Gemini Pig

Cheerful, active Gemini-Pigs do not like obligations, do not burden themselves with unnecessary worries. Are in constant movement, all the time somewhere in a hurry, easily converge and disagree with people. They have so much energy, passion and excitement that they do not care about trifles and trifles. They are hungry for impressions, they strive to catch up everywhere and everywhere. Although sometimes they are too zealous in their desire to "embrace the immensity" and get into ridiculous situations. Light, moving Twins know a lot about fun, thanks to their influence, the soft-hearted Pig gains confidence. According to the combined horoscope Gemini-Pig — optimists, good-natured and generous people. They do not give in to melancholy and despondency, they are always positive and benevolent towards others.

Gemini Pig Traits

Kind, sympathetic Pig-Gemini — wonderful interlocutors. Always listen and try to help in solving problems. True, because of their light-mindedness and inconstancy, Gemini-Pigs are not able to fully concentrate on one thing. Therefore, most often confine themselves to words of consolation. In addition, the people of this combination are so naive and spontaneous that I do not know how to lie: they say only what they think. But not always their frankness for good, on the contrary, inadvertently abandoned words lead to conflicts. This is the nature of the Pig-Gemini — eternal children, looking at the world with wide eyes. But they are not proud and not rancorous, they easily go to reconciliation, they are always the first to ask for forgiveness.

Kindhearted Pig-Gemini pities all people without exception. However, most of all he cares about his own person. Much and with ecstasy tells others about their problems. Sometimes he gets so carried away with the details of his life that he begins to bore people. True, getting rid of obsessive-compulsive Gemini-Pig is very difficult. He will cry, complain and blame for heartlessness. I’t possible to deny this kind and naive person? After all, he himself is so sympathetic to other people’s troubles. Although all of his problems easily disappear, it is only necessary to offer the Pig-Gemini a fun time. He is so unpredictable in his reactions that it is impossible to predict his mood. But one thing remains unchanged: it is a crystal-honest man.

The main feature of the Pig-Gemini sign is impermanence. He strives for bright emotions and unforgettable impressions, it is difficult for him to sit in one place. Easily gets new acquaintances and without regrets part with people. At the same time he loves his house and is endlessly devoted to close people. True, in these of his attachments is not too constant. Tired by a quiet life and does not bother to do household tasks. Usually he talks constantly, but does not deal with specific cases. Making the Pig-Gemini change their habits is an empty undertaking. It is better to leave him alone, yet he is a nice and kind person. Let him do everything he wants: he creates, hangs in the clouds, thinks up adventures for himself.

Gemini Pig Compatibility (Love & Family)

A loving Gemini-Pig is difficult to determine in his preferences. He loves communication and flirting, without superfluous reflection appoints appointments. Do not expect from him a responsible approach to relationships. According to the love horoscope the Gemini-Pig — a light-minded person, prone to short-term relationships. Does not differ in constancy: easily falls in love and without regret parted with partners. For him, love is a fun adventure, an exciting game, he must enjoy his feelings.

A sensitive, caring Gemini-Pig is a good family man. This person loves his loved ones so much that he lives with their interests. Particularly touching to children, trying to help them in everything. True, does not always share their interests and periodically conflicts over trifles. However, they are madly in love, pampering and indulging in all the whims. Gemini-Pig is an exemplary parent, but in personal relationships is not so good. He does not hesitate to flirt and make acquaintances, but only because of the desire to diversify his intimate life.

Gemini Pig Business (Career & Goals)

This person can choose any profession, he will find a way to become a good specialist. He does not hesitate to ask for help, he gets on well with all his colleagues. The charismatic Pig-Gemini is a born actor. And with ecstasy plays in ordinary life, and not just on stage. If he feels insecure, he will never show it. The Gemini-Pig is not afraid of failure, is full of optimism and believes in a happy future. Defeat can not permanently lead him out of himself, he always knows how to overcome difficulties.

Gemini-Pig does not attach much importance to money, the main thing for him is to feel his need. Active, workable and moderately ambitious, fairly quickly determined with his vocation. He often chooses creative professions, likes to do socially useful things. Easily inspired, it can be carried away by any idea. True, sometimes talentlessly spends his forces, sprayed on the little things. But thanks to his diligence, Gemini-Pig has a reputation for being a good worker.

Gemini Pig Man

Living with a Gemini-Pig man is very interesting, every new day is completely different from the previous one. This adventurer, ready for the most insane adventures, changes do not frighten him. He loves everything new and unknown, strives for entertainment. Gemini-Pig is a man who is self-assured, so he is pretty selective in choosing a companion of life. He adores flirting, does not hurry with marriage, tries to give as much attention to each fan as possible. He can find a common language with a woman ready to accept his inconstant character. Family life with him will not be calm, but it is a caring husband and a loving father. Will do everything possible so that his loved ones will not need anything.

Gemini Pig Woman

Women of this combination of signs are distinguished by a complex character. It is impossible to predict what motivates them. From Gemini-Pig can not wait for a responsible attitude to anything. Easily changes jobs, constantly moves from place to place, and so the surrounding fans do not linger. This is a good, faithful friend, but it’s quite difficult to build a serious relationship with her. A kind Gemini-Pig woman is ready to support in a difficult moment, she has a responsive heart. She dreams of the best husband, loves children. In her view, the family is a reliable rear and shelter. The truth does not do anything to realize your dream. She likes to have fun, to fantasize, and to fulfill the duties of a respectable housewife is too boring for her.

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