Libra Rabbit

Charming Libra-Rabbits have the talent to fall in love with people. It is difficult to resist these charming people, because they are so trying to please. People like their gentle, affable manners. Libra-Rabbits are so fond of communication that they are ready for many sacrifices for the sake of good relations. They do not know how to take offense for a long time, they easily take criticism, they are not afraid to laugh at themselves. Balanced Libra, in alliance with the lacquered Rabbit, is even more delicate and cordial. The people of this combination of signs are an example of upbringing and exemplary behavior. It’s impossible to quarrel with them: they will certainly find a way to settle any conflict. For them, in the first place is spiritual comfort, and the rest is a gainful business.

Libra Rabbit Traits

Reasonable Libra-Rabbit is able to achieve anything he wants. Another thing is the lack of ambition. This person does not like to take responsibility, therefore avoids any difficulties and difficulties. Do not stubbornly overcome obstacles, but will follow the path of least resistance. You can not consider him a slacker and lazy, yet it is a purposeful and hardworking person. Simply Rabbit-Libra is so calm and even passive that he does not consider it necessary to be nervous over trifles. Natural wisdom allows him to solve problems in such a way that everyone is happy. For him, the most important thing in life: the preservation of inner harmony. Only for this purpose will he fight to the last.

Sociable Libra-Rabbits are ready to conduct long conversations on any topic. They like to spend time in noisy companies, because loneliness drives them boredom and fear. As well as the need to deal with urgent matters. Rabbits-Libra were born for shine, bright and full of life, and not for routine work. Do not consider it necessary to devote all their time to useful work, moreover, in every possible way avoid this honorable fate. But with great pleasure attend social events. They are real connoisseurs of beauty, they like to spend time idly. Not only society, but also the situation should meet their exacting taste. But the squalid interior and boring people — the most terrible thing that can happen to them.

Cautionary Libra-Rabbits rarely get into unpleasant situations. Too kind and carefree to have enemies. Enough smart and hardworking to succeed. Therefore, the life of Libra-Rabbits goes without unnecessary complications. These people know how to make friends, they know how to achieve an excellent result by the most simple methods. Nature has awarded them with wisdom and discretion, and most importantly — sensitivity and kindness. Libra-Rabbits are always ready to help, and act out of good intentions: they do not expect compensation. Although they will be happy to receive a small gift and hear the words of gratitude. Rabbit-Libra can sincerely rejoice in small things, you should not offend these lovely people with inattention.

Libra Rabbit Compatibility (Love & Family)

These people do not tolerate loneliness, they like to stay in a state of constant love, and no matter who. The main thing is the feeling of happiness and flight above the earth. Usually, Rabbit-Libra do not make serious efforts to attract the attention of the opposite sex. They carefully follow their appearance, are perfectly educated and always tactful. Therefore, around them a lot of fans and fans. Amorous Libra-Rabbits always welcome new acquaintances.

Each of the Rabbit-Libra, regardless of gender, does not aspire to the role of leader. Ready to submit to his half, because this state of affairs is completely satisfactory. He does not want to solve important family issues, but he gladly carries out any assignments. He does not like quarrels and scandals, so he readily indulges the vagaries of a partner or partner. It will be up to the last fight for your marriage: Libra-Rabbit — a wonderful family man. He is always attentive to children, he gives them a lot of time.

Libra Rabbit Business (Career & Goals)

Clever, judicious and very cautious Libra-Rabbits — a dream of any employer. Have all the qualities that can lead them to the heights of success. However, they do not want to waste their precious time in the struggle for power. Therefore, they gladly agree to the position of assistant manager. They are wonderful performers, who pedantically follow the orders of their superiors. Libra-Rabbits are quite satisfied with their position, because they have time to communicate with colleagues.

Libra-Rabbits can choose any field of activity, but the most suitable for them is work related to people. Enjoy your stay in public. Are capable to organize scale action or to head the charitable fund. Do not pursue a profit, do not see the meaning of life in making money. Although they can successfully work in the field of trade or engage in financial activities. For these people there are no barriers except their own laziness.

Libra Rabbit Man

The combination of these two signs gives the Libra-Rabbit man an amazing calm, sometimes it seems that he is indifferent to what is happening around. He just enjoys life, does not see any reason to get frustrated over trifles. He does not mark a high position, but is considered a good worker, because he is honestly working. Do not harass himself for pursuing money, content with what he has. A friendly person is liked by absolutely everyone, the man of Libra-Rabbit zodiac have not and can not have enemies. In romantic relationships behaves flawlessly: he presents gifts about and without him, showering compliments, touchingly cares. But the initiative must come from a partner, otherwise it goes on forever in eternal grooms, although many women are ready to associate with him.

Libra Rabbit Woman

Intelligent Libra-Rabbit woman behaves impeccably with people, has a calm character, gentle, affable manners. It is important for her to exchange emotions, impressions, can not live in seclusion. She knows how to make connections, it’s a wonderful organizer, there are always a lot of like-minded people around her. The truth is a bit scattered, so it needs the help of reliable partners. Charming person is very popular with men, they are attracted by her softness, tenderness, femininity. Very responsible for the duties of the wife and mother, this is the ideal wife for a respectable man. With the Libra-Rabbit, any difficulties are not terrible, it is a faithful, loving, devoted woman with all her heart.

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