Scorpio Rabbit

Sociable Scorpios-Rabbits produce the most favorable impression on others: nice and sociable people. At the same time, this is a rather complicated combination, giving its representatives strong intuition. People born under the sign of Scorpio in the year of the Rabbit have powerful energy, their natural magnetism attracts and fascinates. True, they act with caution, they try not to show their special abilities once again. They prefer not to get out of the general mass, they use their gift of foresight only for personal purposes. Rabbits-Scorpios are lucky, all their endeavors have a successful end, which is often the cause of envy of others.

Scorpio Rabbit Traits

The cheerful, good-natured disposition of this person should not be misleading. There are such qualities as vindictiveness, suspiciousness and even cruelty. The influence of Rabbit makes Scorpio more calm and plodding, but can not completely change his character. This temperamental person is not shy of his feelings and emotions. At the same time it manages to maintain good relations with others. Scorpio the Rabbit has a lot of friends, but the enemies can be counted on the fingers. Too prudent enough to engage in open confrontation. He is quite capable of forgiving deception, because he sometimes does not mind cheating. But he can not restrain his indignation if he encounters injustice.

Rabbits-Scorpios easily get used to the new conditions, do not fear change. With great enthusiasm they perceive any opportunity to change their lives, and certainly for the better. Do not see the point in the experience, on the contrary, always cheerful and cheerful. If they get down to business, they are sure to succeed. Scorpio-Rabbits are born for a happy life, so do not understand: why complicate it? Do not like the work — it’s time to change the scope of activities, does not suit the environment — it’s time to go in search of new adventures. And just sit, suffer and blindly follow fate — the lot of losers. Scorpio-Rabbit does not need to make serious efforts to live in comfort and contentment: he keeps his nose to the wind.

Cheerful Rabbit-Scorpio gets great pleasure from communication. Around him are always a lot of friends and just good friends. Has the gift of suggestion, gently and unobtrusively controls the mood of people. Perfectly understands: what advice can be given, and what words it is better not to say aloud. Such a good-natured Scorpio-Rabbit is actually a leader. He considers himself entitled to play with the destinies of people. Rather, he sincerely believes in his destiny: to give happiness and bring luck to all around. So energetically strong, that it easily achieves its own. And if it meets difficulties, it instantly finds a way out of the impasse. Therefore, for the future of the Scorpio-Rabbit, you do not have to worry.

Scorpio Rabbit Compatibility (Love & Family)

Charismatic Scorpios-Rabbits are very popular with the opposite sex. Men and women of this combination are so sexually attractive that they do not lack fans and admirers. With great attention to the object of their love. Do not get tired of rejoicing and surprise your soul mate, although they can suddenly disappear for a while. After all, equal relations, deprived of the game of passions, do not represent for them any interest.

Family Rabbits-Scorpios spend all their energy on building a home. However, when solving important issues, they forget to ask the partner’s opinion. Too authoritarian to listen to the rest of the family. Scorpio-Rabbit has his own ideas about family happiness. He trusts his intuition, so he happily avoids many problems. Although relatives often take offense at him and are accused of selfishness. But completely in vain, because he is almost always right.

Scorpio Rabbit Business (Career & Goals)

This person has a wonderful flair for profitable transactions, so it is quite successfully arranged in life. Whatever sphere of activity Scorpio-Rabbit chooses, success is assured. He does not have to become a businessman to be sure of his material well-being. It is quite possible to build a successful career in the field of education. He is able to explain the educational material clearly, has a positive attitude, so he will never be left without work.

Energetic, stubborn Scorpio-Rabbit is not used to pass before difficulties. Has a talent for people to like and anticipate future troubles. Ideal for the role of leader: fair, reasonable, wise. Always find a way to insist on one’s own, without exacerbating relations with employees. Moderately ambitious, not indifferent to money, so he is counting on a prestigious position. Although ready to start from the bottom, but only with the prospect of further growth.

Scorpio Rabbit Man

The Scorpio-Rabbit man goes through life slowly, but each of his actions is meaningful and thought out. Has a powerful energy, easily subordinates the will of other people, while being polite and friendly. He does not have long to persuade, the more forced, a nice smile and politely ask. Lucky in business, smart, has a good intuition, so always succeeds. But he experiences constant difficulties in financial matters, generously spends money without thinking about the consequences. A companion of the Scorpio-Rabbit can influence his behavior, but it is necessary to act very cautiously. The man of this sign combinationis rather quick-tempered and emotional. For no reason does not recognize the rightness of a woman, considers himself an unconditional leader in relations.

Scorpio Rabbit Woman

Sociable Scorpio-Rabbit woman — the soul of any company. She is interested in everything in the world, she is happy to share fresh news with numerous friends. She has a light, cheerful character, but she keeps silent about many things, she owns secret knowledge. Scorpio-Rabbit is a woman with a very developed intuition, so that what is not able to see ordinary people is available to her. She never makes mistakes in her conclusions, she can foresee events. In a romantic relationship does not behave like a tender, vulnerable person. She knows her own worth and will never agree to a marriage with a man who does not attract her physically and is not able to provide materially. So interesting, temperamental woman, that she will never be alone, her benevolent attitude is a great success for any man.

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