Leo Rabbit

Wayward Leo-Rabbit is not used to obey, always acts according to his desires. Fate favors this ambitious man, he does not face serious obstacles in his path. Mentality Rabbit softens the proud character of Leo, so people of this combination are tactful and polite in communication. They do not like scandals, they try to make the most favorable impression on others. Rabbit-Leo — a charismatic person, people like his softness, sincerity. He is not bored with him: he is inclined to eccentric actions, likes to arrange surprises. Everyone can see in it something special, provoking great interest. In any case, the Leo-Rabbit is a noticeable figure.

Leo Rabbit Traits

This person can not be offended, so it’s easy to forgive any eccentricities. The Leo-Rabbit can be noisy, shameless, but so charming that it’s hard to hold back a smile. He knows how to attract attention: likes to joke, relaxed and inventive. He is not indifferent to compliments, he understands well what a popular figure is. Among his entourage, Rabbit-Leo is a significant person, although not always with a plus sign. People of this combination like risk, they strive to take place in life by any means. Therefore, sometimes do not consider it shameful to violate generally accepted norms and rules, even brave their courage. However, in most cases they manage to direct their energy in the right direction.

Proud Leo-Rabbit does not accept an indulgent appeal to his person. He likes flattery, compliments and gifts more. Any signs of attention take for granted, because he is an exceptional person, unique in his way. Although responsive, kind, ready to help with advice or provide financial assistance. Leo-Rabbit is a noble, generous man, but still most concerned about the well-being of his own person. But always comes in conscience, does not like to lie and dodge. However, for the sake of the good of the matter, it can go on a little trick. For him the result is important, therefore on the way to his goal he does not see any obstacles. If there is an opportunity to bypass obstacles, he will certainly take advantage of this chance.

For the irrepressible Leo-Rabbit there is no middle: he breathes life full of chest. If outraged and disappointed, then loudly declares its failure to the whole world. No less emotionally expresses joy and delight, because it’s so nice to share your happiness with people. Rabbit-Leo does not care much about the mood and feelings of others, it is much more important for him to own feelings. Therefore, he is greatly surprised and even indignant, if he does not see the interest of people in their affairs. He is quite a successful man, usually he does not have to work hard for success. However, he will not sit idly by and blindly hope for luck. Leo-Rabbit is intelligent, resolute, therefore he finds ways of realizing his plans.

Leo Rabbit Compatibility (Love & Family)

In love, Leo-Rabbit is a maximalist: he has a lot of demands for his partner. Will not meet with an unattractive person with a calm character. Dreams of love, craves strong impressions. He tries to impress the imagination of the chosen one or her, is quite capable of extravagant deeds. It is not constant, often changes partners: it seeks to find its ideal. He does not see anything wrong in this, moreover, in return requires complete submission and even adoration.

In family life, this person will never reconcile with the role of a companion or a second half. The proud Rabbit-Leo is the head of the family, and he does not accept objections. Having married, does not lose his royal habits: all seven members must obey his will. But the Leo-Rabbit is devoted to his relatives, he can be contacted for help at any time of the day or night. He will always find a way to give his half and children a surprise: let him not rest, but he will send his family on a journey.

Leo Rabbit Business (Career & Goals)

The ambitious Leo-Rabbit will not vegetate in a non-prestigious position. It is not in his rules to be content with the small, so he thinks a lot about his place in life. The choice of profession and place of work is taken very seriously. Acts in accordance with a pre-planned plan. Colleagues appreciate Leo-Rabbit for their diligence, hard work, willingness to sacrifice their interests in the sake of the common cause. He is not fixated on money, but he will not agree to a low-paid position.

Creatively gifted Rabbit-Leo is ready for many sacrifices for the sake of glory. He seemed to be born for a theatrical stage: emotional, ambitious, vain. Likes to be in the center of everyone’s attention, adores compliments and applause. He does not recognize any prohibitions, he boldly goes towards his dream. And artistic talent helps him to succeed in any profession. Very persuasive in his arguments, charming in communication, so he does not encounter obstacles in his path.

Leo Rabbit Man

Leo-Rabbit is a man who invariably evokes trust, a calm and balanced person. Pleasant in communication, cheerful and always very polite. But the active nature of Leo is bursting outside, does not allow him to live a modest, measured life. He builds ambitious plans, tries to implement them in reality. This is not a daydreamer or hopeless romantic, but a determined and energetic man. He is not indifferent to luxury things, so he is constantly looking for ways to earn money. He has a good material prosperity: his family will never need anything. It is quick-tempered and harsh, but it is very easy to calm it down with just a few affectionate words. In a romantic relationship, he shows himself as a passionate partner, chooses only spectacular beauties. A modest, nondescript woman is perceived by him only as a friend.

Leo Rabbit Woman

An extravagant Leo-Rabbit woman attracts looks, she is always in the center of attention. She wears spectacular clothes, she is cheerful and positively tuned, but she is not stupid, she has a lot of virtues, she just likes the attention of the public. Successfully solves business issues, is very hardworking. She tries to take a position with a good salary, the financial question is of great importance to her. She does not count on financial assistance, she is too proud and independent for this. From men waiting for worship, unquestioning obedience. She does not consider it necessary to sacrifice her own interests for the sake of the family, she can become a good mistress if she falls in love very much. The secret of the seduction of the Leo-Rabbit woman sign is quite simple: love, adoration, recognition of its merits.

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