Libra Pig

Insightful Pigs-Libra have the right world view, believe in justice, fiercely defend their beliefs. Try not to go beyond the limits of what is permitted: pleasant in communication, tactful and attentive to people. According to the combined horoscope Libra-Pig — a refined, creative personality, woven from contradictions. It is hard to experience personal setbacks, striving to gain inner balance. At the same time it is distinguished by an enviable business acumen. This man is intelligent, cautious in his assessments, depending on the opinions of others. Pig-Libra does not like screaming and arguing, in every possible way suppresses conflict situations. Exception: questions of honor and morality. Does not tolerate lies, pretense and deceit, will never reconcile with injustice.

Libra Pig Traits

The good-natured, naive Pig under the influence of balanced Libra becomes more reasonable, acquires a sense of proportion. He is inclined to long meditations, hard to make decisions. Sometimes such circumspection prevents Swine-Libra from succeeding in life. Fussy, self-critical, too cherished by his reputation, afraid of appearing absurd and ridiculous. At the same time he is cheerful, optimistic, loves life in all its manifestations. It strives for comfort and coziness, it has a strong sense of beauty. Libra-Pig — an aesthete and lover of a beautiful life. Do not save on travel and clothes, is considered a connoisseur of fashion. He is not indifferent to good food, he knows how to arrange lavish feasts. Famous for its hospitality and cordiality.

The main feature of the sign of Libra-Pig is the desire for inner balance. Nature has endowed him with the ability to subtly feel the beauty of the world around him. With all his strength he tries to create around himself a pleasant, comfortable environment. Avoids squabbles and scandals, is always positive about change. Pig-Libra will not communicate with people unpleasant to him or live in uncomfortable conditions. Can not feel completely happy, if even experiencing minor difficulties. He prefers to solve all issues peacefully, but if he encounters a gross injustice, he will not remain silent. Ready to turn the whole world for their own peace of mind, but also does not forget about the happiness of others.

According to the eastern horoscope Pig — a keen nature, prone to self-sacrifice. He does not see anything reprehensible in his desire to make everyone happy. Helps everyone indiscriminately, generously hands out advice. Therefore, in the man of this combination, the craving for spontaneous actions is so strong. However, judicious Libra does not weaken the grip and persistently conduct their line — tact and patience in the first place. Usually Libra-Pigs are polite and considerate towards others, in any situation observe the rules of decency. They will gladly help with advice, will try to provide support, but they will not insist on their services if people do not need them. Appreciate their privacy, but no less respect for others.

Libra Pig Compatibility (Love & Family)

The secret of love compatibility with a man of this combination is quite simple — care and understanding. Libra-Pig requires special attention, seeking spiritual warmth and participation. He will not enter into a relationship if he does not feel a response from the elect or the chosen one. In personal relationships, he is considerate and courteous, he does not like hurry and fuss. This is a pretty passive and inert person: in everything relies on his partner. With joy, he tries on the role of the slave in the relationship.

According to the family horoscope Libra-Pig — a sensitive, sentimental partner. He cherishes his family, likes to spend time with a circle of close people. Not looking for adventure on the side, on the contrary, highly appreciates and immensely loves his mate. Pig-Libra — not just a creatively gifted person, but also an excellent business executive. He loves to furnish his house, keeps it in perfect order. Often arranges family holidays, in every possible way spoils and pleases close people with pleasant surprises.

Libra Pig Business (Career & Goals)

For a creatively gifted Libra-Pig, work is an opportunity to realize one’s talents. Do not engage in unloved business, try to find a job that meets his interests. Pig-Libra is able to turn your passion into a profitable business: cooking, design of clothes and premises, travel. This man has a tremendous sense of color, boldly improvises and experiments with new images. However, he needs a wise leadership, otherwise he will not be able to achieve great heights in his career.

Pig-Libra does not mind taking a managerial position, although it will easily agree to less favorable conditions. He is quite satisfied with the role of the performer, the main thing: a favorite business and a decent salary. Hard-working, responsible, has high communication skills. Do not conflict with colleagues at work, do not seek to assert themselves at their expense. Libra-Pig always in good standing with the leadership, but often doubts their abilities. This employee should be praised and encouraged as often as possible.

Libra Pig Man

Balanced Libra-Pig men inspire serenity, with them easily and reliably. Ambitious people have a lot of talents, but they spend a lot of time building a successful career: they are too cautious and prudent. At the same time, they are stubborn enough to achieve their goal. Be sure to take the place of the head, even if you have to spend a huge amount of time. But they have almost no enemies and ill-wishers. In a love relationship, the man of Libra-Pig sign is passive enough, relies heavily on women. He is looking for a reliable partner who will completely dissolve in him. Behind the mask of tranquility lies a vulnerable nature, the man of this combination of signs painfully experiences betrayal and deception.

Libra Pig Woman

Friendly women Libra-Pigs are equally friendly with everyone, people rarely guess their true attitude towards themselves. They do not like quarrels and scandals, they try to reconcile the warring parties. Very clever and workaholics, love their work and do not want to be dependent on men. They have a delicate taste, they always have the best and fashionable outfits. Libra-Pigs women are bright and flirtatious, they like to catch on themselves the admiring glances of men. But they are looking for their only one, which you can live with all your life. She is a wonderful wife, who is always interested in her husband’s affairs, and is also able to give valuable advice. She is especially sensitive to children, devotes much time to their upbringing.

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