Pisces — Combined Horoscope

Nature has endowed the people of Pisces with an amazing ability to feel and compassionately. Their kindness and mercy know no bounds, although they themselves need protection. They can not resist cruelty and evil, they are easily lost in difficult life situations. It can not be said that Pisces is completely devoid of will power, some representatives of this sign are fairly confident in themselves. The fact is that, in addition to the position of the Sun at the time of the birth of a person, the animal-sign of the Chinese Zodiac has a huge influence on its fate. Therefore, the combined horoscope contains more complete information about the nature of the person.

Indecisive Pisces people easily succumb to someone else’s influence, although they can do it on their own. They have intuition, therefore they anticipate negative events, but they lack the firmness to prevent them. A little lazy, do not like to act on their own, come up with every excuse for their own failure. They aspire to find influential patrons, the support and protection of which inspires them with confidence. It would seem that the Tiger is a sign of courage, courage, but the influence of Pisces significantly reduces the degree of activity of its representatives. Therefore, Pisces-Tiger — calm, and often lazy people, but if necessary, still capable of decisive action.

Weak Fishes are not able to resist the pressure, the strength of aggressive people, so they easily concede in disputes and conflicts. True, in dreams and fantasies they present themselves as brave warriors, true fighters for justice. Unfortunately, they lack the resolve to achieve a high social status. Smart, creatively gifted people usually remain in the shadow of more successful partners. For example, Pisces-Kaban is a vulnerable nature, prefers to resolve all issues through peaceful arrangements, diligently avoids conflict situations. If he can cope with his weaknesses, he will certainly achieve all the desires.

Defenseless, fragile people of the Pisces sign cause a desire to protect and protect. In return, they give endless love, tenderness, devotion, they take marriage very seriously. A subtle emotional organization allows the representative of the water sign to pick up the key to the heart of the chosen one pretty quickly. He charms with his courteous manners, sensitive, attentive attitude. But sometimes it is too capricious, hypochondriac. Charming Pisces-Rabbit — a romantic, sensitive partner, delicately feeling the mood of the second half. But skillfully manipulates a loved one, by any means achieves the desired result.

Your attention is offered 12 possible variants of combining for the sign of Pisces. Each combination contains unique characteristics according to the date of birth.

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