Leo Pig

The Union of the proud Leo and generous Pig gives its representatives powerful energy and pronounced leadership qualities. People of this combination of signs are compassionate, kind and sympathetic. According to the combined horoscope Leo-Pig — a great optimist and enthusiast. It is not only emotional, but also material generosity. He freely treats money, does not save himself and his close people. Produces the impression of a friendly man with a cheerful disposition, although at times he falls into narcissism. However, the Leo, born in the year of the Pig, is less self-centered and capricious compared to other representatives of this fiery sign. The surrounding people note his optimism, kindness, generosity and devotion, you can always rely on Leo-Pig.

Leo Pig Traits

This extraordinary and freedom-loving person is not used to infringe oneself in desires. The Pig-Leo is a moth and a spender: it loves entertainment and luxurious things. This is a delicate connoisseur of fashion: always dressed with a needle. His wardrobe is the embodiment of impeccable beauty and elegance. Leo-Pig, with its noble behavior and appearance, inspires respect. Although this is not just a beautiful, well-groomed person, but also a pleasant companion with a great sense of humor. Benevolent, polite and very attentive to the needs of others. He is full of energy and optimism, firmly believes in his success, and fate does not deceive his expectations. The majestic Leo-Pig is spoiled with compliments and general attention. People love this open, kind person, boldly trust their secrets.

Energetic Pig-Leo is not afraid to act quickly and decisively. In any situation he thinks positively, believes in the best and happily avoids failures. Although sometimes he should pay more attention to seemingly minor details. He makes a lot of mistakes because of his reluctance to go down to banal things. Too secretive and self-confident to share his thoughts and experiences with others. He prefers to behave like a noble patron, and not a petulant and petty person. Fortunately, he has enough intelligence and prudence to honorably come out of the most difficult situations. This person is born for a bright and happy life, so he will always find an opportunity to settle problems in the most favorable way for himself.

Cheerful, sociable Pig makes Leo more open and sociable. This man is famous for his goodwill: he does not like to argue and scandal, seeks to try on the conflicting sides. It is surrounded by many people, it is recognized authority and favorite of the public. The sociable Pig-Leo is hard to bear loneliness, does not like silence and solitude. Always ready for adventure, adheres to the principle: movement is life. Although prone to attacks of laziness, likes to hang around and lie around idle. It is capricious and demanding, waiting for respect, rather worship from others. However, he himself is no less kind and generous to people. Leo-Pig — a sympathetic, friendly person, likes to gather guests in his house.

Leo Pig Compatibility (Love & Family)

The proud, proud Leos are big egoists, but under the influence of the Pig they practically lose this quality. Become more responsive, sincere and tolerant of people. Leos-Pigs like the opposite sex, although they do not do anything special to attract attention. On the love horoscope Leos-Pigs — loyal people, sensitive and attentive partners, aimed at long relationships. Do not rush with confessions of love, long hide their feelings, carefully look to the partner.

Enamored Leo-Pig wants to own the object of his passion alone. He is jealous and very demanding of his half. Do not hesitate to roll up hysterics, arrange interrogations with addiction. Doing this way is not out of harm, but only at the behest of a loving heart. The second half of the Pig-Leo should be devoted to him and the children, although he himself does not mind spending time in a noisy company away from the family. At the same time, generous, does not stint on gifts, tries to fulfill all the whims of his loved ones.

Leo Pig Business (Career & Goals)

The Pig-Leo is not devoid of a healthy ambition: he will never give up his dream. He will try to settle the matter peacefully, but in any case he will not give up his career even to please close people. Leo-Pig has brilliant organizational skills, it is suitable for management. In addition, the great importance is not only the prestige of the work, but also the size of the salary. He can not manage with small sums: money gives him self-confidence.

Emotional Pigs-Leos gravitate towards creativity, they adore being in sight. Do not hesitate to speak in public, with humor refer to failure. Quite soberly assess their strength: they are not afraid to go against all. Often choose the most difficult path to their goal and almost always turn out to be winners. After all, Leos-Pigs are hardworking and responsible people, if only they will not give in to a minute weakness and do not throw all the cases. Still, bouts of laziness sometimes interfere with their career growth.

Leo Pig Man

For the Leo-Pig man there are no impossible tasks. This is an ambitious, confident person. Stubbornly and bravely overcomes obstacles, and quite easily, without losing a good mood. Leo-Pig is a respectable man with noble manners, very kind and sympathetic. He tries to achieve a high social position, a good income and a prestigious position amuse his pride. In addition, this is an extra opportunity to help others around. In a romantic relationship, he shows himself as a generous admirer, he indulges his favorite with great pleasure. A temperamental man does not recognize the limits and boundaries, his woman must completely belong to him, he is jealous and suspicious.

Leo Pig Woman

Women of this combination of signs know how to please men, and do not apply any effort. Leo-Pig is distinguished not only by its attractive appearance, but also by its rich inner content. These are active women, careerists, aimed at a successful career. They like to feel their own worth, to listen the compliments. Leo-Pig is a powerful woman, so she will not sacrifice her interests for the sake of men. Favorable attitude towards the fans does not mean willingness to make concessions. It is important for it to take place in the profession, besides, a good income guarantees comfortable living conditions. If a man is not able to provide everything necessary, then she will solve all the problems herself.

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