualities inherent in the Ox, as a result of the combination of these signs gives rise to persistent and hardy people. They have a strong will, are absolutely confident in themselves, are not inclined to hysterics and whims. You can believe the word of the Taurus-Ox: he will not change his mind and will not betray. Distinguished by calm character, friendly and attentive to others. To get such a man into friends is a great success and incredible luck. It is difficult to find a more reliable and faithful partner. In the Ox-Taurus there are positive qualities of both signs, and there are almost no shortcomings. Is that a little stubborn, too categorical in his reasoning. But never discourages, sincerely rejoices every new day.

Taurus Ox Traits

The persistence and perseverance of the Ox-Taurus can only be envied: there are no obstacles that he could not overcome. Always assembled, focused on the result, this is the perfect performer. Although no one will allow himself to be pushed around, too ambitious to obey. Most often people of this combination of signs occupy a sufficiently high position in society. It’s very pleasant to be friends with them, but to have them as enemies is a great test. Although friendly, peaceful, but cruelly punish opponents. Ox-Taurus can not arrange ambiguity, most of all do not like ambivalent situations. Therefore, clearly prioritize, do not change their principles, do not know how to forgive.

Conservative Taurus-Ox is a great follower of traditions, it becomes hard to get used to everything new. It does not have enough flexibility to adapt easily to change. He does not want to admit his mistakes, until the last follows the planned plan. He painfully perceives even the smallest defeat, is stubborn and ambitious, tries with all his might to establish himself in life. Although if it comes to work, the opportunity to get promoted, ready for any experiments, if only to achieve the desired. However, he will never agree to meanness and betrayal, he is not able to deliberately cause harm and suffering. Taurus-Ox aspires to achieve everything in life with his work, not with intrigues. He is an honest and noble person.

Balanced Ox-Taurus is able to survive the most severe stress, has an amazing resilience. Believes in his strength, is full of optimism, so it is impossible to break it. He is a generous man, generously sharing his warmth with the surrounding people. He loves his friends, he is ready for any sacrifice for their sake. However, because of his stubbornness, he often spoils relations with close people. It’s hard to be friends with him, but you can ask for help at any time of the day or night. Taurus-Ox himself does not get discouraged and will not let him get bogged down in doubts by others. Be sure to find the right decision, will be able to give important advice. Especially valuable this quality is for women, because few of the representatives of the weaker sex can make friends.

Taurus Ox Compatibility (Love & Family)

This sluggish, calm person makes the most favorable impression. It seems that he does not get into trouble, he does not get into embarrassing situations. Few people guess that the Ox-Taurus is a temperamental man, an ardent jealous man. He loves emotional people who can balance his thoroughness and restraint. Otherwise, he will miss, the truth and excessive gaiety will be out of place. Taurus-Ox is looking for a worthy partner who can be completely trusted.

In family life, this is a loyal partner, not inclined to betrayal. Practical and domestic, his family will not need anything. Authoritarian, loved ones must accept his dominant position in the family. He tries to protect his soulmate from outside influence. Taurus-Ox will not be able to get along with a frivolous person who spends money. Not inclined to rash actions, strives to lead a measured way of life. Taurus-Ox is a homebody, not at all burdened by everyday life.

Taurus Ox Business (Career & Goals)

This person will stop at nothing until he has accomplished his plan. Hardy, purposeful, besides not too smart. Taurus the Ox knows his own worth, loves money, so he will try to get a responsible position. Works on the conscience, not less demanding with respect to colleagues. A person born under the sign of Taurus-Ox can not be moved to pity, he will not tolerate a disdainful attitude towards work. Find a way to teach lazy people and truants, for the sake of the common cause is ready to take drastic measures.

For the solid Taurus-Ox there are no impossible tasks, he can be assigned the most difficult work. Easily tolerates strong physical activity, does not complain and does not try to shift responsibility to other people. All of Ox-Taurus zodiac sign people, regardless of gender, are highly efficient. They can choose any profession, but preferably with the possibility of career growth. Due to their persistence, they quickly overcome the path from the engineer to the general director.

Taurus Ox Man

The purposeful Taurus-Ox man from the early years clearly plans the future, has a sufficient supply of vitality to achieve everything conceived. Interested in the material results of labor, strives for a comfortable life, only in this case feels confident. Taurus-Ox man is quite practical, intelligently distributes his forces, thinks soberly and prudently. In personal relationships, he is a conservative, not inclined to rash acts. Even a strong feeling can not force him to fervent confessions, behaves with restraint and caution. This is a devoted husband, a caring father, ready to work for the benefit of the family, without waste. But he can not be rushed to solve important issues, give advice, and even more so deceive.

Taurus Ox Woman

The Taurus woman, born in the year of the Ox, carefully monitors her appearance. Believes that femininity, beauty play an important role not only in personal relationships, but also contribute to a successful career. By its nature, the representative of this combination of signs is charming and charming, knows how to charm a man he likes. At the same time, she shows practicality, remarkable wit in solving vital issues. Can not feel happy until the end, devoting all the time to the family. Career for a Taurus-Ox woman is very important, troubles and failures at work affect her mental state. She strives to create a strong family, this is the best wife: faithful, touchingly caring about the family. Sometimes it’s capricious, stubborn, but for the sake of a loved one it’s ready to change for the better.

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