Capricorn Pig

Restrained, withdrawn Capricorn under the influence of a cheerful Pig becomes more relaxed and cheerful. He does not lose his reasonable judgment, but ceases to be closed to human communication. This Capricorn is kindest, sincere of all possible combinations. According to the combined horoscope Pig-Capricorn — a pleasant person in all respects with a strong character. Always follows his principles, is determined and purposeful. Not inclined to rash actions, full of inner dignity. He is a deeply decent man with conservative views on life, which does not prevent him from being sympathetic to others. In general, Capricorn-Pig is a harmonious combination: softness, kindness and reasonable severity in one person.

Capricorn Pig Traits

These people — ardent adherents of traditions, are wary of everything new. Too sensible to rush into the pool with a head. Such caution makes them doubt their abilities. At times the self-assured Pig-Capricorn surprises the others with his suspiciousness and indecisiveness. True, he never loses his positive attitude, he has a cheerful disposition. It is pleasant to communicate with him on a variety of topics, he is able to cheer and support in a difficult moment. With the Capricorn-Pig, any life’s trials are not terrible: reliable, calm and reasonable. Do not argue or read morality, just try to help everyone than he can. Fiercely fighting for justice, always siding with weak people.

Ambitious Capricorn, in alliance with the executive Pig, is able to reach huge heights in his career. Firmly follows its goals, can overcome any obstacles. However, it needs support, sincerely rejoices at every kind word. Despite his professional successes, the Pig-Capricorn remains a benevolent and sympathetic person. He is noble, generous, endlessly patient with others. Likes to spend time in noisy companies, not avoiding communication. True, he will never accept betrayal. With all the calmness and discretion, Capricorn-Pig reacts vigorously to any attempts to mislead oneself. Nature has awarded him a powerful temperament, able to give a fierce rebuff to their offenders.

Active, resolute Pig-Capricorn vigorously implement their ideas. They have a rich imagination, they easily come up with original solutions to problems. Do not fall for difficulties, skillfully defend their positions. Capricorn-Pig does not tolerate haste, carefully thinks through each step. The surrounding people like his calm behavior, the ability to maintain self-esteem under the most unfavorable circumstances. Pig-Capricorn — a born leader, his authority is not based on brute force, but on a considerate attitude to others. Sincerely rejoices at the successes of people, tries to help them solve problems. He reacts sharply to insults, can not accept human ingratitude.

Capricorn Pig Compatibility (Love & Family)

Outwardly calm, unflappable Capricorn-Pig is actually a shy and timid person. Not prone to frivolous connections, looking for a reliable partner. It makes an impression of being too cold and withdrawn. However, this behavior testifies to his serious attitude. Despite its vivid appearance and causing sexuality, the Pig-Capricorn is rather reserved in relation to the opposite sex. Faithful to his choice, does not betray or change, his word can be trusted.

Men and women Pig-Capricorns are devoted keepers of family traditions. Touching and defenseless in their desire to follow generally accepted rules. They firmly believe in family values: love, mutual respect, complete trust. Immensely respect the elders, caring towards the younger. For Pig-Capricorn, a divorce is unacceptable, will try to preserve relations by any means. All the issues are solved only through a calm discussion of the problems: no quarrels, scandals and mutual accusations.

Capricorn Pig Business (Career & Goals)

This responsible, taciturn man enjoys the great confidence and respect of his colleagues. Pig-Capricorn — an excellent worker: purposeful, fulfilling, wholeheartedly devoted to the cause. He always works on conscience, gets on well with colleagues. Not only brilliantly copes with his job duties, but also actively participates in the life of the team. He thinks about the usefulness of the common cause, and not about his own ambitions. Is it any wonder that the Capricorn-Pig is always on good terms with the leadership.

Ambitious Capricorn knows how to achieve success and universal recognition. Good-natured Pig does not interfere with it in the least, on the contrary, it provides all possible assistance. Capricorn-Pig can be held in any field: so talented and hard-working that he does not see obstacles to the realization of his ambitions. Man of this combination can become a successful leader, he is able to head a large team. Though it is quite capable to work to the simple worker if assumes fast career growth.

Capricorn Pig Man

These ambitious people do not consider it necessary to back away from their plans. Although Capricorn-Pigs men are kind, dreamy, but obey the logic of reason. It is important for them to be able to live in life, then they can safely surrender to their hobbies. Sentimental and sympathetic people are very devoted to their family. At work, they show themselves as disciplined workers, strict bosses, but the houses give vent to feelings. Wife and children are able to control the man Capricorn-Pig as they please. They know perfectly well that his imperiousness and inflexibility are just a mask. In fact, they are the most sensitive and kind people in the world, they are really happy only among their relatives. They love and appreciate their family, they try to provide relatives with everything necessary.

Capricorn Pig Woman

A pragmatic, cold-minded Capricorn-Pig woman is actually quite a nice person. Aimed at building a career, working hard, but at the same time remains a kind, gentle woman. She has the ability to find a reasonable balance between two opposites: pragmatism and soulfulness. For employees, she is a demanding boss, for domestic — a loving mother and wife. She will never refuse to help friends and colleagues, but still the interests of the family are in the first place for her. For the sake of a close environment, she is ready to fight with the whole world, but crossing the threshold of the house, becomes a soft, vulnerable person. Capricorn-Pig woman is beautiful in all respects, she will certainly achieve the fulfillment of all her desires.

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