Cancer Rabbit

Wise Cancer-Rabbit can create the most favorable impression. It seems such a sweet, calm and charming person that it is difficult to suspect him of anything unworthy. Although quite capricious, self-willed and selfish. He considers himself right in any situation, therefore he expects from others to understand and respect. A cautious Cancer in combination with a judicious Rabbit becomes even more suspicious and suspicious. Even the smallest defeat perceives as a great tragedy, everywhere sees a trick and deception. However, he will not openly resent, he values his role of the universal favorite too much. Rabbit-Cancer does not seek to change the world, it perfectly exists in the circumstances.

Cancer Rabbit Traits

This person with well-developed intuition rarely makes mistakes in people, but all the time he doubts himself. Cancer-Rabbit perfectly reads the emotions of friends and acquaintances, easily adjusts to the general wave. However, it is not always possible to understand the motives of one’s own actions. This is an extraordinary personality, full of contradictions. The character of Rabbit-Cancer can be understood only by a person close to him in spirit. And for the rest he is a sweet companion, a pleasant companion. He likes communication, likes to gather people around him. He thirsts for compliments and does not tolerate criticism. He is inclined to rapid changes in mood, often he himself does not understand the cause of tears and anxieties. Sincerely grateful to those who help him calm down and gain self-confidence.

Cancer-Rabbit seeks inner peace, seeking peace. Although the leader is dozing in it, he is not able to cope with his nature. In a circle of close people, he does not hesitate to demonstrate his not the best qualities: hysteria, eccentricity, egoism. He loves to command, he wants to subordinate others to his will. And it is difficult to discern the traits of a despot: the influence of the gentle Rabbit is affected. This gentle, courteous person knows how to please people. It is very creative, so it is so interesting to others. Cancer-Rabbit is intelligent, has a wide outlook, it is not boring with him. Responsive and kind to people, it is quite capable of forgetting about one’s own selfishness. Although much depends on his mood.

Careful Cancer-Rabbit does not like surprises and oddities. In an unfamiliar environment, he feels uncomfortable: he is lost and starts to get nervous. Too not confident in myself, to be calm about the changes. She strives for stability, loves comfort and coziness. Rabbit-Cancer is not indifferent to material goods, although he understands that they do not guarantee tranquility and well-being. He prefers to lead a measured lifestyle, sometimes so immersed in himself that he begins to be lazy and idle. Is not disposed to confidential conversations. Carefully protects his inner world from outside interference, does not like difficulties and difficulties. It can flare up if others want to harass him with questions.

Cancer Rabbit Compatibility (Love & Family)

Attractive, charming Rabbit-Cancer enjoys increased attention from the opposite sex. Even his capricious and unpredictable character is not an obstacle to the senses. Moreover, he does not immediately demonstrate his erratic nature. Produces the impression of a gentle, sentimental man, capable of romantic actions for the sake of love. Expressive, emotional Cancer-Rabbit is able to make an impression, every meeting with him is a holiday.

Cancer-Rabbit, although a leader in the relationship, expects support from the partner. It easily falls into a panic, it is difficult to endure troubles. Therefore, gratefully accepts the help of his half. Not at all against practical advice and correct tips. Not burdened with family life, not looking for adventure on the side. It is a wonderful owner: he can save, he surrounds his house with great taste. Rabbit-Cancer, regardless of sex, manifests itself as a loving parent: the soul does not cherish in children.

Cancer Rabbit Business (Career & Goals)

Each of the Rabbit-Cancers has many talents, so it easily finds its place in life. Perfectly versed in art, has a good aesthetic taste, so most often chooses creative professions. Among Rabbit-Cancer there are many actors, artists, designers. Although obsession with a favorite business distracts from pressing problems, besides it can lead to mental exhaustion. Therefore, Cancer-Rabbit should not be carried away by the pursuit of high earnings.

Hard-working Rabbit-Cancer knows how to achieve his goals. He is able to reach great heights if he stops being nervous on trifles. He is sociable, possesses tremendous intuition, therefore he misses the sharp moments. He can make a good leader, if only he learns to listen to advice and comments. Although it can be difficult with Rabbit-Cancer, but colleagues value it for their high professionalism, and prefer not to notice small shortcomings.

Cancer Rabbit Man

The goal-oriented Cancer-Rabbit man possesses sufficient willpower to achieve the conceived. In business, very cautious, prudently avoids risky situations, easily compromises. But a little lazy, subject to mood swings. It is rather a cute, domestic pet than a wild beast, driven by instincts. Will be happy with any help, needs support, especially in the understanding of close people. The man of this zodiac combination is a romantic, subtly feeling a partner, striking her with his quivering attitude. The sea of flowers, compliments, night walks are all manifestations of the tender soul of Cancer-Rabbit. But it is so attached to the chosen one that she strictly controls her life. At the same time a good family man, a devoted, loving husband.

Cancer Rabbit Woman

Cancer-Rabbit woman has exquisite manners, the appearance is always perfect: beautiful outfits, neat hairstyle, natural make-up. Refined, refined taste is evident in everything, especially it manages the design of premises. She is looking for a worthy companion, her dream is a real man, a devoted knight. A little capricious, but has the right to inflated demands: she is perfection, the standard of a woman. She tries to be impeccable in everything, including at work. A clever, shrewd person is very cautious in her statements and actions, therefore she has no conflicts with her colleagues, and the authorities always set her as an example. But it is subject to the action of emotions, it is indecisive, therefore the ascent to the heights of the career is not quite smooth.

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