Taurus Pig

Charming, good-natured and cheerful Taurus-Pig is a favorite of the society. Nature has endowed him with a rare charm, the ability to like everyone without exception. Is it possible not to love the good-natured Pig, who is ready to give everything for the happiness of others? Even a stubborn Taurus can not withstand his spiritual charm. According to the combined horoscope, Pig-Taurus is a cheerful and generous person. Likes to laugh and joke, makes an impression of a carefree jolly fellow. However, the Pig-Taurus not only idly spends time, but also does not forget about important matters. It is active, prudent and patient, therefore it is doing well in life. This outwardly benevolent person is a great hard worker. He is able to work hard and hard, but does not show his fatigue.

Taurus Pig Traits

Pleasant in all respects Taurus-Pig is an example for imitation. People like to be in his company. It seems that he never experiences anger and irritation. However, the Pig-Taurus is an emotional nature, it is quite capable of a bright manifestation of feelings. Just too patient and well brought up to show off his bad mood. False, hypocritical people are deeply disgusted, but Taurus-Pig will never show it. Only an outrageous case of severe injustice can drive him crazy. In a fit of rage and anger he will not spare anyone. Though then it will strongly experience and feel a feeling of embarrassment before others. Still, this is a very kind and non-senile person.

Taurus-Pig is so punctual and pedantic that not a single trifle can escape from his attentive gaze. Competently manages his budget, does not lack money. Practical Taurus-Pig is the embodiment of diligence and economy. In all matters he succeeds, he gives the impression of a serious, thoughtful person. At the same time he is cheerful and active, does not look like a beech and a bore. This is a great optimist: in any situation he sees new opportunities, he finds a way to improve his life. Even if it encounters difficulties, it quickly recovers, does not fixate itself on negative aspects. He tries to live each new day as interesting and fuller as possible.

The good-natured Taurus-Pig does not see the point in quarreling and scandals. Originally set for reconciliation, in every possible way tries to smooth out the conflict. Generosity Pig does not know the boundaries — carefully protects yourself and loved ones from negative emotions. Next to him comfortable: always understand, help and comfort. Although sometimes Taurus’s obstinacy creates significant problems. Has a habit of taking offense at trifles, being harmful and not listening to the opinions of others. In this case, it remains only to wait for the Pig-Taurus itself to decide to end the confrontation. There is no other way to influence it. Fortunately, Taurus the Pig is a kind person with a balanced character, he does not have long flashes of rage and aggression.

Taurus Pig Compatibility (Love & Family)

Simple in communication Taurus-Pig easily establish contacts with people. They have full qualities that attract the opposite sex: sexuality, courtesy, bright temperament. On a love horoscope, Pig-Taurus is a romantic nature. He delicately feels the mood of a partner, in everything he tries to please him. Pig-Taurus — an attentive companion, can put any man to himself. First of all, he pays attention to spiritual, not to external beauty.

Taurus-Pig does not differ lightheadedness, is not capable of rash acts. Having married, fully focuses on his family. He is looking for warmth, soulfulness, does not like to take his personal feelings to the public’s judgment. Only close people know with what trepidation and attention he treats them. Pig-Taurus does not think about adultery, does not approve of such behavior from their friends. And in relation to his half is even more categorical: no intrigues.

Taurus Pig Business (Career & Goals)

This person is aimed at the acquisition of material wealth, is very concerned about his financial situation. He is able to earn money, but most of all he is trying to do what he likes. Taurus-Pig must find his calling. Otherwise, he will sooner or later change the scope of activity. For him, work is a way to realize their talents, and they have not so few. Taurus-Pig can withstand any physical and emotional strain, it’s a good, responsible employee.

Pig-Taurus painstakingly and diligently fulfills its official duties. Quiet, diligent, does not lose his presence of mind in a stressful situation. Deeply devoted to his work, strives for high results. Taurus-Pig is understandable "dry language" figures, he can become a good economist or financial analyst. However, he feels no less comfortable speaking in public. The Pig-Taurus gets on well with people, so the professions related to communication are suitable for him.

Taurus Pig Man

The good-natured, sociable Taurus-Pig man causes trust from the first minutes of acquaintance. People like this cute, cheerful person, it seems that he can speak anyone. A patient and seasoned man tries not to show negative emotions, strives to create the impression of a lucky destiny. Like no one else deserves to be successful, very hardworking and responsible. Taurus-Pig is a stubborn man, always insists on his own and will not rest until he achieves the desired. In a romantic relationship, he manifests himself as a soft, tactful partner, it is impossible to hear a rude word from him. True, his benevolent attitude should not be misleading, he is a terrible owner and jealous.

Taurus Pig Woman

The Taurus woman, born in the year of the Pig, shows endurance and wisdom in every life situation. Has a strong character, therefore with dignity experiences failures and troubles. An industrious woman is focused on the result, works hard. She does not like chaos and disorder, everything is laid out in her life. Taurus-Pig woman easily finds a common language with people, loves noisy companies, behaves restrained and tactfully. In a romantic relationship does not consider it shameful to make concessions, although it can be stubborn, but in rare cases. It can be relied on, does not make serious demands, does not differ capricious temper. The only thing that can seriously offend her: treason.

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