Capricorn Rabbit

Capricorn-Rabbit makes a very unequivocal impression: a decent man. So calm and balanced that there is no reason to look for a special depth in it. Although this is a rather ambiguous personality, deserving close attention. The stubbornness and stiffness of Capricorn is surprisingly combined with the softness and indecision of Rabbit. As a result, the man of this combination of signs stands out for his complex, independent character. At the same time he is quite romantic and sentimental, but only alone with family and friends. The Union of Capricorn and Rabbit explains his diplomacy, the ability to adapt to any circumstances. But one thing remains unchanged: honesty is above all.

Capricorn Rabbit Traits

Polite Capricorn-Rabbit in any situation behaves simply flawlessly. Always nice and helpful, but not too frank. He prefers a superficial friendship, not a strong friendship. He trusts his secrets with a limited circle of people and only after a long check. He does not consider it necessary to involve even close friends in his personal affairs. He tries to act independently without resorting to outside help. Rarely does spontaneous actions, always collected and reserved. It can not be said that Rabbit-Capricorn is a boring and uninteresting person. He is able to have fun, does not neglect any opportunity to have fun. Although it never relaxes completely, but keeps the situation under control.

Responsible Capricorn-Rabbit takes his duties very seriously. He tries not to burden others with unnecessary problems, but he himself actively helps all those in need. This honest, sympathetic person can not remain indifferent to someone elseโ€™s trouble. Although smart enough and flexible to avoid significant problems, but sometimes gets into unpleasant stories. Rabbit-Capricorn keeps all his thoughts and doubts to himself, and secrecy only aggravates his situation. Therefore, he needs people who feel his mood. Rabbit-Capricorn will appreciate sincere sensitivity and sincere participation. This man knows how to be friends: he proves his good attitude with deeds, and not with empty conversations.

Pedantic Rabbit-Capricorn does not tolerate chaos and disorder. His whole life is clearly painted: no surprises and wonders. And all that is superfluous, which hinders his normal existence, is mercilessly discarded. For all its responsiveness, Capricorn-Rabbit does not forget about his own interests. This person is strict not only in relation to himself, but also to others: no one makes indulgences. Capricorn-Rabbit is purposeful, collected, persevered in achieving what he has conceived. A similar set of qualities testifies to the strength of his character. Rarely mistakes, and if he is in doubt, he quickly returns to normal. A firm determination coupled with natural wisdom is the main advantage of the Rabbit-Capricorn.

Capricorn Rabbit Compatibility (Love & Family)

In personal relationships, this person manifests itself as a romantic person. The Capricorn-Rabbit man forgets about his restraint and becomes an enthusiastic admirer. The woman of this combination readily dives into the whirlpool of passions. Each of the Capricorn-Rabbits, regardless of sex, dreams of meeting his soul mate. These people are able to surprise a partner with spontaneous actions. Despite the natural secrecy, do not consider it necessary to hide their emotions.

Capricorn-Rabbit is constant in his preferences, so he can be considered an exemplary family man. Takes responsibility for close people, tries to provide them with comfortable living conditions. Rabbit-Capricorn is so focused on the family that he does not have the slightest desire to establish relations on the side. Spends a lot of energy for the improvement of the house, because the native walls give him a sense of calm. Only here feels protected from all worries and worries.

Capricorn Rabbit Business (Career & Goals)

In terms of career in Capricorn-Rabbit can not be special problems. One has only to overcome the softness and indecision of Rabbit. After all, he is able to doubt the correctness of his actions. However, this behavior is a rarity, mainly Rabbit-Capricorn bravely follows its goals. He has the talent for accurately grasping the essence of the matter and quickly making the right decisions. Therefore, it is simply excellent as a leader. He can bring his team to success and prosperity.

This hardworking person can not sit around. Capricorn-Rabbit works not only for their own pleasure, but also seeks to make a profit. Competently disposes of their knowledge, demonstrates a reasonable approach to the matter. Capricorn Rabbit likes work related to finance. Can become a successful specialist in real estate. But the activities related to communication, it is not too attractive. After all, supernumerary situations are possible here, and this he does not like.

Capricorn Rabbit Man

Purposeful Capricorn-Rabbit man prefers to do his own business, does not waste time in vain. To some, he may seem too gloomy and unsociable, but this is not at all the case. In fact, he has a cheerful character, just strives to maintain order and a reasonable balance in everything. At an early age, he demonstrates the indecision, which is inherent in all Rabbits, so he stubbornly struggles with his weaknesses. Over time, he turns into a real strong man, confident in his actions. At work, he is regarded as a fine specialist, close people like him for his attentive, caring attitude. Devoted to the family, the surrounding people consider him a loving, faithful husband and responsible father.

Capricorn Rabbit Woman

A strict, reserved Capricorn-Rabbit woman prefers not to show their feelings. At the same time, it is not devoid of romanticism, just waiting for her man, who will be able to bring into her life fun and carelessness. But she will not pay attention to the too frivolous person, her mind and beauty need a worthy frame. She is a very serious woman, a true professional of her craft. Colleagues appreciate her for efficiency, purposefulness. True, she lacks determination, sometimes cancels business meetings at the most inopportune moment, or delays discussion of an important issue. It is impossible to take offense at it, especially to reproach. It is a beautiful gentle creature, worthy of love and care.

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