Cancer Pig

Ironic, self-sufficient Cancer-pigs are interesting to people: always in the center of everyone’s attention. However, they are indifferent to their own success, do not aspire to fame and popularity. According to the combined horoscope Pig-Cancer — an ambiguous personality with a lot of secrets and secrets. Defenseless, tender Cancer feels the support of a cheerful Pig, becomes calmer and balanced. However, all the same wounded and resentful as the rest of the representatives of this water sign. He suffers from mood swings, often closes in himself. At the same time it is friendly, open to communication, but still prefers a narrow circle of friends. In general, Cancer-Pig is a pleasant person with an excellent sense of humor, emotional and very sincere in expressing one’s feelings.

Cancer Pig Traits

A courteous Cancer-Pig knows how to arrange to interlocutor. He carefully conceals his emotions, does not touch upon controversial topics. Rarely expresses his discontent, turns any unpleasant situation into a joke. In public plays the part of a lucky man and a darling of fate. Maintains a good relationship with everyone around, does not like quarrels and scandals. By its nature, the Pig-Cancer is closed and cautious. Very few people open their hearts, preferring to nothing non-binding communication. He is afraid to trust in deceivers and rascals. Winning its location is quite simple: optimism, ease of communication, flattery. Despite his insight, Cancer-Pig believes in words of praise, adores listening to compliments.

Purposeful, disciplined Cancer-Pig confidently goes through life. In all matters, success accompanies him, otherwise it can not be: he is able to contact people, precisely calculates his strength. He does not like to mess around, spends time with maximum benefit for himself. It gives the impression of a self-sufficient, happy person. Cancer-Pigs are distinguished by a positive attitude, perseverance and zeal. True, not always able to cope with their emotions. Sometimes he loses confidence: he is too impressionable to resist injustice and evil. Searches for understanding and support of others, and sometimes just requires. At the moment of danger it becomes more emotional, no longer hides its real thoughts.

Cancer-Pig can not resist temptations, easily spends money on its vagaries. Little worried about the ill-considered purchases, because the cheerful Pig does not consider it necessary to listen to the opinion of the cautious Cancer. Loves comfort, is not indifferent to luxury things. Can afford any whim: different business approach to life, earns well and does not need money. He is pedantic and responsible, takes initiative in all matters. Cancer-pig looks hopefully into the future, the only thing that can shake his self-confidence is criticism. Absolutely does not take remarks, does not want, and maybe afraid to admit his mistakes. It can be influenced by a kind word and a sympathetic attitude, then the Pig-Cancer will turn the mountains.

Cancer Pig Compatibility (Love & Family)

The enamored Pig-Cancer is completely given to the relationship: spoils his partner and tries in every way to please him. True, in return requires care and attention. According to the combined horoscope, Cancer-Pig is a sublime nature, strives for harmony, seeks an understanding and sensitive partner. Although sometimes admits some frivolity in the relationship: the flirtatious flirting and coquetting with others. Still, the loving Pig has a great influence on the lives of people of this combination.

Cancer-Pig is aimed at a strong marriage, faithfully serves the interests of his family. He forgets about all his hobbies, completely concentrates on his partner. Pig-Cancer — a romantic: can not do without beautiful compliments and pleasant surprises. This vulnerable and sensitive person is hard to survive betrayal and deception. Even the smallest family troubles take to heart. Pig-Cancer worships its children, responsibly approaches their upbringing.

Cancer Pig Business (Career & Goals)

Discipline Cancer-Pig is able to withstand any tempo of work. Do not get out of the strict schedule, carefully perform their duties. Thanks to his charm and ability to conduct constructive dialogue, Cancer-Pig keeps good relations with all colleagues. Excellent in the position of leader, always honest and fair in relation to subordinates. Although it is too strict, it never requires more than what is necessary for the case.

Emotional Cancer-Pig reacts sensitively to the mood of others. He is able and loves to work with people. She strives to share her feelings with others. If in ordinary life feels embarrassed and embarrassed, the scene unfolds completely. Pig-Cancer can choose the profession of an actor, director, presenter, he will certainly succeed. Though it is quite capable to become the good bookkeeper, the builder or the teacher. He is distinguished by rare diligence and diligence, always responsibly refers to his work.

Cancer Pig Man

Secretive Cancer-Pig men cause burning interest of the opposite sex. It seems that these mysterious people are reliable keepers of eerie secrets. As you know, no woman will miss the opportunity to learn something special. However, Cancer-Pigs men are open, kind, just do not trust those around them. Therefore, they try to seem harsh, impregnable people. Can only fully trust a really beloved woman. Life with a man of this combination of signs will be filled with pleasant events. He is a gentle, caring partner, very attached to his wife and children. For him, communication with loved ones within the walls of the house is the most pleasant pastime.

Cancer Pig Woman

Emotional women Cancer-Pigs suffer from frequent mood swings. Although they try to control themselves, they do not always succeed in it. Too vulnerable and not sure of themselves, they dream of a strong shoulder. The truth is not going to speak out loud, afraid of condemnation and disapproval. Cancer-Pig gives the impression of a self-sufficient person, perfectly owns her profession, earns a lot. She can not feel completely happy if her husband and children are not around. A vulnerable, timid woman sincerely treats people, a poet can not hide her love. Hardly tolerates grievances, looking for a reliable, strong man, who can rely on everything.

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