Taurus Rabbit

This gentle, calm person first of all appreciates spiritual comfort. He prefers not to interfere in the affairs of other people, reasonably believes: everyone is the smith of his own happiness. Rabbit-Taurus enjoys unquestioned authority: this born diplomat knows how to reconcile the warring sides. Restrained, calm, condescending to the shortcomings of other people. In his life there is no place for empty troubles and vain anxieties. Too sensible to waste your energy on irrelevant matters. The Union of Taurus and Rabbit is a harmonious combination of patience and tenderness. Resistively endures trouble, or rather, calmly overcomes them. With the surrounding people it is polite and tactful, that’s why we are especially loved and respected.

Taurus Rabbit Traits

Taurus-Rabbit — a homely, prefers to spend time in a quiet, cozy atmosphere. He does not need communication, but he does not avoid new acquaintances. Perfectly owns himself, knows how to make a proper impression. Communication with him gives a lot of pleasure: it is difficult to find a more educated and delicate person. Intelligent, observant, strikingly accurate in his assessments. To have such a friend is a great success, because he will certainly help in a difficult moment. With the stubbornness of Taurus, will seek justice. At the same time he will not allow himself to make harsh statements and offensive comments. Such behavior is characteristic of all Rabbits: softness, tactfulness are the distinctive features of this sign.

The life of the Taurus-Rabbit goes on quite calmly, without serious shocks. This cautious and judicious person knows how to get around trouble. Even in difficult moments, he tries not to be sad, he tries to find an excuse for joy. Few can boast of such self-confidence: Taurus-Rabbit is one of the most reasonable combinations of signs. He does not soar in the clouds, stands firmly on the ground, and is genuinely surprised when he encounters unnecessary people. He does not tolerate deceivers, flatterers, leads an uncompromising struggle with them. Rabbit-Taurus can not be attributed to the brazen people, on the contrary, it is too quiet and modest. However, he will not tolerate an unfair attitude towards himself, he will be able to rebuff the offenders.

Close people are not always happy with the behavior of Rabbit-Taurus, although it gives the impression of a positive person. Sometimes things and cares so absorb him that he becomes unsociable. Hypertrophied sense of responsibility does not allow Taurus-Rabbit to completely relax. He is only concerned with his thoughts, so he does not care about others. But in all his affairs there is an ideal order, and the financial state is always stable. This person does not know how to be content with small things, he is horrified by the need to limit himself in spending. He likes beautiful things, sincerely enjoys expensive gifts. No matter how perfect Taurus-Rabbit is, and he has his weaknesses: the love of comfort and luxury.

Taurus Rabbit Compatibility (Love & Family)

In a loving relationship, Taurus-Rabbits are as soft and delicate as they are in ordinary life. They are so charming and charming that they inspire full confidence from the first minutes of acquaintance. With close communication, they show themselves as attentive and sensitive partners. Every Taurus-Rabbit, regardless of sex, dreams of meeting his half. First of all, he is looking for a kindred spirit, although he is very well-versed in the art of love. Relations with him are full of passion and tenderness, this is a surprisingly romantic person.

Taurus-Rabbit does not avoid responsibility, on the contrary, with a great desire to marry. He is a wonderful family man, likes to spend time at home. It does not attract adventure, rather indifferent to entertainment. Always ready for dialogue, in no way tends to leadership. Rabbit-Taurus not only listens to the opinion of its half, but also fulfills all the desires of a loved one. Generous and attentive to close people, do not get tired of pleasing them with pleasant surprises and gifts.

Taurus Rabbit Business (Career & Goals)

In the life of Rabbit-Taurus, work does not take the very last place. He works hard on any post. He enjoys authority and respect in the team, co-workers fully trust him. Taurus-Rabbit does not disdain the most difficult work, always takes responsibility responsibly to his duties. When choosing a profession, it is guided by its own interests, and not by the desire to earn as much money as possible. He should enjoy the work, otherwise it makes no sense.

This responsible, purposeful person knows how to become a sought-after specialist. In addition, fate favors him: in any field of activity Rabbit-Taurus is waiting for success and prosperity. He can successfully manage his own business or work as a psychologist. Although not focused on money, but still attached importance to material goods. Rabbit Taurus manages to combine business with pleasure. Usually work brings him both pleasure and a good profit.

Taurus Rabbit Man

The man of this zodiac combination is a calm, friendly person. Loves close people, appreciates work and just loves his house. He does not complicate life with unnecessary reflections, sets real goals, slowly decides them in terms of importance. Hardworking Taurus-Rabbit sees no other way to achieve prosperity, except how much and hard work. A crystal-honest, decent man tries not to deceive anyone, therefore he despises liars deeply. Do not let go of their principles, even for the sake of a generous reward. He behaves like a gallant gentleman with women: he gives signs of attention, spoils gifts, never argues and does not insist on her opinion. He treats his wife with special trepidation, loves and deeply respects her.

Taurus Rabbit Woman

Taurus-Rabbit is a woman worthy of admiration and respect. A soft, feminine person possesses the gift of persuasion, easily attracts the most skeptical people to her side. Has not only kindness, but also sharp mind, sharpness. Perfectly displays these qualities in work, prefers to engage in mental work. Colleagues appreciate her for diligence, responsibility, ability to resolve conflict situations. Truth in personal life likes to command, it can be sharp, rigid, exacting. She believes that is able to lead the family to prosperity and well-being. The Taurus-Rabbit woman does everything possible and impossible for the sake of close people. This is a wonderful hostess, a loving wife and mother, and very attractive person, which causes interest in men.

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