Pisces Rabbit

Lovely, gentle and such vulnerable Rabbit-Pisces evoke a desire among those around you to regret and caress. It is difficult to imagine more defenseless people than representatives of this combination of signs. Although their innocent appearance and wide friendly smile — just a courtesy, not a reflection of the soul. These people have a strong intuition, are smart, insightful and even cunning, so they will not miss their. The Union of the Rabbit and the Pisces gives rise to beautiful manipulators: they feel people subtly, they know how to properly build relationships. However, the increased sensitivity prevents to live quietly. Rabbits-Pisces too tragically perceive troubles, they find it difficult to find emotional balance. Although they know how to deal with their weaknesses.

Pisces Rabbit Traits

Cute, pleasant in communication Pisces-Rabbits do not cause negative emotions, on the contrary, everyone likes. It is impossible to find a person who feels hatred and anger towards them. These people are so nice and courteous that they enjoy unlimited trust. With them I want to consult and just talk on different topics. After all, Rabbit-Pisces have tremendous intuition, they are able to understand the mood of a person without unnecessary words. If you feel the aggression and tension in communication, immediately leave the interlocutor. They do not consider it necessary to impose themselves, they are completely happy in solitude. For Rabbits-Pisces, nothing is more important than one’s own tranquility. Therefore, they protect themselves from any experiences, like to dream in silence.

Modest, quiet Pisces-Rabbits do not like to attract attention. They act cautiously, carefully think through the strategy of their behavior. In all ways, they try to avoid conflict situations. Too balanced and calm to engage in a squabble. Rabbits-Pisces will not spoil relations with people, but prefer to achieve their own by using tricky tricks. And their intentions are completely harmless, they do not want anyone to be evil. They simply trust their intuition, and she suggests the easiest way out. It’s not their fault that it’s much easier to manipulate people than to reach understanding with them. Pisces-Rabbits do not seek to change the world: they behave naturally and are content with what they have.

The gentle, vulnerable Pisces-Rabbit so subtly feels people, that close to the heart perceives their pain and suffering. But he does not know much about his own feelings, but he never admits it. Few trusts, tries not to share their experiences. Noisy, unceremonious people annoy him and even frighten him, although he hides his feelings. Nature has awarded him many talents, but their number does not include determination and perseverance. Rabbit-Pisces can not be called a vain and ambitious person, always ready to make concessions. He does not need the laurel of the winner, he treats his own failures rather calmly. Always find a way to settle things without compromising their reputation.

Pisces Rabbit Compatibility (Love & Family)

In love with the Pisces-Rabbit completely dissolves in the partner. This romantic person enjoys communicating with the object of his passion, not noticing anything around. It becomes even more tender and sensitive, loses the ability to objectively perceive reality. Too gullible, naive Rabbit-Pisces is not waiting for treachery and betrayal, so he is strongly experiencing a break with his half. He needs a devoted partner who can surround him with love and care.

For the Rabbit-Pisces, the family is the main value in life: it does not think of its existence without close people. They are ready to please the partner with surprises, likes to arrange romantic dates. In return, he expects understanding: he is more important than his spiritual, and not physical, affinity. Family quarrels and conflicts are an excuse for suffering, not for divorce. Too attached to a partner, to decide on the cardinal changes in life. This talented manipulator will find a way to save the family.

Pisces Rabbit Business (Career & Goals)

Conflict-free Pisces-Rabbit — the ornament of any working collective. He works with great desire, conscientiously fulfills his duties. True, he does not like to load himself with unnecessary problems, he does not aspire to a leading position. Although, if desired, can lead the work team. Cleverly solves organizational issues, gets along well with subordinates. We tolerate strangers’ weaknesses, always open to dialogue. Rabbit-Pisces enjoys great authority among its colleagues.

Cautious Rabbit-Pisces do not like to take risks, so they choose rather traditional trades. They aspire to take place in life, they do not endure need and deprivation. Although they are not fixated on material values, they just love comfort. These creatively gifted people can become talented writers, journalists and actors. Curious, smart, quickly grasp the essence of things. Despite the external fragility, Rabbits-Pisces are emotionally stable, they have any job on their shoulder.

Pisces Rabbit Man

Pisces-Rabbit man is full of secrets and mysteries. This is a very shy person, focused on his feelings. You never know what he thinks about at this moment in time, what thoughts gnaw at him and do not give him rest. But the appearance of the man of this sign combination is very deceptive: for frailty and weakness concealed prudent practicality. If desired, can act decisively, but mostly lazy and prefers to manipulate the feelings of people. As a result, he gets what he wants without spending energy and time. In personal relationships, he shows touching tenderness, compassion. He likes to take care of a beloved woman, present her with gifts. Rather, he would rather submit to her will than begin to arrange his own order.

Pisces Rabbit Woman

A gentle, vulnerable Pisces-Rabbit woman devotes too much time to her experiences. But internal anxiety and emotionality give her the strength to move on. She is quite capable of realizingher dreams in reality. Simply suffering and throwing enrich her soul, allow you to feel the world more subtle. She is able to rise to the chair of the head, to achieve financial prosperity. The woman of this sign combination is not as fragile as it seems at first glance. In addition, it is courteous, dear, so she has no enemies. In a romantic relationship, she does not pretend to be a leader, she is ready to submit to a man. The Rabbit-Pisces woman will easily leave work to fully dedicate herself to the family, does not consider career an important component of a happy life.

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