Virgo Rabbit

Pedantic Virgo-Rabbits most carefully organize their lives. They do not endure uncertainty, they start to worry if they get out of their usual schedule. Firmly adhere to the principle: order is above all. The union of the affectionate Rabbit and the restrained Virgo is quite successful, it is full of harmony and full mutual understanding. People of this combination lead a measured way of life, in every way avoid any shocks. Do not differ capricious temper, content with what they have. They can get pleasure from ordinary things, they do not seek adventures. These are extremely self-sufficient people, although a bit restless. After all, being a perfectionist is a rather complicated and troublesome business.

Virgo Rabbit Traits

A well-balanced Rabbit-Virgo knows how to endure trouble. It seems that nothing can make him angry. Always polite, tactful and attentive to people. The whole view is inspired by trust and respect. With the Virgo-Rabbit wants to communicate: during conversations with this pleasant interlocutor time flies by imperceptibly. Is able to give the right advice, to support with a kind word at a difficult moment. However, never gossip and dissolve unreliable rumors. Is devoid of anger and envy, although a bit mocking. He is cautious about changes, even the smallest troubles cause anxiety in him. After all, he must find the cause of the failure, and until he finds an error, he will exhaust himself with emotions.

Usually the Virgo-Rabbits are restrained both in words and in actions. It is not in their rules to condemn someone or to impose their conditions. They differ in modest behavior, strangers are avoided. Rabbit-Virgo does not like to conduct idle talk, it is difficult to imagine him as a gossip. Even in the thoughts of no one condemns, the more will not do it in public. Virgo-Rabbit is a pragmatist: it relies on concrete facts, and not on lengthy reasoning. It sets clear goals and always achieves its goal. Although such a rational approach to life takes a lot of mental strength. Therefore, he needs rest, it is useful for him to remain alone with himself. Loneliness does not burden the Rabbit-Virgo, on the contrary, it gives an opportunity to recover.

Modest in their needs Rabbit-Virgo does not have a passion for accumulation. Quite indifferent to material values. Although not at all keen to go shopping, so sometimes experiencing financial difficulties. People of this combination of signs have developed intelligence and good memory. Virgo-Rabbits are inquisitive and greedy for everything new. They prefer not to save money, but spend it on rare books. Often they are collectors of rare editions and antique interior items. But almost indifferent to jewelry. Virgo-Rabbits attach importance to inner filling, and not to external beauty. Give preference to let not catchy, but mandatory quality things.

Virgo Rabbit Compatibility (Love & Family)

The non-conflict, calm Rabbit-Virgo can not be called a person experienced in the science of love. But he is quite charming in his attempts to attract the attention of the opposite sex. In every way he tries to please his partner, is deeply committed to his interests. Such an attitude can not leave indifferent even the most stale person. Therefore, Rabbit-Virgo is lucky in love. Relatively easy to achieve reciprocity, rarely suffering because of undivided feelings.

The Virgo-Rabbit is a model of an ideal family man. This person is ready to sacrifice himself for the sake of the good of close people, completely dissolves in them. He does not like quarrels, so he will do everything possible to avoid a family scandal. However, a tense atmosphere can bring this quiet person to physical exhaustion. Therefore, he will prefer parting, not life with an excessively temperamental partner. But he will never leave his children, he will try to give them all the best.

Virgo Rabbit Business (Career & Goals)

Wise Virgo-Rabbits easily find the easiest way to solve any problem. They do not chase the authorities, they fully report their actions. Concentrated, collected, to the same industrious. They are not inclined to intrigue, they try to fulfill their duties honestly. Therefore, always in good standing with his leadership. Virgo-Rabbit is an impeccable performer, an ideal order reigns in his workplace. From the people of this combination can get excellent managers and managers.

Modest Rabbit-Virgo does not need encouragement. He works with great efficiency, he always thinks about the usefulness of the common cause. He tries not to attract attention, so he rarely chooses the profession associated with public speaking. Although if he sees his calling in the service of the muses, he can overcome the constraint. After all, the Virgo-Rabbit is an active nature, can not live without a favorite work. It is not inclined to rash actions, so slowly but surely rises up the career ladder.

Virgo Rabbit Man

The Virgo-Rabbit man feels quite confident in any situation, at least, he looks like a balanced person. Acts in detail, does not take hasty decisions. He soberly assesses his capabilities, so he calmly works in the position that suits him. Do not seek to earn as much money as possible, does not need the approval of the surrounding people. In this case, the Virgo-Rabbit often doubts, is anxious over trifles, therefore, tries to be the most accurate and careful in its actions. The worst enemy is a mess, in his life everything is clearly laid out on the shelves. In love relationships, he values stability above all, looks for a woman who can understand him from a half-word, loyal and faithful.

Virgo Rabbit Woman

The Virgo-Rabbit is a rather conservative woman, the eternal values are important for her: work, close people, children, husband. She works hard, tries to provide the family with everything necessary. It does not make great efforts, it solves all business issues fairly easily, thanks to its qualities: diligence, responsibility, accuracy. She does not see the point of complicating life with unnecessary emotions, so justice is paramount. She tries to act conscientiously, does not have doubts and experiences, in all her affairs there is an impeccable order. In personal relationships, the woman of this zodiac sign combination is usually happy, does not harass the chosen one with jealousy, does not expect feats and insane deeds from him. A man should be honest, decent, preferably also obedient.

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