Aquarius Pig

Aquarius, born in the year of the Pig, is serious, reasonable, has logical thinking. There is practically no passion for shocking and spontaneous actions. According to the combined horoscope Aquarius-Pig — a balanced person with his own view of life. People like his calm disposition, his ability to control himself. However, it is not necessary to completely discount the eccentricity peculiar to all Aquarians. In a stressful situation, it acts extremely unpredictably: emotions take precedence over the mind. But in ordinary life Aquarius-Pig is a nice, pleasant person in communication, reliable and devoted to his relatives. Others can count on him in any situation: he is ready to help others even to the detriment of himself.

Aquarius Pig Traits

For the ingenuous simplicity and the external tranquility of the Aquarius-Pig, one can see quite a purposeful, calculating nature. This person is not as simple as it seems. He has a rich imagination, thinks reasonably, and above all, is diligent and inventive. Strongly achieves its goals, works hard, does not get tired to develop throughout life. At the same time, it does not lose optimism, it amazes loved ones with its ability to easily overcome difficulties and not lose heart, despite failures. Pig-Aquarius — a generous, cheerful person, knows how to live beautifully. It’s not at all fun to have fun, always ready for adventure, but never forgets about the matter. In general, the charming, sympathetic Aquarius-Pig is a real favorite of the society.

Pig-Aquarius — addictive nature: given to a favorite business with all the passion of his broad soul. Curious, active, inexhaustible in the search for interesting activities for themselves. Do not hesitate to be noisy and even eccentric - the impact of the unstable and unpredictable Aquarius is affected. Looks for people with similar views on life, knows how to be friends. Sincerely rejoices at each new acquaintance, keeps good relations with friends throughout life. The main feature of Aquarius-Pig is an irrepressible thirst for life, a passion for adventure, but within reasonable limits. To push him to rash actions can only extreme circumstances. In ordinary life, we carefully weigh all the possible consequences of our actions.

The active Pig-Aquarius is able to correctly allocate its forces and time. He travels a lot, communicates with friends, but also does not forget about work. This mobile and sociable person has the talent to quickly establish the right connections. Around him many friends and faithful companions, so easily copes with life’s difficulties. However, he is no less responsive, benevolent and attentive to others. Aquarius-Pig is open to communication, not indifferent to food, likes to organize lavish feasts. This is a generous and loyal friend, and not only provides material support, but also tries to give the right advice. He likes to lead long spiritual conversations, tries to understand people. Pig-Aquarius — not just a favorite of society and funny, but a deep, thoughtful person.

Aquarius Pig Compatibility (Love & Family)

In love relationships, Aquarius-Pig manifests itself as a passionate, slightly impulsive nature. This is a big dreamer, dreamer, knows how to take care, makes a stunning impression on the opposite sex. Around the Pig-Aquarius is always a lot of fans or fans, he does not have to be bored alone. True, not so simple and nice as it seems. Although he gives his half of the freedom of action, but still carefully follows her behavior.

According to the family horoscope Aquarius-Pig — a sensitive, considerate partner and a loving parent. Perfectly gets along with the children, spends a lot of time with them. Pig-Aquarius and the big child himself, he understands the interests of the younger generation. He is capable of romantic frenzy, tries to please his soul mate. At the same time, smart, prudent, competently plans a family budget. It can be quite stubborn and demanding of relatives. He highly values his freedom, all members of the family must take his opinion into account.

Aquarius Pig Business (Career & Goals)

Industrious Aquarius-Pig is not afraid of any, even the most difficult work. Especially he is attracted by activities that allow him to realize his dreams and fantasies. Pig-Aquarius is a creatively gifted person with non-standard thinking. He is in constant search, fountains of ideas, offers new original solutions to production problems. Do not set a goal to earn as much money as possible. The main criterion for choosing a profession is: to be able to realize oneself.

This active, energetic person knows how to achieve the set goals. He works on conscience and this attitude to work requires from his colleagues. He tries to find an individual approach to each employee. In every possible way it avoids conflict situations, can not fully work if it encounters misunderstanding of others. He is able to correctly formulate problems, directs and prompts correct decisions. This is a good leader, enjoying authority from his subordinates. Although no less active and conscientious in lower positions.

Aquarius Pig Man

Kindness, generosity, devotion are the main qualities of the Aquarius-Pig men attracting women to them. They give the impression of reliable people who can be completely trusted. The truth behind the simple-heartedness and ostentatious tranquility is hiding rigidity and purposefulness. They value their freedom highly, always uphold their own opinion. Women should understand that Aquarius-Pig is not ready to make concessions. He does not always understand how to act in this or that situation, but firmly defends his point of view. The chosen one will have to reconcile with his contradictory nature. Only a sensitive and attentive attitude of a woman can keep him from rash acts. But threats and blackmail do not lead to anything good.

Aquarius Pig Woman

These women are trying to establish good relations with all the surrounding people. They do not like to worry about trifles, swear and find out the relationship. They strive to create an image of a nice and charming person, with whom it is pleasant to deal. Although they are influenced by emotions and passions: soft, balanced women Aquarius-Pigs sometimes perform extravagant deeds. These are good workers who are quite capable of building a successful career, have for this all the necessary qualities: intelligence, hard work, commitment. Aquarius-Pig women are unpredictable, but still try to keep themselves in hand, so do not expect trouble from them. In marriage, behave like an exemplary wife, devoted to the interests of the family.

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