Virgo Ox

The combined horoscope of Virgo and Ox is quite successful, because these signs have similar qualities. People born under the sign of the Virgo in the year of the Ox are distinguished by a calm, balanced character. Demonstrate a responsible approach to life, are wary of the changes. Often they are accused of exactingness, considered incorrigible stubborn and conservative. However, Virgo-Oxen are sociable people, just a little serious and moderately cautious. Cold-blooded, practical, do not give in to panic, their help can be expected in any situation. If necessary, they can support any company, but they will not get bored in isolation. Oxen-Virgo are self-sufficient people, able to find their place in life without outside participation.

Virgo Ox Traits

Reliable Ox-Virgo will definitely find time to help her loved ones. However, do not always rely on his good attitude. He does not like irresponsible, frivolous people, therefore he tries to exclude them from his environment. This is a very disciplined person: always strictly follows the rules. For him, no, and there can not be reasons justifying disorderly behavior. He prefers to deal only with decent people. Virgo-Ox — a man popular in his circles, although some consider him serious and haughty. It’s just not in his character to behave unleashed, to give empty promises. Do not set yourself the task of liking everyone. In general, he loves communication and cheerful companies.

These hardworking and confident people are able to overcome any obstacles. Oxen-Virgo are pragmatists who perfectly account for their actions. They will not take up any case, trying to show their exceptional abilities. Their life is subject to strict rules, so there are no surprises and serious troubles in it. They like to work and with great pleasure they rest. Prefer to spend all free time in nature, very attached to the ground. These are surprisingly strong people, who have enviable physical and mental health. The Virgo-Oxen rejoice at each new day, try to protect themselves from negative emotions. Not prone to depression and vain feelings.

Purposeful Virgo-Oxen do not see anything wrong with their enthusiasm for what they love. It is useless to reproach them for their stubbornness, lack of flexibility, such is the nature of these people. Virgo-Oxen are conservatives and adherents of traditions, dedicated to their ideals throughout their lives. The main value for them is duty and honor. They are always consistent in their actions, are deeply attached to close people, they will not leave them for the sake of an illusory dream. Too practical to waste your life on trifles. Do not cherish illusions, do not build empty plans. They are engaged only in those things that can really benefit. However, one can not call them beeches and recluses, they are quite pleasant in communication, do not like loneliness.

Virgo Ox Compatibility (Love & Family)

In the affairs of the heartly Virgo-Oxen show their characteristic restraint. Long look narrowly at their surroundings and only after long deliberation make a choice. They are not capable of madness, even behave reasonably even during courtship. But over time, as fairly temperamental people are revealed. They can be jealous of a partner or make a scandal if they think that their opinion is not considered. They prefer a society of quiet people, and frivolous people inspire them with fear.

Ox-Virgo is a wonderful family man, he is not interested in novels on the side. She strives to visit the house as much as possible, she is happy to manage the farm. Despite his employment, he always finds time for children. He loves sports, leads a healthy lifestyle. Loves mobile games, arranges forays to nature. With all his good-naturedness, this is quite an authoritarian parent. He will not indulge the weaknesses and whims of children, likes to give directions and waits for their immediate execution.

Virgo Ox Business (Career & Goals)

It is difficult to find a man more devoted to his work than Virgo-Ox. From early childhood, he thinks a lot about his future, carefully develops a strategy of behavior. He is distinguished by an amazing concentration on his work. If the Ox-Virgo is keen on something, he will not be distracted by any external factors. Anything can happen in the world, but this is no reason to quit your job. Of course, the salary should be worthy, the material reward is of great importance.

Most often people of this combination of signs choose professions related to finance. They like stable work, they do not need changes and new impressions. Do not be bored and do not look for variety. Although good actors and talented writers can turn out from Bykov-Virgo. Quite emotional, to the same work. For the result of their work you can not worry: it will be perfect. It may well take place in the sporting field, like to win, and most importantly - they know how to do it.

Virgo Ox Man

The disciplined Virgo-Ox man has a whole set of positive qualities: practicality, reliability, calmness, patience. Restrained in emotions, tries to show a reasonable approach in terms of finances. Economical, judicious man of this combination of signs could cause boredom, but, fortunately, he is quite sociable and cheerful person. Likes to spend time with friends, preferably in nature. He leads a healthy lifestyle, goes in for sports. An industrious man is distinguished by frugality, knows how to make money and knows how to spend it right. Will be happy with a partner who is able to support his hobbies, possessing not only beauty, but also a calm character.

Virgo Ox Woman

The pedantic Virgo-Ox woman is the standard of the responsible leader. Carefully observes the necessary procedure, does not deviate from the schedule for a minute. Rather, she will prefer work, than the role of a caring mother and a good housewife. Of course, she can solve family problems, but feels much more confident in the workplace. For all its concentration, it is a passionate nature, capable of giving unforgettable emotions to a man. Will not start easy intrigues, rather choose to remain alone, than to enter into a relationship with a frivolous, irresponsible person. Recognizes only an equal partnership, does not consider it necessary to sacrifice one’s life for the sake of the family. At the same time she is a wonderful hostess, a caring mother, just too fond of her work.

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