Gemini Rabbit

These bright people are visible in any society: they have good taste, that’s why they look stunning. They like to attract attention, like to spend time in noisy companies. Gemini-Rabbits seem superficial people, although they are quite serious and thoughtful. Active Gemini do not tolerate boredom and idleness, and the judicious Rabbit tries to keep from rash acts. The combination of these signs is inherent in people with a complex, contradictory character. External calm, even some serenity should not be misleading: Gemini-Rabbits are deep people. Let them be chatty and curious, but they can be relied on: they have the talent to easily solve the most difficult problems.

Gemini Rabbit Traits

Benevolent Gemini-Rabbits do not spare time for close people. They consider it their duty to help every needy. So kind and trustful that they often sacrifice themselves for the sake of unworthy people. They surprisingly combine the natural softness of Rabbits and the impetuosity of Gemini. Natural activity combined with boundless kindness makes them too sympathetic people. Although sometimes they should be more resolute and even aggressive. Gemini-Rabbits need communication, for the sake of a pleasant company they are ready for any sacrifices. They are poorly tolerant of loneliness, suffer from the inability to express their emotions. In general, they are responsible, active and not indifferent people.

This cheerful person knows how to withstand the blows of fate, do not submit to despondency. Gemini-Rabbit does not suffer from mood swings. He is intelligent, calm, observant, therefore he emerges victorious from the most difficult situations. Does not see the point of spending his life on suffering and unnecessary experiences. Despite its softness, the Gemini Rabbit perfectly understands what its benefits are. Even from the best of motives, he will not get involved in questionable matters. Too judicious and self-centered to lose. But always with pleasure will support the offer to have fun, this is a big fan of entertainment. True, his thoughts on everything that is going on will not sound out loud.

Rabbit-Gemini — a great luck: fate protects him from failures and serious upheavals. Perfectly developed intuition helps to recognize the danger in time. He can not be called a coward, he’s just judicious and cautious. And these qualities, of course, cause respect. Do not pass before life’s difficulties. Do not be afraid to act quickly, has enough strength to solve difficult problems. Although it does not strive to fight at all, it feels quite comfortable in a calm, cozy atmosphere. Likes to spend time at home, where he can completely relax. After all, Gemini-Rabbit — a vulnerable person, capable of deep feelings. He needs time to restore his spiritual strength.

Gemini Rabbit Compatibility (Love & Family)

In love, Gemini-Rabbit is inclined to exaggerate the dignity of his partner. Although rarely wrong in people, but love deprives him of natural caution and discretion. Determined with the choice, not looking for adventure on the side. Although he enjoys success in the opposite sex: he is handsome, well-dressed, always clothed with needles. However, too soft, pliable, serious about the relationship. He does not seek to prove his superiority, his position: in love, all are equal.

Quiet, homemade Rabbit-Gemini with great pleasure spends time with the family. Although he loves communication, he completely forgets about noisy companies. With him there are no problems: he will not contradict his half, indulges the whims of children. He is able to create an atmosphere of warmth and coziness: with him, any difficulties and adversities are not terrible. However, you should not take him as a spineless person, he just loves his family. If necessary, find a way to teach the offending.

Gemini Rabbit Business (Career & Goals)

Benevolent Gemini-Rabbit feels comfortable in any team. Easily finds a common language with colleagues, not lost among a large crowd of people. Does not feel uneasy if you have to communicate with your superiors. He feels confident in the most critical situation. Has outstanding analytical abilities, professional tenacity. He is able to calculate his actions a few steps forward, so he does not get into embarrassing situations.

Gemini-Rabbit — a wonderful leader, able to organize the work of a large team. Always open to communication, eagerly hears the opinion of employees. Fair, honest, will not shift responsibility to others. Gemini-Rabbit not only recognize their mistakes, but also tries to correct them. He has no equal in oratorical art, he is capable of anyone to win over to his side. I am free in my choice of profession, the main thing: work should be interesting.

Gemini Rabbit Man

The Gemini-Rabbit man is an attractive personality, has soft, gentle manners. Can beautifully take care of, women can not resist such a gallant gentleman. But he does not exchange for frivolous intrigues, this is an exemplary family man. Despite his sociability, he likes to spend time at home, touchingly cares for his wife and children. For all its sensitivity, Gemini-Rabbit is a pragmatist: he thinks logically, does not take into account feelings and emotions. Thanks to natural intuition, insight quickly moves along the career ladder. Chooses a job related to communication with people, fluently speaks. In the manager’s chair, it looks simply superb, although in the role of a subordinate has a reputation as an excellent specialist.

Gemini Rabbit Woman

Soft, gentle Gemini-Rabbit woman gives a feeling of calm and comfort to all close people. She can talk about everything in the world, but she does not just participate in the conversation, but really tries to help in a difficult situation. True, she herself needs support, too close to her heart perceives everything that is happening around, constantly doubts the correctness of her actions. She strives for a quiet life, but often gets involved in questionable business, mainly because she wants to help others. In a romantic relationship in all submits to a partner, relies on his honesty and decency. Too idealizes her chosen one, so she is frustrated. She should be more confident, ambitious in her personal life, and in her professional activities.

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