Sagittarius Rabbit

Communication with the friendly Sagittarius-Rabbit is a great pleasure. After all, this is a wonderful storyteller and an attentive companion. Always tactful, polite and very nice, so to be in his company is a great success. Rabbit-Sagittarius believes only in the best, in any situation maintains a positive attitude. This active person likes to travel: life, devoid of vivid impressions, is boring and uninteresting. True, it is with great pleasure that he returns home, to his beloved mink. Influence of the Rabbit let a little, but softens the freedom-loving character of Sagittarius. The result of merging these two characters is simply excellent: Sagittarius Rabbit is the most successful combination of twelve possible combinations.

Sagittarius Rabbit Traits

Restless Sagittarius-Rabbit manages everywhere: his energy is enough for work, and for personal life. At the same time he never gets tired, does not complain about bad mood. Has the ability to enjoy everything that happens. Easily adapts to any conditions, but still tries not to load yourself with unnecessary problems. Sagittarius-Rabbit strives for harmony and complete peace of mind. Therefore, he likes the role of a merry fellow and a rake, rather than a fighter for the common good. He does not want to prove his case: too wise for open confrontation. Quickly grasps the essence of the matter, knows how to communicate with people, moreover, feels their mood. Therefore, happily avoid scandals and complications.

Sagittarius-Rabbits are a little windy and fickle, so do not rely on them completely. They do not want to harm anyone, but they are inclined to make hasty decisions. True, they readily admit their wrongness. So sincerely repent that they can not be offended. People like their positive attitude, ability to smooth out sharp corners. Trustful Rabbit-Sagittarius is very upset betrayal and deceit, because he believes in human kindness. Although he can cheat for the good of the cause, but the scales of his scams are negligible. In general, this is a simple, somewhat naive person. Nature has given Sagittarius-Rabbit a soft, sensitive character, the ability to give people warmth.

Curiosity, benevolence, courtesy are qualities that most accurately characterize Sagittarius-Rabbits. These people can not exist outside of society, although sometimes they do not mind running away from all problems. With the same passion they like to have fun in companies and spend time at home. Rabbit-Sagittarius takes time to recover. Otherwise, they lose their ability to rejoice and perceive life positive. People like their calm, friendly disposition, but Sagittarius Rabbits can be not only cheerful and sociable people. Sometimes these are quick-tempered and categorical in their judgments stubborn. They can misunderstand the interlocutor and be offended by the existence of a trifle.

Sagittarius Rabbit Compatibility (Love & Family)

Delicate, sensitive Sagittarius-Rabbits seek a harmonious relationship, so they are serious about choosing a partner. Although many seem to be frivolous people. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that these merry fellows are capable of deep feelings. Even the most passionate novel will not make Rabbit-Sagittarius think about marriage, if he has not met his soul mate. In addition, he enjoys the process of courtship, so he is in no hurry to formulate relations.

Family Sagittarius-Rabbit is deeply devoted to his second half and children. Touchingly takes care of loved ones, in every possible way tries to please them. He loves to arrange surprises, the most serious way relates to family leisure. Sagittarius-Rabbit can find joy in everyday life. This irrepressible inventor tries to turn every day into a holiday. In response, it requires only understanding and respect. He sees no point in dictating his conditions and oppressing close people.

Sagittarius Rabbit Business (Career & Goals)

Easy to climb, energetic Sagittarius-Rabbit is not afraid of any work. He is not afraid of difficulties and difficulties, because he believes in himself. Smart, smart, stress-resistant, so easily makes important decisions. Even if it turns out to be wrong, it does not disavow its mistakes. He has the gift of persuasion, is capable of capturing his ideas all around. True, it is not constant, it is inclined to make hasty decisions. However, this does not prevent him from successfully working as a leader.

This person is ambitious enough and persistent in pursuing his goals. Therefore, he will not become modest and will choose the profession that he likes. Even if Sagittarius Rabbit is not completely sure of his abilities, he firmly believes in his luck. He boldly goes to meet his dream and always carries out his plans. And it makes it easy and talented. Although there is an area of activity to which the Rabbit-Sagittarius has natural inclinations. Any work connected with people will bring him success and prosperity.

Sagittarius Rabbit Man

The Sagittarius man, born in the year of the Rabbit, successfully combines the best qualities of these signs: determination, sociability, tranquility. It has an easy character, always friendly and friendly even to unfamiliar people. In solving business issues, he demonstrates willpower, speed and accuracy of reaction. Could take place in any profession, but the best way is to communicate with people: journalism, pedagogical activity, medicine. It is important for him to be an independent, self-sufficient person, therefore he carefully monitors his finances. In love relationships, he seeking peace and understanding, a woman should create for him comfortable living conditions. In return, she will receive tenderness and love, Sagittarius-Rabbit — a devoted husband, a caring father.

Sagittarius Rabbit Woman

Charming Sagittarius-Rabbit woman just created for public life. She likes to arrange the destinies of her friends, to help not only relatives, but also unfamiliar people. It has a mass of positive qualities: vigor, activity, purposefulness. It is not only pleasant to be friends with her, but also useful. Quickly moves up the career ladder, while maintaining good relations with all colleagues. This is the most balanced woman of their all representatives of the Rabbit sign. But in personal life, you may experience problems: it is not always possible to find a common language with the fans, which she has a lot. She is waiting for knightly deeds, she wants to possess the heart of the chosen one. She highly values loyalty and devotion, is not inclined to fleeting relationships.

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