Virgo Pig

This Virgo remains practical and economic special, although it is influenced by the careless Pig. In turn, he becomes more calm, reasonable, even a little withdrawn. The Union of Pig and Virgo awards their representatives with conflicting traits of character. On a combined horoscope, the Virgo-Pig is a practitioner and an idealist in one person. He does not see any sense in vanity and empty worries, he thinks quite rationally and progressively. At the same time, he strives to make the whole world happy, wants communication, although it is rarely trusted by anyone. He is distinguished by sincere generosity, kindness, sympathy. Pig-Virgo is a pleasant person in all respects, you can trust him. Be sure to help at least with advice, choose the best option for the development of events.

Virgo Pig Traits

Sensitive to people’s problems Pig-Virgo seeks to help everyone on their way. Tends to heroic deeds, rushes to the rescue at the first call. True, he does not lose the prudence inherent in all Virgos: it helps only those who deserve his attention. It is quite capable of bilious, poisonous comments, although it acts on its own. Such is the nature of the Virgo-Pig: an amazing combination of kindness, cordiality and exactingness. It is distinguished by a rare spiritual generosity and critical mind. This person likes to analyze not only the actions of others, but also their own actions. Often doubts himself, although outwardly always calm. In the society he behaves with restraint, with great dignity.

The Virgo-Pig is an ambiguous, contradictory personality. He likes to communicate on various topics, often arranges friendly gatherings. Although sometimes the society even burdens friends. It is quite natural for him to retire from the people for a while, so as not to hurry to sort out his own feelings. Virgo-Pig is a kind and sympathetic person, but can be cruel if faced with evil and injustice. Acts quickly and decisively, breastfuels the protection of offended people, rather stubborn and persists in defending common interests. He does not like to swear, but he will not be afraid to enter into a conflict if he sees it necessary. Does everything possible to restore justice, but almost always modestly silent on their merits.

Optimally tuned to everything that happens, the Pig-Virgo expects only good things from life. I am sincerely happy about my successes and the successes of my close people. He tries not to get discouraged, he does not pay attention to minor troubles, although in the depths of his soul he is very vulnerable and not always confident in himself. The virility of the Virgo and the cheerful disposition of the Pig help him overcome the most difficult life situations. This person is not just sociable, active and energetic, but also very prudent. It is peculiar to him, like all people, to make mistakes, but he quickly finds ways to improve the situation. And he does not ask for help, he can easily manage himself. Pig-Virgo is a clever, thorough man, not without a sense of humor, capable of withstanding any ordeals.

Virgo Pig Compatibility (Love & Family)

This man is serious about the love relationship, does not make frivolous connections. On the love horoscope Pig-Virgo — a romantic, ready for feats for the sake of a chosen one or a chosen one. However behind his outward calm it is difficult to discern a passionate nature. Fell in love, completely given to his partner. And not just trying to please a loved one, but carefully controlling his life. This is a big owner and jealous, even a quiet tyrant, so do not play on his feelings.

Family life does not burden the Pig-Virgo, but rather is the meaning of his existence. He is distinguished by a practical approach to the economy: he skillfully leads the house, loves his family’s nest with great love. There is no more devoted, sensitive to the needs of close human beings than Virgo-Pig. Sacrifices his personal interests for the sake of the family, fully controls the life of his half. It happens despotic and capricious if one feels a disdainful attitude towards himself. Even the most beloved people can not ignore his opinion.

Virgo Pig Business (Career & Goals)

Realistic Pig-Virgo does not set itself an impossible task. Virtually devoid of ambition, does not consider it shameful to work for a simple post. Although it looks good in the leader’s chair. Virgo-Pig is a peaceable person, in every way avoids industrial conflicts. This man is hardworking and collected, always brings the business to the end. It is so responsible that he does not hesitate to do the work for others. True, do not abuse his trust: he can put in place a careless employee.

Realism and practicality of Virgo is not a hindrance to creativity. Pig-Virgo loves to fantasize and embody his ideas in life. It differs from the rest of the creative workers in a serious and thoughtful approach to the matter. In addition, he is able to become a good specialist in the field of trade and construction: scrupulously fulfills his official duties. In the first place puts the result, not the size of the reward. Although he will not work at the expense of himself: he is too scrupulous in the matter of money.

Virgo Pig Man

The Virgo-Pig is a serious man, responsible, does not respect people who spend time idly. He prefers to deal with a particular matter, and not to empty talk. He makes high demands on the chosen one, he will never be carried away by a windy coquette. Aimed at creating a family, although not unwilling to patronize a spectacular beauty. It makes the impression of a cold, detached man, but this is a passionate, temperamental partner. If a woman can captivate him, she will receive a reliable companion of life, which will not give rise to doubts about his loyalty. He is a caring husband, a loving father, ready to work all day long for the benefit of the family.

Virgo Pig Woman

This combination of signs gives birth to a truly perfect being. Purposeful woman Virgo-Pig tries to achieve everything in life through honest work. It has excellent external data, but its main virtues are intelligence, responsibility, patience. Her energy is enough for work, and for caring about close people. Virgo-Pig is an economic woman, practical, her home is a model of purity and order. Touching children carefully, doing everything possible for their happiness. Does not need public recognition, with great pleasure doing household chores. Men like her low-key manners, tactful behavior. They understand that you can build trust with her.

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