Aquarius Rabbit

A bright, unpredictable Aquarius-Rabbit is not afraid to look like an eccentric. Independent and freedom-loving, does not consider it necessary to adhere to general rules. Always in a good mood: sparkles with joy and optimism. In an alliance with a light, airy Aquarius, the soft, slightly lazy Rabbit acquires strength and self-confidence. To people of this combination there is a spirit of adventurism: they can not live a day without adventures. These active natures need to constantly move forward. Rabbit Aquarius should be able to choose, most important for him — a sense of personal freedom. Therefore, as if his life did not develop, he will not become sad and indulge in despondency. He is able to rejoice in small things, he will certainly find an occasion for optimism.

Aquarius Rabbit Traits

Independent Rabbit-Rabbit does not want to bind itself by any obligations. Freely flits through life, not being distracted by trifles. This cheerful person can not be offended: Rabbit-Aquarius — a universal favorite. He is able to maintain friendly relations with all, moreover, he successfully suppresses the warring parties. Therefore, his whole life is filled with new meetings and pleasant acquaintances. Is it possible to keep from communicating with him? He actively fights for justice, always stands on the side of the offended. Aquarius-Rabbit is a harmless person, devoid of anger and suspicion, so he does not expect a dirty trick from others. Often becomes a victim of dishonorable people, but does not lose heart and goes through life with a smile.

This is a person with a rich imagination and a rabid interest in life, it is difficult for him to sit in one place. Aquarius-Rabbit remains to his oldest child. Do not lose the ability to surprise the world, actively involved in everything that happens. He has a strong desire for knowledge, he uses every opportunity to gain new skills and abilities. He is a creatively gifted person with his own unique style. Some Rabbit-Aquarius seems an eccentric person, although he simply expresses his thoughts in his inherent direct manner. Never takes into account someone else’s opinion, but simply follows one’s wishes. If Aquarius-Rabbit caught fire with some idea, then, necessarily will achieve success.

The Union of Aquarius and the Rabbit gives the world an amazing personality, woven from contradictions. This person is so original and constant in his preferences that he does not consider it necessary to pretend. If desired, he can be an active fighter for universal justice, and sometimes he allows himself to be lazy and idle. He can not live in silence, he does not tolerate loneliness, but at times he is happy to retire to some secluded place. Aquarius-Rabbit does not consider it necessary to justify himself and explain his behavior. Always sincere is upset if faced with condemnation. He behaves as politely and correctly as possible, trying to understand the motives of other people’s actions. With all his strength he strives to find harmony and happiness.

Aquarius Rabbit Compatibility (Love & Family)

This person is so emotional and unrestrained in expressing his feelings that it is impossible to resist him. Each of the Rabbit-Aquarius, regardless of gender, dreams of achieving reciprocity and no matter what way. This is a real romantic, subtle sublime nature. Therefore, he can pick up the key to the heart of the chosen one or the chosen one. If Rabbit-Aquarius has decided, then the most impregnable fortress will fall under the pressure of his passion. True, there is no guarantee that he is set up for marriage.

For all its activity, Aquarius-Rabbit is quite a home person. Having married, does not seek new adventures, devotes himself to the family. Aquarius-Rabbit will instantly fall into despair, if from his life a holiday will leave and only boring everyday life will remain. It is important for him that the atmosphere of love reigns in the house, often acts as a peacemaker and helps relatives reach mutual understanding. Of course, he does not abandon his attempts to bring something new and interesting to his family life.

Aquarius Rabbit Business (Career & Goals)

Assertive Aquarius-Rabbit easily overcomes any obstacles, so it quickly moves up the career ladder. If you are seriously passionate about your favorite business, in the heat of passion excuses everything in the world. He is able to succeed in any field, because he is able to establish business contacts. He has a good taste, rich in imagination, so the most suitable for him are professions related to creativity. Can become a successful artist, designer or art historian.

Aquarius-Rabbit is so internally liberated and self-confident that it easily adapts to any role. From the people of this combination talented actors are obtained. Even if Rabbit-Aquarius does not become a professional artist, he will find use for his talents in life. Will manage to attract anyone to his side, because he is so eloquent and persuasive. The only thing that sometimes complicates his life is laziness. For all its hard work, Rabbit-Aquarius is pathologically lazy.

Aquarius Rabbit Man

In the Aquarius-Rabbit man there is a spirit of adventurism, it attracts everything new, every detail interests. He is full of positive emotions, friendly to people, loves life in all its manifestations, while he values his freedom very much. Aspires to maximize his skills and abilities, constantly learns to be ready for new achievements. He does not avoid difficulties, he is able to overcome any obstacles. Most of all he is attracted by creative work, has a subtle artistic taste, but if necessary he can engage in heavy physical labor. In romantic relationships, he manifests himself as a romantic, performs original actions to impress the chosen one. But he will connect life only with a really beloved, desired woman.

Aquarius Rabbit Woman

Aquarius-Rabbit woman — coquette, loves to flirt, play with feelings of admirers. Charming, attractive person can count on success for men. This is not only a spectacular beauty, but also a very clever woman. Thanks to their talents and dedication, it’s easy to get headship. Often she is accused of self-confidence, excessive ambitiousness, although this is just a manifestation of the nature of the Aquarius-Rabbit. In personal relationships, she does not want to part with freedom, she wants to constantly experience strong emotions, enjoy the game of passions. She will be happy with a man who can understand and accept her way of life. Over time, her desires will change, innate practicality will take over an irrepressible thirst for adventure.

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